Monday, July 30, 2012

the west coast weekend that was

We left San Francisco in a rental car. The helpful GPS took us out of town via Powell Street.
There is a stop sign at the very top of this hill, and we rolled back a few times.
I nearly shit twice and died.


Golden Gate Bridge vista point


Muir Woods - flipping amazing. It felt so quiet and old there.


We tried Carl's Junior on the drive from San Francisco to Truckee


Staying in Snow Dance Palace with my best friends 

The house
The view

Thursday night barbecue for the to-be-weds. Lots of wine, excellent food, lots of laughs. 
We also caught up with our junior high MG teacher. 
It's always awesome to do that with your teachers as an adult.


Red solo cup shenanigans


More wine.


Morning coffee


MFD left these for me


Inappropriate behavior at the Donner Party Memorial.
By the way, the height of the memorial is how high the snow was. Can you imagine?
It amazes me that people picked up, packed up, and headed west. On foot. Oh, pioneers.


Tacos Jaliscos.
Holy shit. So good. I had fish tacos and a carne asada quesadilla.
Thank you Shauni for the recommendation!

Whiling the afternoon away with a book in the sun


Cabs and road sodas to Lake Tahoe.


Happy hour cruise on the Tahoe Gal. Holy shit, Lake Tahoe is so gorgeous it actually looks fake.

Almost wed!

Us with the lovely bride-to-be
Lovely blue water, lovely rose wine


Drinks at Bar of America in Old town Truckee


Olympic opening ceremonies. I couldn't stay awake to see the U.S.
I  blame the wine.


Wedfest: an epic nine hour celebration of Christy & Al Reed tying the knot.
Against the beautiful backdrop of Donner Lake, we toasted a happy couple, drank a ton of booze, lounged in the sun, ate excellent food (including a taco bar and a PBJ bar), danced to three jam bands, played horse shoes and went paddle boarding (MFD, not me) and got into happy shenanigans.
Congrats Christy & Al and thank you for an awesome day and weekend. 

The Reeds

Steve did a back flip off this bridge, and MFD did a side slip. Fools. 

This is not Mick Jagger, but it looks like him.
My girls
PBJ bar

Driving back to San Francisco took forever. Traffic sucked and I was cranky and hungover.
We did stop at Dad's Kitchen in Sacramento, which we found via the TV Food Maps app.
A Triple D joint. We both got Dad's burgers and split the fried garbanzo beans and onion rings.
It was ok. It sat like a huge boulder in my stomach all day.
How does Guy Fieri eat all of this heavy shit?

Passing out at the airport Hyatt for less than five hours of sleep.
I'm totally kicking myself for not booking the red eye yesterday.
And I'm giving Air Tran the high kick for not allowing standby if it's not on the same DATE of travel.

Sorry for the quick sign off, but we're boarding. So if there are any typos, please forgive me. See you on the east coast.




  1. I heart my TV Foods Map app. I am jealous that you got to see Lake Tahoe and eat fish tacos. YUM. I would like to visit the Donner Party site. Coolio trip!

  2. Great weekend blog! Now set yourself on recovery mode...

  3. So glad you had a great time in Truckee! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to hear more about it! Safe travels!

  4. I love Carl's good. They need to be bicoastal! mem


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