Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No apologies

There are times in life when apologies are necessary - when you hurt someone's feelings; when you want to convey your sympathy for the situation someone is in, when you spill red wine in someone's lap; when you forget someone's birthday.

Then there are things you shouldn't apologize for, and the things you know you won't ever apologize for...what are yours? Here are mine:

1. Thinking Beverly Hills 90210 is the greatest show to ever air on television. My car is named Kelly Taylor. That's right.

2. Laughing in inappropriate situations, or laughing at farts and people falling.

3. Liking something too quickly on facebook. Sorry to disappoint those who think I'm creeping on them. I'm not going to read something and think "Oh, I have to remember to go back and like that later so I don't seem like a creeper now." Live in the moment, people.
4. Being organized, thinking and planning ahead, labeling shit and being prepared. It's served me well, and to those who say I'm anal, I say toodleoo and why do you care if I'm organized? I don't care that you're disorganized.

5. Demanding silence when I am trying to fall asleep. I need quiet and dark.

6. Being hungover. I drank too much while having an awesome time, what's it to you?

7. Being a feminist. Women don't get paid the same, women are still victims of abuse and rape and discrimination, women's health/safety/reproductive rights are still threatened both here in America and around the globe...we are so far from equality I can't even see it on the horizon.

8. Treating my dogs like furry children, letting them sit on the furniture and sleep where they please, even if it is on top of my head.

9. Refusing to read 99.9% of nonfiction books.

10. Saying no to invitations even when nothing is on my calendar - I am very easily a victim of my own over scheduling, so now I schedule in free-time.

11. Liking my alone time. I love MFD, but I also love being alone in my house to putter and daydream.

12. Calling bullshit on someone.


13. Liking stupid movies. Keep your fa fa The English Patient movies. I'll take Moving Violations any day.

14. Having my mood be directly related to the quality of the nail polish on my nails.

15. Being me. I am always working on myself, seeking better ways to be and do, vacuuming negativity out of my aura, sucking knowledge in daily, but at the end of the day, I am myself. Warts and all. If you don't like me, that's totally ok. But that's your issue, not mine. Don't expect me to apologize for being me.

I hope you all list #15 as something you'll never apologize for, being you is your very essence. Swim in it.


  1. 1. Overdressing as a default. I like to look nice. Deal with it.
    2. Being 34, in a committed relationship, unmarried, with no children. This wasn't my plan, but I'm pretty damn happy. I'm sorry if it vexes you.
    3. Liking glitter, sequins, heels, pageants, tiaras and Spanx
    4. BACON - eating it, talking about it, cooking it, buying fancy versions of it, blogging about it
    5. Working for a defense contractor and voting Democrat. Yes, I know it's incongruous. But it's me.

  2. Not judging people is a wonderful thing. The only person you should pass judgement on is yourself. Go with your gut and be kind and Golden rule.
    I adore happy, silly movies like Moving Violations, The Great Outdoors, Ferris Bueller- all classics & fun to me! Make your own rules as long as they harm no one and being unique is the BOMB! Rich calls me U-knee-cue!
    I love looking at my painted toenails when I do the backfloat in the pool & right now need to change the color- the salmon is not a happening color for me! I need PINK!
    Always a refreshing, lovely part of my day reading your blog!
    Love U! your MOMMA

  3. This just made me realize I forgot someone's birthday yesterday. Thanks!


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