Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello, San Francisco

Cheers, vacation
Yesterday was not bad for a Tuesday. Not bad at all. We left home at the asscrack of dawn, arrived in San Francisco via Atlanta at 1:15, checked into our hotel, and set out to see some sights. 

A guy dressed as Mario playing the accordian is a sight, right?
What a lovely city, really. Beautiful architecture, clean, lots of street musicians, easy public transportation system, very walkable. I can't wait to see more today. I never mind being a total tourist and seeing the sights a place is famous for - I don't live there, so if I look like I don't blend in, it's because I'm not trying to. I'm trying to be a tourist.

We hopped on MUNI and headed to the Haight. Walking down towards the infamous street, we saw gorgeous homes.

As we were about to turn onto Haight Street, we ran into a girl high on much more than life, laughing like Jack Nicholson in The Shining and waving the end of a cutoff broom at the air. Hello, Haight Street. We also encountered friendly folks. Yin and yang.

MFD saw these umbrellas and said "Like Lil's!"
We had a great time. It's a chill area. I got our requisite coffee mug - coffee mugs and magnets are what we buy when we travel. We had drinks at Magnolia Pub and Aub Zam Zam, a great dive with nice people and good looking dogs. AND the bartender was wearing a flipping hair mane - here I thought only my mother still wore those. Anyway, I love a good dive bar. Pubs not clubs, people. 

At the Magnolia Pub & Brewery

After freshening up at the hotel, we headed out to see the Chinatown gate and wandered around the Union Square area, stopping at King of Thai for some delicious egg rolls, fantastic duck fried rice and fried banana with thai tea ice cream. Unbelievable! Thank you Yuki for the recommendation.

Look how perfectly my nail polish matches the menu. Eating here was clearly kismet.
Yesterday I did one of my life list items: I saw the sun rise on the east coast and set on the west coast. By the end of the day, my ass was dragging, but it was worth it.

We can't get over how cool it is here - both temperature wise and otherwise.

Toodleoo, more sightseeing to do.


  1. Wow - keep posting! I want to see San Francisco through your eyes! (and great pic of you and MFD at the pub!)

  2. Yeah, I'm gonna need some duck fried rice.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Beer, duck fried rice and hippies? That's a pretty awesome day!

    ^^Sorry the previous post said I was unknown and that made me sad. So i updated my profile so I didn't look like a creepy stalker :)

  5. jfhdkjahfajkshfkajdshf this is my favorite blog post so far. Pubs not clubs! my new saying :) Glad you are having fun in my old stomping ground--can't wait to hear about good ole lake Tahooee ;)

  6. I was just thinking how I missed your blogs and here it is. Not a surprise tho!
    I TOLD you hair manes are the BOMB and they go coast to coast.
    and your Itinerary is the BOMB too!
    The time zone change is not the bomb.

    Sweet dreams!

    Love your MOMMA


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