Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Mummers Day

Happy New Year! Or as we say in certain circles in Philadelphia, Happy Mummers Day!

What's a mummer?

What type of Mummer is MFD? 
He's in The Joseph A. Ferko String Band. The String Bands are the last division to perform and Ferko goes up third out of 16 string bands. They are supposed to be on TV around 1:20 but the parade is typically running behind (live stream link below), so start checking in then if you specifically want to see them or a little earlier if you want to catch all the string bands - it's quite a production with the music and the costumes and props; and a time honored tradition to put a good show out on the street on New Year's Day. Below: the past three years. Today is MFD's 29th parade. Best of luck to him & Ferko and all of our framily in other bands.

For a guide of the 2017 parade, visit

For another parade rundown, visit

To stream live:

To catch some shots on Instagram:
Philly Mummers String Band Association (@phillymummerssba) and of course I will post some shots when I get to the parade (@lifeaccordingtosteph)

Happy Mummers Day to you!


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  2. God and Goddess speed to all mummers and their loved ones. Love. Your. Momma.

  3. Happy Mummers Day!! Now, MFD, in 29 years... have you ever dressed up as a wench? Pictures of it doesn't count. ;)

  4. Happy Mummers Day and Happy New Year to you

  5. Whoa... That's crazy. Happy New Years and Happy Mummers Day to you guys!!

  6. How perfect was the weather for the parade today?! Hope you had fun!

  7. Congrats on a great showing and place! Congrats to his Captain on placing 1st!

  8. So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  9. I had no idea. That is great. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Mummer's Day and a Happy New Year to you too

  10. I would love to see this in person but that would mean a) getting a hotel on NYE and b) this Texan who froze when it was 50 this morning dressing like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Maybe one year I can swing it if it's unseasonably warm...

  11. this is awesome! i saw these on Instagram from you and was so amused but I've been off the blog grid so I didn't know what was going on. Your husband forever seems awesome.

  12. I will definitely come check this place again with some other awesome friends of mine! It's one of best places for having a good time with a joyous feeling. And NYC venues fascinates me with their great style and vibrant atmosphere.

  13. Happy Mummers Day!! Now, MFD, in 29 years... have you ever dressed up as a wench? Pictures of it doesn't count. ;)
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