Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 9.6.2023

Friday was MFD's 46th! He was out boating and fishing all day while I took care of shit around the house. We went to dinner at the Tuckahoe Inn with my dad & Carol and Cindy and Jamie, froze out back having a nightcap, and went back home for ice cream cake with the fam. 
Saturday Dad & Carol made a big breakfast. Lunch was Farmstand on the beach. Frank and Amanda and Eva joined the crew and we had a grand old beach day. AJ and Kim came over later and we all hit the boards which were crowded AF. I expired early after several nights of shit sleep and nearly murdering MFD for his driveway music volume. 
Sunday was more fab weather. Drew joined the crew, and AJ and Kim and the kids in the afternoon. We stayed late on the beach and had our Fourth Annual Great American Smokeout with driveway party games from our Activities Coordinator Carol and her assistant, my Dad. We all had suggestions for next year as we'll do a Best Of for activities. Jared also did a blind taste test of six foods and he was a great sport about it. 
Monday was another burner with brutal sun, a land breeze, and absolutely ferocious blood sucking green heads even Deep Woods Off could not deter. We packed it in before 4 due to that but a great day for the water and boogie boarding! Everyone took off except Dad and Carol. I did a Target pickup, we got all the trash out, pizza delivery for dinner, and I was in bed by 8:30 pm. 
Tuesday I was off. Even the dogs were beat from the weekend. Dad and Carol and I did our new Tuesday after Labor Day tradition of lunch at Kessel's Corner. 

They headed out and I lay in a dark room all afternoon reading to escape the heat and land breeze, then we went to the beach at 5:30. 

weekending reels on Instagram - current favorite weekend look back mode.

I had planned to go home Wednesday or Thursday but got an email Tuesday night that sent me back earlier than planned, so I got back to Philly around 10 on Tuesday night and slept in the basement since the air was off throughout the heatwave and that was the coolest place once I turned it back on.

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