Monday, September 18, 2023

snippets of the weekend 9.18.2023

The last weekly guest of the season came in Friday, so in the morning we were doing the last minute house stuff which for me included putting out some sheets folks were borrowing, happening upon a mirror that fell off the wall (back hinge to hang it came right out of the mirror, glad this happened outside of a rental), and doing the standard towels out stuff. After work I headed to the beach for a while to read and wave watch surf from the passing Hurricane Lee. I finished Good Bad Girl in bed. 
Saturday I read Everyone Here is Lying in its entirety. We took a bike ride on the boards to watch some surfers and get a coffee from Locals. Greenheads in the afternoon so I stayed on the couch reading and relaxing in advance of a hectic oncoming week.
Sunday was slow - we caught the air show on the beach in the afternoon, with MFD getting whistled out of the water, and I painted my nails and packed up my stuff throughout the day and evening for a return to Philly. I read another book through completion, Athena's Child. 

weekending reels on Instagram - current favorite weekend look back mode.

Today is my oldest friend's birthday - happy happy Jen! And happy birthday to my youngest brother Sean and oldest nephew Drew tomorrow!

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