Friday, July 7, 2023

snippets of the weekend 7.5.2023

Friday I had a visit from one of our long-time returning shore guests that I will not see in August due to our travel and they brought me gifts. I peaced out on work at 2 after a very frustrating week and sat my ass on the beach until 6 pm. MFD and I inadvertently matched when we met back up to do the boards for pizza and people watching. 
Saturday MFD left early with the animals. I changed our sheets, did rental turnover which was easy with returning departing guests, ran to the store for batteries for remotes that I did not have, cleaned our apartment, stopped at the library to pick up books on hold, stopped at Home Depot to pay a balance on flooring and pick some shit up for MFD, and stopped at the Moms for Liberty protest at the Marriott in town. Fuck those people and their hatred disguised as concern and their attempt to exert control over other people according to their own religion. 
I made it home around 4. I stunk at that point and got a shower, we ordered from Andale in Feasterville, I painted my nails, and I ran some errands. Haven't the Made in India colorful capiz-ish trays been readily available at Marshalls and HomeGoods and TJMaxx for the past two years and now that I need to replace two of mine there isn't one fucking tray to be found? Man alive. I did spy multiple things I'd buy if I had endless space to fill but I'm trying to have less, not more, so none of these made the cut. 
Sunday morning the dogs and I left before 9 for Lori's. It was an overcast relaxing day of lolling around and reading and Antol's black raspberry soft serve ice cream. Ben had his very own brand new big bone and enjoyed rolling in the grass. He loves it there. 
Monday we were out and about getting breakfast at the VFW, stopping to see Jack and the dogs, hitting the LeRaysville Market and the Dandy, always favorite Cold Creek Gardens where we ran into Homer the Beagle, a 9/11 Memorial built by a mom who lost her son, and attempting to buy homemade chipwiches from Antol's before picking some up at the grocery store. 
We did takeout for dinner and also did a chipwich tasteoff - Chipwich original won but the Big Chipper was serviceable - and these are the books I read over the weekend (only started The Good Ones).
The skies looked different all day, which I love, and based on that I was surprised to let the dogs out for the last time and see the glorious full Buck Moon.
Another all around great and relaxing day.
Tuesday the weather held for our annual trip into town for a 9 am firehouse hotdog on the Fourth. We had a wander around town before heading back home to read, relax, eat, and enjoy the quiet. The people who usually do the fireworks at the lake left Monday so we brought the sparklers out. 
And a glorious shot before I left early on Wednesday morning:

weekending reels on Instagram - current favorite weekend look back mode.

As always, I am lucky to have a Lori and wish everyone had one. On MFD's side, people had an Aunt Carrie. I wish everyone knew someone in their life like her, too. 

Tuesday we got the news that Mike's Aunt Carrie passed. It's hard to put into words what a safe haven and comfort she has been for me as an in-law joining his family, how she listened and loved and laughed and comforted and made me feel seen over the 20+ years we've been together. The beauty of her and one of her greatest gifts as a person is that she provided sun and shade depending on your need at the time for so very many people and made them feel special, valued, and cared for. So many people...her husband, her grandkids, her kids and kids' friends, nieces and nephews, siblings and in-laws, close friends, neighbors, extended family on both sides. It was a glorious thing to be in the presence of someone like her, a person with such strength and generosity of spirit. It left you feeling physically calm, comfortable, and welcome. In a world that is intent on riling up everyone's central nervous system, she was a haven of warmth that will be seriously missed. She was also wryly funny and fiercely protective of those she loved, a powerful advocate for people and causes; had an amazing smile and ability to make things happen, and was plainly a very good time. It was a privilege for many of us to share space with her in this life, and I’m grateful I had a small bit of time with her. A huge loss for so many, especially Uncle Jim and her kids and grandkids who she loved so. All the love and support to those closest to her. 

Lots of loss in MFD’s family the last few years, obviously including both of his parents. Life is short. Make the memories now.

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