Thursday, July 27, 2023

snippets of the weekend 7.24.2023

As many of you know, we had to put Mae down on Wednesday so I went into this weekend not exactly right. We are not talking about that at length at this time LOL. Too much loss lately, too early in the grand scheme of things, with Aunt Carrie and a long time friend. Lots of loss and grief for folks around us dealing with things too. The world needs a hug, a bandaid, and several road trips with the windows down and the music so loud we can all sing along at the top of our lungs to stimulate the vagus nerve and calm our central nervous systems. And to cry when we're moved to. Love to everyone dealing with shit out there. 

We had dinner with Swan and Nicole at Tako on Friday night in a big room. It was a riot, we got a lot of laughs out of it. Thanks for the invite and taking our minds off Mae a bit! A nice crescent moon topper greeted us when we got home.

Saturday we drove to the shore early to do turnover. The two weekers I got very bad vibes from were leaving and I fucking pegged it - they left me religious texts, removed a sign from my wall that said "Make people feel loved today" and was colorful but not rainbow, and removed a fucking colored page from my fridge from a kid coloring book with a baby elephant flying and a rainbow. If you are threatened by rainbows, I advise you to seek help. If you are trying to impose the will of your religion on others, I advise you to seek help. If you believe reading religious texts makes you smugly better than other people, I invite you to think about who Jesus was, what he did for others and who he walked, lived, and loved among while on this earth and vibrate in that direction. I also invite you to worry about your own fucking self, refrain from breaking three of the measly five house rules in a vacation rental like an entitled person, and be a good human instead of judging others. Thank you, good day. The text they left, the sign they removed from my wall and hid, and the coloring they removed from the refrigerator and threw out I assume (bottom, they left the top). If you are threatened and fearful of a fucking rainbow or anything that has any colors that might be in it, I am sincerely at a loss for words. But if that's you, do shit like this in your own house, not in mine.
I cleansed my energy in the ocean, made daily shower spray, finished out at the house, and we battled traffic back to Philly. Sometime during the day - after we had already been out in public together - we realized we were wearing the same shirt. LOL forever
MFD went one way and me another, but we eventually both ended up at the annual Sannelli BBQ. I was not fit for public consumption but laughing with old friends is always a balm for the soul. I took my exhausted ass home by 10. Absolutely thrilled to see Fronk's corduroy football jacket brought out and tried on. 
Every time a dog dies we get a new area rug, so that's three since September 2017. We'll hold with this one for a few years if the universe doesn't mind. 
I was restless and needed to return a bunch of shit so I designated Sunday a silent errands day. I went out solo and only said thank you or excuse me. I was a personal shopper for MFD since he needed new luggage. I grief shopped a bit in the HomeGoods aisles of HomeGoods proper and TJMaxx for some shore upgrades. Tried to read at home but had to abandon the book. I did some property management stuff including contracts and responding to inquiries for next summer and checking out how rentals are done elsewhere like here: You can't get new ideas looking in the same places. And that's that on that. 

weekending reels on Instagram - current favorite weekend look back mode.

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