Monday, October 31, 2022

snippets of the weekend 10.31.2022

Friday I walked the beach after work, drove back to Philly and meant to go watch the Phillies at my brother & Aubrey's but lay on the couch and it was all over. I was up until 2 Thursday night trolling through Rome hotels and apartments, so I watched the game on my own couch and was up until after 1 again doing that and also uh looking again at more Rome hotels and apartments. 

Saturday I slept in, did nails (Zoya Charla), ran a few errands, did some veggie prep for the week, and MFD made dinner. We went to Mr. May's to watch the Phillies and I was up past 1 again. 
Sunday there was no sleeping in. More errands, laundry, house things, Eagles game, and couch sitting. My brother and Aubrey and the kids came over and we got Chinese and had cake for my dad's birthday. 

In addition to snippets here, I've been doing weekending reels on Instagram if you are interested. 

Today is the first Halloween without my uncle alive for his Halloween birthday, getting absurdly large pumpkins and handing out full size candy bars to gleeful children. Extra love and support to my cousins today as it is a hard first, made extra hard by the fact that usually when a loved one dies the entire country is not celebrating their birthday as a holiday and by Perry truly embracing being a Halloween child and leaning into it so it is hard to separate the holiday from him. Or from excessively large amounts of chocolate cake.

Have a safe & great Halloween and appreciate each other - we don't know how long we have together here.

GO PHILS. The World Series game schedule/hours/watch parties were much easier on the body when I was 31 in 2008 vs. now. 

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