Monday, November 1, 2021

TWTW - the halloweekend

Friday was a shit weather day with winds, rain, and flooding. But it was also a tie dye leggings day and we love those. I extended my lunch to hit the ReStore where the stools I wanted had already been snapped up, but I did score a fall wreath at the HomeGoods next door as well as Christmas pug towels which I always seem to miss. I also picked up pumpkins from the garden center on the way back into town. Ben was super clingy because of the winds outside. After work I got two electric fireplaces down from under a bed on the top floor, depositing on two flights down in the living room and one three flights down in our apartment. There's a whole shift that happens at the shore as we approach the winter. I cleaned two bathrooms, moved some excess living room furniture up into a bedroom, and started rearranging shit in our apartment. Salad for dinner while watching Witches of Eastwick. I watched a bunch of Bewitched episodes too and stayed up late to finish a book.

Saturday I slept in until 8:15 and it was glorious. I packed up stuff to head to Philly for the week, refilled my vitamins like a woman of a certain age, changed sheets, vacuumed and mopped my apartment, vacuumed the main floor upstairs, cleaned the powder room, cleared out both fridges, took the trash out, and packed up the car. We took a long walk on the beach then drove back to Philly. I did a few loads of laundry, unpacked stuff, went through mail and packages, started a new book, and the three musketeers (MFD, my Dad, and Carol) watched the freaking Shining. I shared popcorn with my animal kingdom (even Billy cat) and went to bed.
Sunday Dad got bagels from Red House, I cut down the hydrangea and weeded, then went through my closet and purged a bag of stuff. Carol and dad made mini burgers for lunch and I deconstructed mine, my niece and nephew stopped by in costume, Carol made mozz sticks, then it was trick or treat time. MFD came down in an unplanned costume and did his live pumpkin carving as is tradition and futzed with outdoor decor until nearly 7. I was back inside by 7:45 and in bed by 9:30.

Happy All Saints' Day! 

I’m in the office today, and off tomorrow. The first thing I’ll do is vote, of course. What’s your voting plan?

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