Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Just the basics, ma'am

It is absolutely wild to me when I think about the amount of makeup I used to own in comparison to the amount of makeup I have ever consistently actually USED and WORN. I've never been a face makeup (foundation/powder/concealer or highlighter/bronzer/blush) person, which has not ever stopped me from buying and keeping it. I was rarely an eyeliner or eyeshadow person, which did not stop me from coveting and collecting an array of it. 

The wild world upending ride of 2020 saw me finally let go of makeup I was holding onto just in case. It is more cost efficient to get my makeup done for any event I really want a lot of it on for versus buying shit that looks pretty in its packaging but will expire before I use it twice. Regardless of how pretty a palette is I am not the person who is going to get solid use out of a palette. I want to be a makeup person because I like makeup, but I'm not, and I've moved on to admiring it from afar but not bringing it home with me.

I also cannot act like I'm 13 and know no better - makeup does expire and it needs to be culled way more often than most of us are culling it. 

So this is it except for other lip products I use, specifically Buxom Lip Balm in Dolly Fever. I am also partial to Urban Decay Vice Lipstick, Tarte Color Splash Lipstick, and Tarte SEA H20 Balm Tint 

NYX Shine Loud Lip Color - I have three of these. I mostly combine two at a time. It will last until the next day perfectly overnight most of the time. You have to remove it with micellar water. I wear it matte and don't use the shine. I have Magic Maker, Ambition Statement, and Born to Hustle. Trophy Life too but I don't really like that one so it's about to get binned. 

Ilia Mascara - Solid daily work horse

Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer - I use it for under my eyes and it works great. I don't know how to advise you on how it works on other parts of your face since I don't do that. 

Thanks to my friend Chelsea for recommending the NYX Shine Loud and the Ilia Mascara in IG stories - follow her there

It feels good not to own makeup just in case. While I am now a makeup product minimalist, I will not be taking questions or comments about the amount of nail polish I own at this time. Thank you for respecting my privacy. 

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