Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Simple Ways to Save Money on your Next Holiday

Given that we are big into travel and saving where we can so we can do even more of it, this sponsored post is quite timely as we look to really get into planning our next trip. I don't think I can do the no fixed itinerary on most trips, but I can roll some of the other suggestions here.


When you travel, it’s easy to spend more money than you intended. So, before you even leave home, you should look at ways to reduce the cost of your holiday. Thanks to the latest technologies and the easy availability of travel knowledge, it’s much easier to find great deals and travel for less. Once you achieve these savings you can put this extra money to good use later. These are some simple ways you can save money on your next holiday:

Price Comparison Websites
Some websites let you compare the price of travel or accommodation in a particular town or city. For example, lets you compare the prices of hotels in a particular location such as Gloucester. The prices available on many comparison or booking websites are often cheaper than the prices charged if you deal directly with the hotel itself.

Be Flexible and Don’t Have a Fixed Itinerary
This is an option for the more adventurous traveller. Sometimes having a set itinerary can be more expensive than booking travel and accommodation as you go along. This is particularly true if you will be spending a few weeks travelling in the country or area you are visiting. For example, once you have arrived at your destination and spent some time there, you will have more knowledge about the place and be able to find more affordable accommodation as you travel.

If you have pre-booked everything before going on holiday, you may not be getting the best prices. As well as this, you may find interesting places to visit off the beaten path that you can only find out about once you are at your destination. Last minute deals are another option for travellers who are flexible and are able to travel at short notice.

A last-minute Sailing in Indonesia trip in Indonesia provides an unforgettable experience with their pristine waters, lush island landscapes, and abundant marine life. No matter whether you are an experienced sailor or new to sailing, Indonesia provides numerous islands perfect for exploration. Last-minute deals often allow for spontaneous trips without breaking the bank, giving you the flexibility to explore hidden gems off the tourist radar.

Communicate for Free
There’s no reason to be charged huge roaming charges these days. A range of social media websites, free apps and video conferencing systems like Skype and Google Talk are available. All of these platforms can be used to make it extremely affordable to contact family and friends while you are away. It also means you won’t have any unexpected surprises in your mobile phone bill when you get home.

Travel Passes
Most travelers love to explore new places when they are away. However, visiting the main landmarks and attractions can be expensive. It’s more expensive to pay to visit each landmark and attraction individually. To avoid paying too much, most major cities and tourist destinations provide travel passes for their main landmarks and attractions. This makes it easier to organise your sightseeing tours and costs a lot less too.

Avoid Buying Unnecessary Items When You Travel
Many naïve travellers waste a lot of money in airports, on trains and on planes when they are going to their destination. A lot of the items purchased could be bought for a lot less in local stores before leaving or in local stores at your destination. This is where a comprehensive travel checklist plays an important role.

When you go on a holiday, you want to get value for money. However, many travellers lose the run of themselves and have to pay the price later. However, if you prepare properly and follow the advice above, you will be less likely to waste as much money on your next holiday.


What are some ways you save money on vacation? 



  1. We need to get better about putting money away for travel. We always go to the beach and Gatlinburg each year but it would be nice to visit somewhere new!

  2. we always use the free wifi, bring everything we need with us, book a room with a full kitchen so we can make most of our meals and just go out to dinner and we rent a car so that we don't have to rely on cabs.

  3. i definitely could not do the no itinerary thing either, but i like the other tips for sure. i always check out those city passes vs what i actually want to see and pay for, like in Paris the passes were kind of expensive, but they got you access like 100 places.. but i only wanted to actually go to 2 of those places, so it wasn't value for us.

  4. I always buy splurge souvenirs and random things when we travel which we didn't account for so I think I could definitely cut back in that department. I do like having plans ahead of time like of you or else I might freak out a little.

  5. I love to travel, but it really can get expensive. I love the idea of buying a city pass so you can try and avoid spending a ton of money on the expensive landmarks that you want to see!

  6. These are great tips! We do a lot of little trips and I find that I'm getting better at buying less and less while there. Smart packing is so important!

  7. These are awesome tips! Im guilty of spending on absolute crap when I travel. It can all add up!

  8. I like to have a rough itinerary but with room to be spontaneous. Using Skype and Google Chat is a great tip!

  9. I always book with hotel websites, but I use different websites to check rates and take advantage of Best Rate Guarantees if I find a lower rate somewhere else. I've saved quite a bit that way.... and I still get to use my hotel status and earn points. ;)


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