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Briggs & Riley Luggage - Discover the Most Advanced Way to Pack

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On our recent trip to South Africa, I finally came to terms with the fact that I suck at packing my carry on. I carry all manner of just in case crap that I never use. And I'm not using a great bag for it. In addition, my big mama suitcase is showing signs of extreme wear. Reevaluations are in order, along the lines of the sponsored post below.


Packing for an upcoming trip is more than just remembering to take enough clothes and personal care items. Instead, you also need to consider the type of luggage that you’ll use to carry all of your valuables. The last thing that you want is to place everything in suitcases that aren’t secure or strong enough to protect your belongings, or that will be difficult to carry.

Thankfully, the experts at Briggs & Riley have thought of all of the best pieces of luggage, giving consumers a new and more advanced way to pack everything they need. Keep reading to learn more.

A Unique Expansion and Compression Feature
One of the most innovative features of the Briggs & Riley brand is known as CX Expansion Compression technology in the Baseline collection. This basically gives you maximum capacity to pack everything you need, all while meeting the carry-on size restrictions for airlines. You can pack more, compress it down, and still have a great carry-on bag that’s easy to take with you because it doesn’t weigh too much either.

Instead of the typical wrap-around zipper that’s common on the majority of luggage out there, the Baseline CX has a ratchet-up style handle that gives you roughly one-third additional packing area instantly. Once you’ve finished packing, all you have to do is reverse this process. You do so by popping the mechanism down again to compress the bag to its original size. And the best part is everything is firmly held in place.

A Variety of Collections to Choose From
In addition to the Baseline collection, there are many others, including the Torq, Transcend, and @work lines, all featuring their own unique suitcases for work and play. This gives consumers a variety of choices to suit all of their needs.

A Lifetime Warranty
No matter where you purchase your Briggs & Riley luggage from, you can rest assured that you’ll have a product that comes with a lifetime guarantee. In the event that your suitcase is ever damaged or broken, even if an airline causes the damage, the company will repair it at absolutely no cost to you. It’s really simple, as the warranty will cover the cost of repair for every functional part of the luggage, for the entire life of the luggage.

The warranty doesn’t, however, cover things like cleaning, stolen bags, lost bags, or cosmetic wear. Regardless, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever really need to have your Briggs & Riley luggage fixed because these suitcases are extremely sturdy and built really well.

To get your luggage repaired, all you have to do is take it to any authorised repair shop, or you can instead mail the luggage to the Briggs & Riley repair centre. 

As you can see, Briggs & Riley bags are very different from other luggage brands, and they do provide the most advanced way to pack for modern travel. Check out Charles Ford London to find the perfect set of luggage for your particular needs and budget.


What are your carry on musts and out of those musts, what do you actually use?
What type of bag do you use as a carry on?

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  1. This actually sounds genius. I used to swear by my Victornox bags, but they are so bulky and heavy compared to the new luggage. I've been on the hunt for new bags for awhile, so I'll have to check these out!

  2. Hey a good suitcase can last you FOREVER. And I believe in purchasing a good one. This one sounds legit!

  3. I use a Briggs and Riley carry on. It was extra expensive, but worth it. I never travel without it, and I don't check my bags, so everything is in my Briggs and Riley. In addition to my clothes in my carry on, I carry a Vera Bradley tote, just in case they make me gate check my bag. My tote consists of the things that can not get lost: coffee mate creamer (lol), jewelry, computer, iPad, Chargers and converter plugs, medicine kit, my purse, all liquids, all essential makeup, toothbrush, hairbrush, whatever sweatshirt or jacket that I need on the plane. I pack in packing compression bags in the carry on. If it doesn't fit into 4 bags, it doesn't go. I use three shirt sized bags (one for pants, one for shirts, one for dresses or work clothes), and one smaller bag for underwear, socks, bras, bathing suits, and tank tops. In addition, I always carry coffee, a water boiler, hair straightener, and soap. I attach my tote to my carry on using a travelon bungee strap that I can not live without. All things must fit in the Briggs and Riley without being expanded, so I have room to shop. Everything in my tote is in a separate see through mesh bag so I'm not fumbling around in a huge bag searching for things. As you know, I'm a crazy packer fanatic. I'm obsessed.


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