Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - my thoughts runneth over

1. I kicked ass on Cyber Monday: 70% off at Snapfish plus good deals at Kohl's, Ulta, and Alex & Ani among others. I even got a few Christmas gifts for 50% off. Between the offerings, the free shipping, and the ebates cash back I earned, I made out. And my Christmas shopping is finished. As you might know, I'm a one for you, one for me type of shopper. I do wrap up my gifts and put them under the tree from Santa. Some of them at least. LOL
Old lady shoes, laughing Buddha charm, and a dish towel that makes me laugh

2. If you want to see a comedy of errors, be in my vet's office when I have to take more than one dog in at a time. Monday night's visit was punctuated by Gus's persistent The King is here! Look at me! Worship ME! bark and concluded with me getting wrapped up in leashes and falling out of the door. The dogs paid me no mind as I lay on the wet ground laughing like a hyena at myself. Gus was only interested in what Gus wanted to do, which was get the rock out of there, and Geege was only interested in sniffing Gus's butthole. Thanks, dogs, for your concern.
3. I had lunch at the Corner Bakery and talked lipstick with my BFF Jenn on Tuesday. I love being a lady who lunches. 
4. Tuesdays with Lola, the prettiest baby niece in the whole world. 

5. I'm always all fa fa fa Essie is the best but I have to say, this is pretty awesome for old Sally girl. In person it's a little more purple-ish. It went on great and is a good option for a new standard neutral.
6. This week in FWP: at the shore we have regular coffee pots, the $30-$40 Mr. Coffee jobbys. This week MFD and I admitted to each other that we miss brewing that type of coffee. I like the conveniece of the Keurig, but I don't think the coffee is as strong, and I like hearing the pot dripping and sizzling and percolating. So the Keurig is going to work with MFD and a Mr. Coffee is coming back to our house and basically for free because I will be returning a cardigan so it's a wash. Boom(ish).
7. This week in RWP: I can't believe we're a country of such immense wealth and we have people living on the streets. I can't believe this all the time, but when it gets cold and when it rains and when it's the holidays it just really eats at me to walk past homeless people in this city every day. I buy a coffee or a bagel, I bring some socks to pass out - it doesn't feel like enough. It hurts my heart. My home is so important to me for so many reasons, safety and security and shelter being tops on the list, that I just simply cannot imagine having to sleep on the street. If you are unable to get out to this population and physically hand out some food or blankets or care kits but would like to do something, in Philly you can check out donation and volunteer opportunities with No More Pain Inc., an organization started by a fellow Neshaminy High School alum that does outreach in the Philly area; Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need, the charity doing outreach in Lower Bucks that MFD works with to do Meals on Wheels and Code Blue to get homeless people to shelter when the temperatures dip; and Project HOME, which has opportunities to donate, advocate, volunteer, and shop. If you are in Philly and see someone on the street when it's too cold, please call 911 or the Homeless Outreach Hotline at 215-232-1984. Sometimes I think we do nothing because we think it requires a grand gesture or a lot of money. It doesn't. It just requires a kind heart, a willingness to look someone in the eye, and a dollar or two for a cup of coffee and a bagel. And a little bit of thick skin because sometimes these people are so disenfranchised and disillusioned that they push back on you. If I was them, I probably would too. Don't let that stop you from reaching your hand out. Please.

8. Thanks to my wonderful cousin Rob and the other fine folks at PUMA for sharing this. Whether you like a good deal or know of an organization who buys gifts for those in need and might be able to use this, please pass it along.

9. I have Saturday totally free this weekend. I'm beside myself with gleeful anticipation. I have a lot of purging and organizing in mind. There's nothing like having Christmas shit all over to make you ready to do some damage in those areas.

10. The next Show Us Your Books with me & Jana of Jana Says is this coming Tuesday, December 8. But wait! There's more. dun dun dun We're having a bonus edition this month. On Tuesday, December 29, we want you to link up to show us your favorite books you read in 2015. They do not have to be written or printed in 2015, just the best/favorites you came across. Are you going to join us? Grab this button and get your lists in order, my friends!
Life According to Steph

11. I'm calling for gun control. I want serious, in depth background checks in every state. I want mental health testing included a la Japan. I want it to be harder to get a gun than it is to buy a car. In Pennsylvania you can go in and buy a gun and walk out the door with it in under 30 minutes if your check comes back clear. But it takes two to three weeks to get clearance to volunteer with non profits or work with kids, and it takes two months to go through the mortgage process. Neither of which can harm another living thing. This is crazy. I want assault weapons off the streets. I want the lobbying arm of the NRA chopped the fuck off, and I don't want to hear that it's not a gun problem. Other countries don't have this problem so don't tell me gun control can't work. It does work. In plenty of other places. We can pray for the victims all we want but until we collectively stand up and demand a change, we'll just be praying for more victims tomorrow, because there have been more mass shootings this year in the United States than there have been days. I don't want to live like this. Gunsense. We can all have it.

12. E-card of the week...Word.

Signing off with a gift that's been in my head. May it not live as long in yours. 

mama-say mama-sa mama-koo-sa, 

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  1. Can I link up the post I already wrote about 2015? :D
    Also, thanks for sharing your heart about homelessness. You are such a wonderful person <3

  2. Important life question: WHYYYY do vet offices not have automatic doors? How are we supposed to get in/out while wrangling multiple dogs, or in my case, carrying a 2837598247 lb fat cat in a carrier?

  3. So many thoughts to comment on, lady! It totally is fun being a lady who lunches, I enjoy it myself.

    Your #7 really hits home with me. My church does project hypothermia every year where we open the church as a homeless shelter, and my sisters and I have been volunteering the past six years. It's a tradition and it happens around Christmas time so it's extra special to us. We will be up volunteering at 430am tomorrow morning and I honestly can't wait to try and do my part to help those less fortunate. I am so baffled there are so many living on our streets when there is SO MUCH wealth in the area.

  4. I totally want those shoes, they look comfy. That salad looks delish. Multiple dogs are always a challenge, one is always more excited than the other, I don't know how professional dog walkers do it. It is so unbelievable how many homeless people are ignored by others, so awesome that you reach out and do what you can. I can't imagine having to survive the cold New England weather out on the streets. Help when I can but we can all do more.

  5. EBates really made shopping this past week amazing with all of their cash back deals! I definitely didn't feel as guilty when I knew I was getting back a bunch of cash for stuff I was going to buy anyway.
    I've been wondering if the Keurig coffee is as strong as the coffeepot coffee. My brother in law actually said he wants the regular coffee pot back too.
    I think it's important to give back and take care of those who are having trouble--homeless, less fortunate, whoever it may be. I think it's wonderful the way that you give back!

  6. old lady shoes are the best! i see twats teetering on heels so high they have trouble walking and i think: WHY, BITCH? WHY?

  7. Boom(ish) - lol, love. We've never had a Keurig, I love the coffee pot and the smells and sounds it produces. We're lucky in FL because the weather generally cooperates. I'm so excited and was secretly hoping someone would have a fav books 2015 linkup!!

  8. That dish towel is hilarious. This pregnancy has made me gravitate towards old lady shoes, and I'm never going back, ever. Life is just too short for heels.

  9. Taking both dogs to the vet is the worst thing.
    I did it two weeks ago and it's borderline humiliating. I considered doing one at a time even though I knew leaving one in the truck would take twice as long...I sucked it up and it was as awful as I had imagined.

    I never learned how to make regular coffee in a regular coffee pot because we've always had a keurig and I don't know how to make just-the-right-strength in a Mr. Coffee. Whoops.

  10. I need those "old lady shoes" . I'm all about Sketcher's comfortable shoes!
    I used to work with a knitting group that would make wool items to give to the homeless - I need to do that again.

  11. I love that dish towel... and I laughed at the visual of the dogs sniffing each other as you laughed from the ground. Oh Pug life. You never cease to entertain. Amen to the no large gestures and no large sums of money required. A few years ago, I was looking at a local angel tree and I saw how many older people were on there (like 65+) asking for things like sheets, towels, and socks. That's what I focus on now... I think people do kids because it's fun, but imagine your grandmother/grandfather without these simple things.... It just broke my heart. So THANK YOU for also recognizing that socks are a small thing that can make a difference.

  12. I definitely have been known to buy my own gifts and my mom does too, but we try to wrap them for each other. It doesn't make a difference since we already know what it is, but I guess that it gives us a little bit of mystery. Dart totally does the whole barking thing when he gets to the vet too! He recognizes people (I think) and then he barks at them to come over to see him. Our dogs both are so demanding it sounds like.

  13. Once every two weeks or so the boyfriend and I have an afternoon lunch date and it's the most fun. There's something about lunch that feels magical. Maybe it's just because most people want to go out to dinner at 7 and by that time I'm hangry because I like to eat dinner at 5. I love my Keurig, mostly because I'm the only one at my house who drinks coffee. I do miss the smell of a pot of coffee brewing but it seems like a lot of effort and waste to brew a whole pot for just me.

  14. There is something so precious about babies' little feet/socks. So adorable :)

  15. Awesome blog. The homeless. The guns. The lack of compassion from people slays me. There but for the grace of God go we. Look how many things that have gone right in your life that could have gone the other way! So many are high & mighty. Reprogramming everyone's cells with positive energy and love and harmony. My gift is my chickens having such wonderful things happen this year! Just priceless. No wrapping required! Love. Your. Momma

  16. My mom uses an old school percolator and she makes the most delicious coffee in the world with it. Granted she uses Costa Rican coffee that she brings home with her after every trip but its amazing!! I keep one at my house for when she visits because its soo much better than the Keurig.

    Nice work on the helping the homeless. I just put together a bunch of toiletries for donation. Its amazing what is just sitting around the house to you can mean so much to someone else.

  17. I also took advantage of Alex & Ani's awesome sale AND practiced one for you, one for me. It was too good not to though!
    Your post regarding homelessness the other day really touched me, but I didn't have the words to comment on how so when I read it. I just feel the need to thank you for being such a compassionate person and putting that energy into the world all the time, and reminding myself and others to be more like you in that regard. I know you don't do it for the thanks, but you deserve it anyway.
    So looking forward to the SUYB best of edition! I have my own linkup to host that day but I will be sure to post the day before or after and join the book party because I can't wait to flood my book list again :)
    And 11... I'm sick. I checked my phone yesterday to see that AP news alert and almost threw up. When is this going to stop being a daily occurrance? How many deaths will it take for the right to realize their method doesn't work, and that the lives lost MATTER and should not have been wasted in vain? I just cannot anymore. Make it stop.

  18. I am with you on the Keurig debate. It's easy but it's never strong enough. I've tried every tip or trick with no luck. Plus, like you I LOVE the smell and sound of fresh coffee brewing. It's so cozy and comforting in a weird way. I really want to try that alarm clock that the coffee is supposed to start brewing and wake you up but knowing me I would sleep through it only to wake up to cold coffee.

    Way to go with the helping of the homeless. I work for an organization that helps that population and I see firsthand how even the littlest of help makes a massive difference.

  19. Hawkeye is good at the vet, she likes him. But I worry when I'll have to take her and Thor at the same time because he is not so good! But the vet offers multi-pet discounts so it just has to happen.
    I still like the keurig. I'm not sure I can tell the difference. My mom has the cone thing, where you pour boiling water over the grounds, which is supposed to be stronger but they seem the same to me. I do feel you on the sounds of the coffee maker though, something so homey about it.

  20. Look, I'm commenting! I read a blog today! I have a lot of things to say to all of your thoughts, but I'd much rather discuss in person over a bloody mary on Sunday!!!

  21. SO with you on the increased gun control. In Texas, we're going the wrong way: gearing up for open carry to go into effect January 1. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Texas legislators.

  22. Just found your blog. The whole gun thing really scares me. I've never been a fan of guns. Looks like you had a fun week. I love Alex & Ani.

  23. I'm excited about the extra show us your books, I'll have to give my 2015 favorites some thought!

  24. My happy anywhere dog has realized that the vet sucks which sucks for me so badly. He's so, so crazy at it! Like it's an alter ego dog so I cant even imagine going with more than one. I like envisioning Gus' howl.

    Nice job on cyber monday! I love that day.

    I can't believe the shooting issue here. It's insane. :( Ughhhhhhhhhhh. The PP shooting was like two days ago and is now not the most recent one. This is getting so crazy.

    So sweet of you to pass out socks and what not. We need more like you.

  25. I just posted this on my Facebook. This should get interesting...
    "I'm about to open a big fat humongous can of worms (and I may live to regret this).

    Legitimate question: Unless you are in the military or police force, why does anyone need to own an assault rifle?

    I really do want to hear your thoughts

    (Please play nice and be respectful of others. I will delete comments that aren't respectful of others commenting. My space, my rules.)"

  26. need that dish towel in my life.
    i cannot imagine trying to take all 3 cats to the vet at once. it would be insane.
    seriously yes to gun control, exactly the way you said. it should not be easier to buy a gun than a car.
    thanks for sharing the info about the charities. you are right, it doesn't require a grand gesture or a lot of money to help someone.

  27. The cyber Monday deals this year were on point, it makes all us say "Black Friday who?" And I loved the instagram the other night of you at the vet with Gus announcing himself. Adorable! Sorry they tripped you though and didn't even try to apologize :-P

  28. YAY for an extra book link-up!! i was just planning my "end of the year" posts and was thinking i need to do a favorite books of 2015 post so i'm super excited this is going to be a link up! you're awesome! :)

  29. i love the buddha A&A bracelet. I haven't seen that one before. I'm upset that all of my silver ones have become tarnished and they're only about a year old. I don't shower with them or anything so not sure why that has happened. Your lunch with Jenn sounds like a nice meetup.

  30. I respect you that much more knowing you give back to those in need. If we all did a bit more....

    Your dogs... Lolol! Constantly keeping you in stitches eh?

  31. I miss Cyber Monday. :( No deals for me and I'm nowhere near done or started on Christmas shopping.
    #11!! Preach!!!

  32. First of all, I just love your big, caring heart!!!! It eats me up to walk by the homeless out in the cold as well. I try to hold two food drives each year for our local shelter and I get a decent turn out but I never feel like I do enough. Handing out socks is such a good idea. I need to stock up!

    I am a one for me one for you Christmas shopper too. I cant pass up the good deals!!! The dog story made me laugh and laugh. Been there!

  33. I finally buckled down after we got home from Thanksgiving dinner and ordered some gifts online. Got a lot done with some really good deals too! This time of year I also think a lot about kids who won't have as much to open on Christmas because their families are struggling. It makes me sad. Yea they're just gifts but every kid should be able to look forward to presents at Christmas. I like giving to the toy drives and we do the angel program at our church where you buy specific gifts from a child's wish list. I think it's wonderful that you care enough to hand out socks and food!

  34. I was thanking my lucky stars when I took the little dog to the vet that I decided not to bring the big one as a woman with her dog came in with 8 of it's puppies! And I'm so excited for Show Us Your Book! Both editions!

  35. I can't even talk about guns anymore. It's just such a huge DUH situation to me, I can't engage with anyone who thinks otherwise. I just took bags of new socks and underwear to a shelter and was so surprised to find out that it's open during the day now. (It used to just be beds for the night.) People were sitting around drinking coffee, playing cards, and talking to each other. That made me so happy. Why aren't there more places like that?

  36. Your niece's little outfit is just the cutest thing ever. And how pretty do you look for your date with your friend.

    Im not from the US so I may not have a leg to stand on in this argument but it truly baffles me that you can walk into a store and just ... buy a gun. Im not sure the US understands how absolutely weird that seems from the outside looking in. In my country unless you're a criminal or licensed to own a gun, you've prob never even seen one up close. #truestory

  37. Obviously I'm late to the party but YAY for 50% off Puma! Glad I was able to cash in today! Also loving your gifts for yourself- I'm the same way!

    I am totally picturing that vet scenario in my head... lol.

    Luckily I live in an area where there aren't many homeless people, but I'm reminded every time I go into NYC. It's heartbreaking. I've bought food for people and had it thrown back in my face (literally), but I do try to give whenever I can.

  38. Omg! Thank you so much for the 50% off! My son (13, 5'10 and growing) needed new sneakers. Early Christmas present that isn't costing me a million $.

  39. Those old lady shoes are the bomb! They look so comfy!
    You would think that after years and years of smelling the same butthole, it would lose its charm. lololol
    Slow clap for # 11... all awesome points!

  40. Love that he has to announce himself at the vet! NOTICE ME!!! LOL.

    Ugh I wish I had someone else that loved talking lipstick! Even my bestie isn't as crazy about makeup as I am!

  41. I love getting great deals! I got a few myself, though I think I should be taking your "one for you, one for me" approach. This year it seemed like it was more "one for you, seven for me." It was a little out of control. (And I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping. Whomp whomp.)

    We have a Keurig and a regular Mr. Coffee. We usually use the Mr. Coffee on weekends (or other random days off) only, since we'll probably have more than one cup of coffee each. The Keurig is reserved for work days since we're never up early enough for more than one cup.

    I often think about how terrifying and horrible it must be to live on the streets, especially when the weather is awful. It definitely makes you appreciate having a roof over your head, a clean and safe place to sleep, and food on the table. Those are things that many of us unfortunately take for granted, and sometimes it takes seeing someone less fortunate and/or helping someone in need to open our eyes to that.

    I'm really excited for the next two installments of Show Us Your Books! I haven't been on top of my blogging game lately, so I just got my post up today. I'll have to give my "Best of 2015" list some thought, though!

    And #11? YES. It makes me so angry when people argue against gun control. I'm like, "Seriously? If you're not a dangerous person with a criminal history, this really won't affect you that much. You can still purchase guns for hunting, it just might not be as quick and easy to do so. No big deal. Plan ahead." I don't care if someone wants to own a gun. Fine. Whatever. (Do I? No. I would never want one in my house, but that's my personal preference.) But I DO care if someone with a violent criminal history or someone who is very unstable/possibly dangerous has easy access to a gun. And right now, they do. That's fucking scary.


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