Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's here! My birthday month has arrived.

Happy Sunday and happy March! The month of daylight savings, the month of spring and green and the month of my birthday on the Ides of March and the month-long celebration of it.

I love to celebrate with you, so I'm giving away some of my favorite things. And I'm pointing you towards some blogs you might not be reading.

- Mariah at Food, Booze, and Baggage. I mean, for the name alone, but also because she runs a bi-monthly beer linkup called Into the Pint Glass, blogs openly about choosing to be child-free, shares recipes and culinary adventures both in her new home of San Diego and in places she's traveled.

- Nicole at Nicole Marica Blog, so you can learn how Marica is pronounced, but also because she has a winding and interesting About Page, she has her email right out in front of your face (why do some bloggers hide their email addresses?), she runs a teen bookclub and is active on Goodreads, and because she's challenging herself to expand her cooking horizons this year and that's cool to watch. Plus, she's close to Philadelphia. So that's automatically cool.

- Jenn at Hello Rigby, so you can learn who the heck Rigby is, be a little more fashionable, follow along on her reading challenge monthly, and talk blogging. She lives in Seattle and her blog post photos are a zillion times better than mine.

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  1. Hooray for birthday months!!!

    My three favorite things lately...

    1. My new infuser water bottle
    2. A new face moisturizer that has bee venom in it and didint cost an arm and a leg
    3. The Mindy Project

  2. yay birthday month! and selfishly; yay spring and daylight savings and running month!
    love your descriptions of each of the ladies and their blogs, very entertaining :) i was only not reading one, have changed that now!
    3 of my favourite things........... er, my cats, my books and my cup of tea. what more could you want?

  3. March is my birthday month too!! Yay yay yay for Pisces! And yes I can't wait for daylight savings.

  4. I agree with JBean, Pisces are the best! My three favorite things are: the month of March (birthday, spring arrives, and March Madness), WINE, and traveling.

    I do what I want.

  5. YAY! This is obviously the best month because BOTH of us were born in it.
    3 of my favorite things...
    1: Coke Zero
    2: Cheese
    3: Makeup/Hair Products
    The trifecta.

  6. One month closer to warm weather. Beautiful and sunny, with the daffodils already blooming on the day you were born. 3 weeks late!
    Lovely giveaway and I will check out those blogs.
    Love, your Momma

  7. My three favorite things...
    2. Snow days when I don't have anywhere to be.
    3. Beeswax lotion for my lizard hands.

  8. yay for birthday month! thanks for spreading the word on how to pronounce my ill-spell middle name, haha! my three favorite things (among many) are 1. Dave 2. Nibbler 3. Squishee lol

  9. Hooray for March and the Month of you!b

  10. Happy Birthday month! Let's see: (things not pets or people) coffee, netflix, snow

  11. Three of my favorite things are three things in this giveaway... coffee from DD, coffee mugs, and drinking water :)

  12. I'm a March baby too, so cheers to our shared birthday month! :)

  13. Happy Birthday month!
    Making me happy...
    1. Weeds reruns on Netflix.
    2. It's finally March.
    3. A Sunday-evening-clean-house kinda feeling.

  14. Happy birthday month! I love a good 31 day celebration! Mine is coming up soon. My 3 favorite things:

    1. Coffee
    2. Dogs
    3. NYC

  15. Three of my favorite things: coffee, Netflix, and glitter!

  16. Happy Birthday month!

    LOVE coffee, The Fall, orange Tic-Tacs

  17. Happy Birthday Month!! My three favorite things are Seamus, Mugs, and reading. Like you didn't already know! ;)

  18. Yay! Happy Birthday MONTH!! I love reading, cups with straws and pink!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I love that Pug Life sweatshirt...where did it come from? I need it in my life!!!

    My 3 favorite things: My pugs, diet coke and spring clothes!

  21. San Francisco Bay coffee, rainforest blend
    My dog and cat
    my kindle

  22. Early morning coffee/quiet
    Rain when I don't have to drive in it
    Reading before bed

  23. Hmmmm... just 3? Ok...

    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    Men with beards

  24. Happy birthday month!
    My dog
    Fresh cut flowers

  25. My 3 favorite things
    1. My son!!
    2. The Waking Dead show
    3. Wine...... :)

  26. Happy Birthday month! Favorite things - lattes, macarons, when my kids play with each other & I can sit back and take a break ;)

  27. Happy Birthday Month!!!! Three of my favorite things right now are the Reindeer Blend coffee that I am going to savor until the very last cup (sorry you couldn't find it friend!), Joey's book Yeah, Maybe that my younger self related to, and this delicious beer that I had from a new local brewery in town that will hopefully be distributing in bottles soon!

  28. Happy Birthday month!!
    1. Family!!!!!
    2. Friendship
    3. Drinks with the above two ... ha!

  29. HOORAY for birthday month! Some of my favorite things:

    *That moment just before a plane leaves the runway, when you're going super fast but not yet airborne.
    *Delicious flavored vodka. I shed a tear for people who lived in times where their vodka did not taste like cake.
    *The weird but fantastic people that I meet on Twitter when I live tweet tv things.

  30. 1. "New Girl" on Netflix
    2. New hair brush "go-knots"
    3. Friendships, my friends are amazing and going through exciting changes like getting married and having babies. :)

  31. Happy Birthday Month!!
    1. My Dog
    2. An ice cold beer at the end of a long workday
    3. SUNSHINE!!

  32. Happy birthday!!

    My 3 favorite things:
    1. Nail polish
    2. Flip flops
    3. Coffee! :)

    (Well, I have many more, hard to narrow it down to only 3, haha! )


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