Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Predictable Me by MFD

This extremely attractive photo was taken during a hurricane in Wildwood in September 2008. It always makes me laugh. 
This weekend, Dirty Dancing was on twice. Naturally, I watched it both times even though I a) own it and can see it without commercials whenever I want, and b) have seen it eleventy billion times. If it's on, I'm watching it, and you can take that to the bank. When it comes to certain things, we're all creatures of habit. To myself, I am a very predictable person because hello I live this shit, I know what I do all the time.

On our way to dinner Sunday night, I said to MFD, "Can you think of some ways I'm predictable?"

He burst out laughing and said, "You are so predictable in every way." We've been together for 11 years this September. I certainly hope I'm predictable to him in some ways, otherwise he'd be caught asleep at the wheel, you know what I'm saying? Of course, he's predictable to me in a lot of ways too. Cohabitation breeds familiarity.
I was curious what he'd come up with at a moment's notice since he doesn't like to be put on the spot about anything. Here is his minute and a half list of ways in which I'm predictable:
  • You are going to write a blog every day or every other day.
  • You want me to do chores right away, and you yell at me because I never do them right away.
  • You will prepare food for the week on Sunday. 
  • You will wake up at the last possible minute you can and still get to work on time.
  • You love water with lemon and a lot of ice. You use three glasses in one day and never finish any of them.
  • You leave those glasses in bizarre spots where glasses don't go, like on the entertainment center or on the front table by the door.
  • You go to Target and get the same things there all the time. You go to Redner's for certain things as opposed to Giant, which you never go to.
  • At bars you ask for ice in a glass for your beer.
  • When you're going somewhere, you will pack four days in advance at least.
  • You will have a very long and lengthy reading list for every vacation and you will finish all the books. 
  • You will look for shells on the beach.
  • You will always ask me to put lotion on your back and say, "Make sure you get under the straps" like I don't know to do that. 
  • Your birthday will be celebrated in grand fashion for a month. 
All of those things are true. The glasses thing cracked me up. I never noticed that I did that, but now that I think about it...

Here's something else predictable: Tuesday sucks. 

The End.

In what ways are you predictable?


  1. i nevvvverrr finish a glass of water. or really anything. kirk always makes fun of me for leaving the last couple of sips in any and every cup i encounter.

    and i too pack days in advance. and i always overpack.

    and! i watched dirty dancing this weekend and thought "i bet steph is watching this..."

  2. This October is 17 years that Scott and I have been together. I know I'm predictable but now you have me curious in what ways he thinks so.

    I'm going to ask him later.

  3. Great, spontaneous blog idea w/ a rhyming title. Love rhymes!
    Yes on all of these and always on the lookout for shells. Your brothers are not as on it as you are! I always ask "Are there any shells?" when they are on a beach.
    Beyond grateful that the storm did not cause a power outage here!
    Maybe the A/C can get a break in a few days! #FRESHAIR #OPENWINDOWS
    love your MOMMA

  4. My husband carries on conversations with me where I never have to utter a word because he knows what I'm going to say. He also knows that if I'm taking a meal in to a friend, that I'll be in a bad mood when he gets home--like yesterday.

  5. John says I also want things done immediately and get pusses when they are not. If they know this about us, why is this still happening?!?!

    If we go somewhere and there is a fruity beer on the menu, I will always order it, without fail. Every time we go to Panera I look at the menu for 5 minutes and then get the same thing. Whenever we are out and he wants to go somewhere else and I don't, I say lets go home and have drinks on the deck or get a movie. Spoiler alert: we never do that. It's code for let's go home so I can go to bed.

  6. I never finish a glass either. It drives spencer nuts! This is a cool question. I'm going to ask my husband too.

  7. I love the sunblock under the straps thing because that sounds like something I would do, too - give the same reminder 1000 times. I will always want to eat Mexican food, leave a pile of shoes by the door, and have month-old receipts in my purse. Oops. I want to see what my husband would say too! Great idea!

  8. I don't know about me, but I can tell you about Bill Bell. He will always greet our dog before me when he gets home from work. He will never put up a new roll of toilet paper, just put the new one on top of the empty tube. He will always take out the trash before I ask him to. And he will always try to come and take over cooking dinner when I'm already half way finished, and all the hard stuff is out of the way. I love your blog!!!!

  9. OMG, I love this and I might steal it someday. I also love how you found out something about yourself that you didn't realize.

    On second thought, maybe I don't want to know Aaron's answers!

  10. ok this is super sweet!!! I want to ask my boyfriend what i do now...but he would probably not have such cute answers :)

  11. haha i love this. you have to admit- this is pretty sweet. sometimes i love the fact that my significant other just knows me in and out in my predictable ways.

  12. I love this!

    I am not sure how I am predictable. Will totally have to check with Todd. I am sure he has a list a mile long.

  13. This list is awesome!

    I wish M and I could do this but I don't think we've been together long enough.

    Well, actually, maybe he will pick up on random things I don't know about either. :)

  14. I'm predictable too for the most part! Great post!

  15. This was TOO cute! I love the things that our Hubs pick up on about us..things we never even thought we did.

    Happy Tuesday...smh

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  16. I might try this on Justin - it would be very interesting to see what he came up with. I'm guilty of the glasses thing too - we just had a "conversation" about it.

  17. Dirty Dancing gets me every time! The list your husband made cracks me up. I am pretty confident I don't even want to know the list mine would come up with. I am a creature of habit.

  18. THis was cute. I'm sorry! It was! I love the the glasses and leaving them, never finishing him. He is very observant for a boy!

  19. I just had the grand realization that I am that same Glass Bandit!


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