Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's in the bag

Hold the phone: I switched purses. I don't do this as often as I'd like to. I have a lot of purses I love, but I tend to forget and just keep going in the one I'm in. I've been using the black Coach since September, and since I was wearing my new mustard shoes on Saturday, it inspired me to go to my mustard purse. While I'm not that person who matches bags to shoes - although I wish I did it more - it is what usually prompts me to initially make the purse switch.

Now, for the burning question: what's in my purse? I am one of those weird people who is always interested in what other people carry with them. Christina at Easily Entertained did a post like this, and I said next time I change my purse, I'm on it. Well friends, the time has come.

1. My wallet - I've been using this one for almost a year. I like those birds. The bird is the word. It's probably time for a new one though. Guess what? This wallet also currently contains $17. This is very rare. I never have cash.

2. Trident cinnamon is my go to gum.

3. Wet Ones. Sometimes I clean my car dash with these at stoplights.

4. 2012 - 2014 purse size planner. This keeps my dates only, no To Dos or anything of the sort. Yes, I have an iPhone and a computer. I still use paper. It's my woobie.

5. My trusty train pass with my building access card behind it. I've been carrying those in an orange and pink luggage tag with the letter S on the front for five years. It is beyond time to get a new vessel to carry those babies. And my work keys.

6. My Casio Exilim and my notebook. Not pictured but always on me: my texting phone, my iPhone, and a pen.

7. Also not pictured, but always in there: the book I'm reading and a bottle of water. I cannot be without a book or a drink. Mama needs a big bag.

8. This is what's serving as my hand cream right now. I need to go to a richer one for winter.

9. Neosporin lip health is always in a zipper pocket, never in my makeup bag. That Be a Bombshell gloss (in Hot Mess) escaped from my makeup bag.

10. My makeup bag. It's washable, because it gets totally gross.


Clinique Almost Lipstick - Black Honey
Clinique Chubby Stick - Graped Up
Clinique Different Lipstick - A Different Grape
Baby Lips - Grape Vine
Baby Lips - Cherry Me
Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color - Italian Rose
Five lip liners - two Palladio, two Avon, one Jordana
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss - Midnight Cowboy
Escape purse size
Hair tie
CoverGirl compact that I use just for the mirror - the powder is vampire colored
MAC Lipstick - Capricious
MAC Lipstick - Snob
MAC LipGlass - Viva Glam VI
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass - Boundlessly Beige

It would seem that I have a thing for lip products. Because aside from a mirror, a spot of perfume, and a hair tie, there's no makeup in there that is not a lip product. 

What's in your purse or man bag?

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  1. Wow you carry a lot of items for your lips! Ha! I use to as well but sorted recently. I love both of your bags. The mustard one is really fun!

  2. 2 things.

    #1 - Wet Ones, I feel like I want to leave work right now and go get some to put in my purse. GENIUS idea for so many reasons.

    #2 - Texting phone?!

  3. I never switch purses either. i am just too lazy. and love what's in your bag- baby lips is my fave. I have those 2 exact colors too!

  4. I hate switching purses! I have a friend who literally has dozens of purses and LOVES changing them out several times a week. I just...can't. I've been using the same purse for at least 2 years now.

  5. I'm also on the never switch purses wagon. I die for new purses but then never change until I buy another one. :)

  6. i switch my purses for every season and if i'm going out, so that way i'm only carrying my ID, phone, and chapstick.

    yeah, what is a texting phone???

  7. Ummm, I FREAKIN LOVE these 'what's in your bag?' posts! LOVE. themmmmmmmm.
    I want to do one, but mine would be pretty boring. I used to be that chick with the big ass bag fulllllllll of stuff {who had back problems}. But, then, hubs was like, "Why don't you get a REAL purse and stop buying bags from Target once a month." Say WHAAAAAAAT?
    So, I got a Michael Kors, and I've kept it clean ever since. BORING.
    Maybe I'll do a post anyway, and no one'll comment, and at least then it'll be out of my system.

  8. Love both those bags. I love big bags but never seem to have enough stuff to put in them. You def have it covered!

  9. I am in the process of cleaning & purging - kind of. Purse- I kind of feel like I should always have everything anyone would ever need- which is crazy- with the exception of clothes(sometimes I have footies, tho)
    BUT - I leave it locked in my car most of the time, since I just take my cr card, phone, keys. Also have pictures and sentimental things in there,too & rosary beads- I never say it, I just like them- they r from Kathy Dillon- Geeze I could go on and on about the whole purse thing. LOL. Enjoyable read, as always. Beautiful day. Love your momma

  10. I have a lot of purses but I'm bad at switching them up. I get lazy. But next time I do, I'll do one of these posts, too. And hopefully it will happen soon because right now my purse is a big ole mess.

  11. I love that wallet. So cute! I hardly ever have cash either. I also think that putting your badge/train pass in a luggage tag makes perfect sense. I hate the badge cover that I have.

  12. I'm too lazy to switch purses that often. Also, because of the kid, I have no choice but to always carry a giant one that looks more like luggage. That said, I just got a new one for Christmas and switched to using it. It presently has: crayons, Wet Ones, my wallet, my iPhone, random bits of paper, a notebook, a paycheck envelope, makeup bag with nail file, tweezers, nail clippers, band aids, Advil, lip balm (cherry from the Body Shop) and tissues, mint chocolate chip lip balm, cinnamon Altoids, and earlier I also had a banana in my purse. I ate the banana so now it is in my stomach.

    This is a fun game.

  13. I'm dying to know more about the texting phone!!

  14. I'm dying to know more about the texting phone!!

    1. I have two phones. I have an iPhone, which is my work phone. I'm limited to 500 texts on that, and I communicate basically through text only, so that just won't do. My texting phone is the cell phone number I've had for the past 17 years, and I can't give it up. That phone is on our personal plan, so I use that to text and call it my texting phone. It's a crappy little thing!

      When people ask me why I have two phones, I say things like "One is for my drug running business" and laugh and laugh.

  15. How did I miss this post???? Now I'm glad I Liked your new FB page!! Look at all that pretty MAC and Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay, OH MY!!!!! (I think you need to switch out that CoverGirl compact for MAC pressed powder in NW10! Although, you don't look as pale as I am. Perhaps you're an NW13!)

  16. PS- I have the same patent Coach bag in white!

  17. Yay! I'm so glad you did this. And thanks for the shout out! I love lip stuff too. You have the best stuff!! I love that your powder is "vampire colored". Probably perfect for my skin tone. Haha! Your mustard purse is awesome. I love bright colors in the drab, grey winter. I'm still using my bright pink one!


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