Thursday, October 20, 2011

Suck it, colds.

My plan of attack against the common cold:

Four times a day, I add this to my water. When I am not sick, I add it once a day:

Observe ritual for four days and supplement with plenty of liquids for hydration and as much sleep as possible. It usually keeps you upright enough to be able to go to work and function in daily life.  But if I need a kick in the pants, I add


Glug glug glug bye bye cold.

In other news, today is my aunt Lori's birthday. She is one of my people, a part of my tribe, a relative who is also a very close friend - she is funny, caring, extremely generous, much beloved by animals (my dogs always cock their heads to the side when I say "Treat Lady"), hosts the best Thanksgivings, is a maker of beautiful quilts, and has always been a safe haven of love and support for me from the time I was born. Only 8 years older than me, she is in my earliest memories and will be by my side through all of my later ones. We plan to be old ladies who cruise. Happy birthday Lori!

Hacking up a lung,

p.s. Gap is having a monster sale, 30 or 40% off online until 10/22. Get on it.


  1. Amen Holler about our Lori!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
    Godspeed on the healing!!
    Carpe Diem, everyone!!!

  2. I am in a blog yes I am so excited best birthday present I have been blogged about! L


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