Monday, October 17, 2011

All Aboard the 4 Day Work Week Bandwagon

This weekend, I ran around like a loon and busted my ass Friday night and Saturday day in order to get MOST of my crap done and have some time to play on Saturday night and a few hours to sit on my ass doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. I so rarely have one hour to do absolutely nothing, so it was glorious.

This weekend's errands and hausfrauing included picking my car up from the bodyshop; getting half of my halloween costume at the Halloween store and Michael's; attempting to purchase shoes in DSW (unable to commit. Balls.);  food shopping at Redner's; putting groceries away; making breakfast for dinner on Friday; changing sheets in our room and the spare room; purging and organizing MFD's office; purging and organizing my travel items, purses and bags; organizing the shed out back; dusting top floor, living room, dining room, basement; vacuuming top floor; changing photos out in frames; cleaning the kitchen; cleaning the powder room and bathroom; doing six loads of laundry; walking the dogs twice; clipping coupons; making dinner and soup for lunches on Sunday.

If the average person has this many things to do every weekend, plus working if they work on weekends, and making it to their kids' activities if they have kids, or their own activities if they're involved in sports or a band or whatever, when the fuck do we get to relax?

And I didn't even list what MFD had to do, or get to do everything on my list, because I discovered the Investigation Discovery Channel, and it sucked hours from my life on Sunday. So this week I will freeze since I didn't get to switch my summer and winter clothes out. Thanks a lot ID.

When will America realize that working more hours does not equal working harder or more effectively or efficiently? If we don't feed the side of us that needs time with our families or time to be alone and center ourselves, we are simply depleting our resources. I don't think you can do all of your chores, errands, activities AND have time to just relax and enjoy in two days. That's not really a work/life balance. I vote for a vacation system that is standard in much of Europe. I vote for the four day work week.

I vote that I get off of my soapbox. And before anyone says "uh, duh," yes I know I am not the first person to ever advocate for the four day work week. I just want to add my voice to the crowd's. Other weekend highlights:

Finally getting MFD's office organized.

Seeing a man at Parx Casino with hair like Patrick Swayze's in Roadhouse.

And now back to the grind. But at least I have dinner at one of my favorite places, Las Margaritas, with some of my favorite people to look forward to tonight. And I bought my first three Christmas gifts today. And I ordered our Christmas cards today. And pin a rose on my nose.



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