Thursday, June 13, 2024

Weekends gone by

Memorial Day Weekend May 23-27
I headed up to Lori's late on Thursday, and man did I need the restful weekend we had. Lots of time reading, a trip to the farmer's market, delicious charcuterie, Cold Creek, a stop at Jack & Lori's. Deep and great sleep. Mr. Rooney's first visit. Perfect. 

May 31-June 4
My family was down for the weekend, and we celebrated my brother's birthday and had a practice smokeout for our 5th Anniversary coming up on Labor Day Weekend. First true beach day, and first mint julep kohr bros of the season. A great weekend long weekend. I was off Monday too, and Tuesday is I woke up with what would be a lyme's tick bite so that day will be seared in memory LOL

June 7-9
I didn't think I was going to make it for this one. Friday morning I was still throwing up and dealing with lyme's shit. Friday night I was supposed to go to see cousins Terri & Leslie and catch up and learn family tree stuff. I could not get off the couch. Saturday morning I was supposed to go to my nephew's all-star game and decided to rest instead in hopes of making it to MFD's cousin's wedding, as his Gram has all of her family in one place so infrequently. It was a nail biter but I'm glad I made it. Sunday I went to the shore and took like seven hours to clean my already pretty clean house. I just couldn't move faster. I could move though, and that was something. Leaps and bounds better by Sunday night.

That'll do it. I've been doing reels on Instagram with snippets of the weekend, you can always find them here



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