Thursday, April 18, 2024

Weekends gone by

Three times this week alone I've referenced this blog for information I've needed about my own life. When did we buy our car? What color spray paint did I use on the old wooden stools we had? What year did we go to New England with Dad and Carol? All of which make me wonder how the fuck will I know things if I can't search for them here LOL

A series of past weekends for the memory tax.

March 22-24
Friday I worked while bone broth (chicken wing and pork shoulder bone) percolated in the crockpot for 24 hours. Friday night I read. Saturday I worked on taxes while watching Priscilla - nothingburger of a movie - and Quiet on Set. I'm a little older than the Nick generation but whew. Saturday was rainy so those were good rainy day tasks before Ben & I shook the stink off with a beach walk, and closed out the night eating out of the freezer, watching NCAA basketball, and reading. We love to see an angry ocean. Sunday I got the house in order for the coming Easter weekend with the fam, including cleaning bathrooms, vac'ing and mopping floors, clearing out spices, putting shit away, clearing counters, moving furniture, etc etc. I also went to the grocery store and changed sheets in our apartment before I headed back to Philly where I painted my nails in shades of purple, made a comfort food meal of pastina, carrots, and some greens using the bone broth from Friday, and washed my hair. I detest hair washing day.

Easter weekend
Stephen and Aubrey and the kids and Mom and Rich arrived Thursday, Kate and Dan and the kids Friday, Sean and Nicole and MFD with Bruce and Rooney on Saturday. I did a library trip with the kids Thursday. Friday was a windy and cold beach walk, a short stroll down Asbury to the two local bookshops, egg dying, and an adults only trip across the bridge to Somers Point. We tried Gregory's which was like walking into a wet fart, and then next door to Josie Kelly's which was much more hospitable. Saturday was some beach time and games. Sunday was Easter Bunny, short beach stint, dinner, and boardwalking. A great long weekend with the fam.

April 4-6
I was supposed to be visiting Kim and fam in MA this weekend but we decided to reschedule for later in the year. Friday night after traffic died down a bit I made my way back down the shore, unpacked the car and made the bed and all that jazz. Saturday started with an early beach walk, some reading, my first OPA gyro of the season, and a stroll by OC ComicCon to check out a ghostbuster car which the owner insisted on being in every photo, a Delorean, and a batmobile. Those owners were much more chill and wanted the focus on the cars. 
A great feet in the water day, and impromptu parking lot visit with Michelle, a stock up the house trip to Dollar General, and peacing out. Sunday was nails and books and purging paint and under bed boxes, putting stuff up on Freecycle, a quick grocery store trip where I had to get the Dolly biscuits, tiring these dogs out, and chipwich for dinner. 
The gift of glorious sunsets both Saturday and Sunday nights - Saturday (top) at the end of my street and Sunday (bottom) a ride out to Corsons for a change of scenery.

April 12-14
Friday we gave it the old college try but the wind was absolutely inhospitable for our daily beach walk so we gave up and turned back about four blocks earlier than usual.
Saturday was time to pay the piper and run the errands over the bridge I had put off all week: a pickup order at the hardware store, Dollar General (but I used my Saturday coupon and saved a boatload so worth it to wait), Staples to print a return and drop it there, Target to return some shit and pick up a few groceries, then on to pick up my card for the Beach Cleanup which was completely miserable in the still audacious wind. My favorite thrift store was packed, but I did get another ceramic five gallon water dispenser for cheap as hell and a chuckle out of the pins. I picked up holds at the library and retreated inside where there was no goddamn wind.
I made cherry cheesecake dip, bread using a two hour rise which did not turn out as I hoped - I will stick with my standard recipe for no knead with a 20 hour rise time - painted my nails, watched the Phillies, and Mark and Sarah and Harry arrived. MFD followed a few hours later. 
Sunday was a nice driveway morning, an everyone in car ride to the South End and a beach walk there cut short by more fucking wind, Parks & Rec, the Masters, a corn and jalapeno side dish, and shrimp tacos. I carried a book around all day and never read it then read it in full from like 9-1. Nine ish, I was still moving around from 9-10. Why do I do these things.
Harry and Mr. Rooney are a match made in heaven. They love hanging out and barking together.

That'll do it. 



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