Monday, October 30, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 10.30.2023

I was supposed to go to the shore Thursday as Mom & Rich were headed down, but we picked up Mr. Edward Rooney from his foster fam on Thursday. Friday we realized he had an infection and took him to our vet. He did much better after he got some antibiotics. I headed to the shore after work.
Saturday Mom and I walked the boards while Rich was on a bike ride and walked back along Asbury. We waited for him to get back then headed to the beach. Absolutely stunning warm day, and a full moon at night. Just perfect. We  had Durham Deli goods for dinner and sat out on the porch enjoying the weather.
Sunday more hanging and walking - thank God my mom was there because I dropped dog poop bags somewhere and she ran back to the house for replacements LOL - soccer on the telly, MFD arrived in the afternoon, and Mom and Rich took us to dinner at the Anchorage. 

It was a good weekend and a nice visit, much nicer than it would have been if they came down the monsoon weekend in September as originally planned. 

weekending reels on Instagram - current favorite weekend look back mode.

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