Friday, August 25, 2023

Things to Arrange before getting a puppy

A puppy is a wonderful addition to a family but any animal can be a handful at any age. Before you bring home a new puppy and add one to your family, you need to make sure that you can commit to the responsibility of owning one. It’s a lifelong thing, and while you won’t have a puppy the entirety of your life, you’ll certainly be there for all of their lives. 

It’s a big deal to welcome a new animal to your household and there are unwanted animals left behind every single day. You have to be very sure of what you’re doing before you invest in a new pet, and there is plenty to be arranged before one comes into your home. It’s not something that should be an impulsive or last second decision, but something you should do as a family. So, what should you arrange before you get a puppy?

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  1. Create a safe and cozy living space. Setting up a quiet and safe living space in your home where your puppy can safely stay is important. They need somewhere to get used to their new environment and you should ensure that this area is far from anything dangerous. There should be a soft bed, food and water and a few toys to keep them mentally stimulating.

  2. Make sure that they have somewhere comfortable to sleep. A comfortable sleeping area should be accessible and ideally, away from children in the house if there are any. Your puppy will need to feel comforted and safe and this should include soft, dry bedding without being too hot or too cold. No radiators or air conditioning units should be close by!

  3. Read up on nutrition. Some dogs thrive better on a raw food diet but the best thing that you can do is speak to a veterinarian about what to feed your puppy. They can teach you all about adequate nutrition and ensure that your new puppy has a balanced and comfortable diet. You don't want to deal with the fall out that comes with a sore stomach, especially not in an animal that’s still learning how to relieve themselves outside. 

  4. Consider training. Socialization is important for your puppy, but so is training. Companies like All Dogs Unleashed can help you here! You want your puppy to learn young about good behavior, how to walk on the leash and what behavior means. You can sign them up for a reward-based program or choose something else, but either way you should pick something that’s both effective and humane without being painful or unpleasant. 

  5. Think about exercise. Your new puppy may not be able to go out right away, but you can fit your dog’s exercise into your routines so that they are easily exercised and get the movement they need for a healthy body. There are so many benefits of exercise for your puppy and it’s important to understand how exercising comes into the equation for your dog to grow healthily.

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