Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Files 3.10.2023

We do love a shirt that shines.

And a shirt that says exactly what we mean. Annual list of what women don't owe the world is in the instagram caption.

The worm moon before it was fully up Sunday night and when it was fully up over a parking lot Tuesday night 

Things I'm looking for...four decorative ceiling tiles, maybe some comfortable dining chairs for the shore. A slim cabinet for next to the couch of a certain height that is not wood colored, black, gray, a zillion dollars, and available. A winning lottery ticket, not big bucks just big enough. You know.

People in my neighborhood go so hard at some shit and it makes me laugh.

I've been thinking of virtually abandoning this space and starting a free substack newsletter. You can subscribe here and you'll get it whenever I push it out - I'm going to just be jotting shit down off the cuff and not formatting or being insanely photo heavy. I'll probably keep weekend stuff here? I'm not sure exactly, yet. 

Because I miss the jotting things down form of writing I favor, which I did some semblance of here on blogger like four to five days a week for close to 10 years, then twice a week once the surreal onset of the Covid pandemic wrecked all of the routines and thought processes, and now I’m barely making once a week.

Part of not posting a lot on blogger is me, no longer wanting to sit at a computer after sitting at a computer for 40+ hours working. I loathe doing it from my phone. I always worked a lot and still blogged but there is a difference now, with majority WFH. I feel both more and less in control of my time. It seems to flow through my hands and get away from me these days.

Part of not posting a lot on blogger is the world, specifically America as I live here. God the amount of fucking times I’ve written about social injustices and the world is still unjust. How absolutely rude that a small voice cannot make all the change people have been fighting for and dying for for years, amIright? I used to have more action items on that front and I just fucking don’t right now and that’s a little bottoming out feeling to sit with.

The anti-Trans and anti-drag (assuming you all know not all trans people are drag queens and not all drag queens are trans) rhetoric and legislation is particularly frightening right now. Do you know people would rather have people suffer and die than be who they are? And do you know a lot of people voted for those people? It costs all of us exactly $0 to live our lives and let people live theirs. 

But I’m still the person who likes to jot things down and document what I’m doing, if only to look back for my own personal reference. I’m still an observer, which I’ve been since I can remember cognizant thought, and I like to share observations in writing. And I’m still the person who believes we can make a difference in the world in how we are. Be a good human, think about things, let people live, don’t be personally racist or blind to systemic racism, don’t be personally misogynistic or blind to systemic misogyny, don't operate under the notion that your god and religion are the rule of the land or matter to anyone else, don't allow politicians to legislate on religion because you’d hate it if it wasn’t yours, stop believing in the criminalization of poverty, stop letting corporations dictate how we all live and how those we elect govern; take a fucking hard look at mass incarceration and how we got there. Etc etc you know the drill.

Whew, when I think of how I used to argue from a place of understanding and compromise on abortion. Proof we can look back on things we’d rather not be, also. Now I’m viciously abortion on demand without apology not your fucking business not being the one who might persuasively bring you around.

Birthday month in the house! I have been doing my annual HomeGoods trolling, I've got birthday massage and lunch scheduled, pedicure and hair the day before, something the day after, will see both of my parents on my birthday which never happens as an adult LOL. I turn 46 in less than a week. Wednesday night I was digging through old photos looking for pics of Mom Mom as her birthday was March 8 and that only added to my annual birthday reflections. I have big love for middle age and I want to make sure I say that out loud because the world would like women specifically to age in reverse or fade into obscurity once the societal notions of beauty in face and body start to sag and age, as if appearance is all we are. Middle age is cool, man. I'm digging it so much.

Getting out of here on old dogs and dogs eating bugles. Happy Friday!

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