Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for...

Every night of the year before I go to sleep I do a quick five things I'm grateful for list in my head, on good days and bad days...especially on the bad days. I truly believe it is not happy people who are thankful, but rather thankful people who are happy. In my mind there's no other way to explain how I've gotten through some terrible times without losing my soul to them. What happens to us is what happens to us. How we react to it is our choice. I also believe being grateful for what you have, see, experience, etc. - the big things and the small things - brings even more good into your life. 

For more thoughts on gratitude and attitude, check out this NY Times article on choosing to be grateful my friend Jen Z shared on the facespace.

Some things I'm thankful for...
Kohr Bros mint julep ice cream - my wonderful family, most especially my niece Lola Jean this year - the right to vote - Gus, Geege, and Mae - living on the outskirts and working in the center of Philadelphia - Reading and books and the Show Us Your Books linkup (next one is Tuesday, December 8) - a dream realized: owning a shore house - the ability to recognize that letting shit go lets ME be at peace, it doesn't let other people get away with anything - fall - people who protect my freedoms - food on the table every day - lounge attire and flip flops - my delightful coffee mug collection - my framily from all stages and areas of my life, I would truly be nowhere without my tribe. The best thing about my life is the people in it - fresh flowers and inner peace - Magic Hour - America - the ability to travel and see things I've always wanted to see - Totes clear umbrella - technology for enabling me to talk to my best friends every day without having to actually call them - Thanksgiving at Lori & Jack's in the woods, which I'm missing this year for the first time in many. Back next year! - DD - a clean house and our awesome cleaning lady Linda who is a great person and really nice to our dogs - The Boss - MFD and all the shit he says that makes me laugh, his daily commitment to sobriety, his ability to see the big picture, and his pursuit of making dreams a reality.

Not pictured but thought of off hand:
-the opportunity and ability to help those in need
-people who help others
-marriage equality
-heated seats
-Brother's Pizza
-Amazon Prime, Peapod,, and everywhere else with free shipping that makes my life easier. I get a shit ton delivered because time is money.
-Good knives

I'm thankful for those things and a million other things large (job, health, home) and small (nail polish, sunglasses, clean sheets). I'm especially thankful to those of you who spend a few minutes of your day with me in this space.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  1. Fuck. I'm weepy today. Thanksgiving is the most difficult holiday away for me. I forget how difficult it is until I'm in the middle of it.. Today, I saw some snaps my niece posted of family shenanigans at my aunt & uncle's house. I started sobbing. I read this. Yep. Cried again. I know it is best to be thankful and grateful everyday, but there is just something about getting together with loved ones, stopping the madness, and giving thanks. It can't be replicated. And, it hurts to be away from it. Thank YOU for letting me vent about it.

  2. happy thanksgiving!! it's so important to take a moment to think about things for which we are thankful/grateful every day because we are so incredibly fortunate to be where we are. enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Being grateful has enhanced my life to the Max. I have a blessed life. My chickens have a blessed life. Rich and I are the luckiest ducks. Agree with all of the above. Our lives and our people are safe and sound and happy all the way around. The best will keep on coming. I ask the same for all! Thanks to the universe to infinity and beyond. Love. Your. Grateful. Momma.

  4. I so love how you did this :)
    & you added Amazon Prime - that made me laugh... & I totally get it :)
    Happy Thanksgiving lady!

  5. WTF... heated seats made the list but I didn't?!?! ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving, friend! You have such a great outlook on life! :D

  6. An abundance of blessings. :) We all must be more grateful each and every single day. You're an inspiration Steph. xoxo
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving hun!

  7. i love the positivity. flip flops are the best anytime of year. i've worn 'em in the snow--no shame. and amazon prime--forever and ever, amen.

  8. Love this, Steph! We are all so blessed. We just have to stop and look around. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. We all have so many things to be Thanksful for! Big and small, it all matters to us and the people in our life. I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend.

  10. There is ALWAYS a reason to be grateful!

  11. We all have so many things to be thankful for, big and small! Everyone always lists out the big things, but I loved that you listed out some of the small things too because those are the day to day things that make us happy. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Really nice things to be thankful for ♥

  13. Lovely post! It makes me smile to read posts like this. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! :-)

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  15. You have had some great things this year that you have worked hard for, so awesome. I am totally grateful for HomeGoods, I lost a chunk there this weekend.

  16. so much to be thankful for! love what you said about happy people / thankful people. so true. and free shipping is the shit.


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