Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm the person who...

Emerges from the car looking like a hot mess with knotty hair...the perils of driving with the windows down.

Prefers that you choose the restaurant.

Hands the coffee back if it's not right - a splash of cream means darker rather than lighter. Do not hand me white coffee, beeotch.

Would rather not speak in front of a large crowd.

Gets pissed when other people inconvenience me.

Always has a wish list.

Stays up late to read a gripping novel.

Loves getting shit done. People often ask how I do so much - the end result is that something has been completed, and I love that. But, I'm also the person who...

Has to consciously remind herself that resting and relaxing are necessary and good (read: not idle or lazy). Just as there is a time for doing, there is a time for not doing. Balance, Daniel-san. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
Seen in Real Simple mag
Wishes people would not overshare on Facebook.

Never eats ribs in a restaurant but will eat them at home or someone else's house.

Takes a LOT of pictures (and if you follow me on any social media, when you read that you said DUH).

Dislikes when people dance around things instead of just saying what they think.

Will help in almost any situation in which I can be helpful.

Married someone who's whimsical and spontaneous because I'm severely lacking in both departments.

Is never the most stylish person in the room and is accepting of that fact.

Hates when someone does something half-assed.

Feels ugly when my nails look terrible.

Thinks there's nothing wrong with being interested in sports mainly during playoffs and championships (and also thinks that those who sneer at that should know there's no award for being the biggest/longest time fan)

Always wears shorts under my dresses. I've seen two many exposed asses climbing onto trains.

What about you? Fill in the blank: I'm the person who ______________.

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  1. Became an old lady before she ever became a young lady. I love being in bed my 9 at the latest. Unfortunately life doesn't permit it daily, but I try! :) Great post!

  2. who will procrastinate any chore except doing the dishes. I hate having dishes/pots/pans sitting in the sink. Even if I'm having friends over for dinner, after dinner I'll take 10-20 minutes to clean the pots/pans or at least make a good start on them. My friends can talk to each other for a few minutes and I feel much better knowing the job is done or nearly done.
    I also don't like dancing around issues and prefer to face them head on and get them out of the way but, unfortunately, I live in a country where this is almost never done. Here they use passive aggressive tricks instead of trying to fix/solve problems. It's so frustrating.
    Great Post!
    ps-a while back you asked your readers (or maybe just on FB) about showering at night. Did you ever try making the switch?

    1. PJ, I was doing a weird hybrid sometimes shower at night/sometimes in the morning thing. That was working for a while but then I disliked the absence of a solid routine. I'm still in the morning but am going to turn it to night in August!

      I agree, NO dishes in the sink...EVER. I do the same after entertaining too, and by now everyone knows that my dishes are being done immediately so they just go about their socializing. hahaha

      Passive aggressiveness...I can't.

  3. Im the person who has a bad habit of telling people to "fast forward" what theyre telling me. I also talk really fast which makes it really hard to listen to long stories lol

  4. I'm the kind of person who...steals blog post ideas because I have no idea what to write about these days. ;)

    And YES to that freaking "splash of cream" problem. I don't know how much more specific I can get than saying "a tiny dribble of half and half" and I still get the same thing. I like my coffee to still taste like coffee!

  5. Love all of these! The super fans getting pissed about always watching playoffs etc. is just dumb. I am the kind who always gets made when people try to pull a power trip, or doesn't use common sense. Making things harder than they need to be is just stupid!

  6. Fantastic picture of you. I am the girl that cannot sit down until every chore is done and everything is in its place.

  7. ....loves this post and loves you which is why we're bosom buddies. i'm the person who doesn't care if you don't feel the same because that's how i feel and what i say goes :D

    i hear you on the bitches who don't say what they mean or dance around the subject. when that's happening, i legit shout in their faces "SPEAK!" which always surprises them into just blurting it out.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  8. So many of these, yes! Especially the shorts under dresses! :)

  9. I always wear shorts under dresses and skirts- thanks for the training, Catholic school!

  10. I don't like picking restaurants either, Chef Tyson always has some menu comment to make.

    I love taking pictures too, lots and lots of them.

    As for your question....loves to learn new things but only if I teach myself, will wear flip flops until it's so cold my toes turn blue, always has a pile of to read books with nothing in it I want to read so I go and buy more to reads.

  11. I am the girl ...who does NOT like to vacuum!

  12. Great post. I will whip up a guest post on this topic for you to use at your leisure. I want to think on it. A few tho- pack a little cooler with cold drinks even on short trips. Wear wonder-wear shorts(inexpensive spanx like) in a bigger size so they do not strangulate me but hold stuff in along with no thigh rubbing-Bonus) freeze refilled water bottles for said cooler, give the trashmen frozen bottles and a few unfrozen during the hot weather- like right now. Love making my own coffee, grinding the beans and always having it set to go first thing. #Ineverbuycoffee. I take what I make to go. Thanking Goddessn a gazillion times for restoring power! Love your momma

  13. haha i wear shorts under my dresses too! it makes me feel more secure or something, like i can jump over fences or something. even though the shorts are so short they are basically underwear, i care not. aaaand i HATE picking places to eat, but I will shoot down everything my husband suggests haha.

  14. I'm the girl who will totally point out the grammar error in your post :)

    I'm the girl who almost never wears dresses but when I do, I'm wearing a cardigan over it. Formalwear be damned.

    I'm the girl who would rather eat at home than even think about a restaurant because picking one is too stressful and also means pants.

  15. I'm the girl who will leave dishes in the sink if the dishwasher is full because I hate raisin fingers. Gloves don't work, I still manage to fill them with water.

  16. I like others to pick the restaurant too, mainly because Im not too picky and dont want to pick a place where the other person(s) wont like. Also I dont understand how people could drink cream coloured coffee. My coffee must be some shade of dark brown for me to even consider taking a sip!

  17. ...who already understands what you're trying to explain to me, but can't bring herself to interrupt you and ends up listening to the whole thing.

    ...who would love to be super honest and direct, but is too afraid of upsetting people and ends up being one of those indirect wimps everyone dislikes. (although you can bet that in 20 minutes when I think of a diplomatic way to phrase it, I'll come back and tell you what I think ;)

    Oh and the restaurant thing! I don't mind choosing, but I'm laid back and usually don't mind going to someone else's top pick, so it really irks me when they ask what I want and then reject my choice. Just pick it yourself already!

  18. Im the girl that wishes she was the person like you that gets shit done LOL
    My house is such a disaster area!
    Oh and I never pick where we eat thats too much pressure LOL

  19. will always tell you the truth if you ask me my opinion and sometimes even if you don't ask me....

    has a very hard time understanding why people choose to take medicine literally poisoning themselves instead of choosing a natural alternative....

    can't stand people that bitch about their lives and refuse to change it!!!!

    gets really frustrated when people don't follow through with what they tell you they are going to do...

    has my own mind and is not afraid to use it...

    love to teach in front of a crowd of people... put me on a stage, big or small, in your living room, or in a public forum and I will rock it! Education is my passion....

  20. …who will lay around and play on the internet and watch reruns when she should be painting something.

    Oh well, at least it's Wednesday already, right?

  21. I struggle so hard with people who don't get to the point or talk suuuuuper slow. I don't have all day for your nonsense. I also struggle with training people because I can do thing so much better, faster, stronger... :)

  22. I love this post! Thanks for joining us:)

  23. I hate picking somewhere to eat or something to do. I am easy going, just tell me what you want and we will do that!

    I am the person who is way too damn indecisive sometimes. Hence why I don't want to pick where to eat!

    I wear huge grannie panties or boy shorts under dresses. You wont find any picture of me exposing myself whilst getting out of a car. Nope, not here!

  24. SO MANY things to comment on with this post. i am never the most stylish and it doesn't bug me. and yes please, just SPIT it out already. tell me what's bugging you?

  25. I can relate to so many of these! I always have wishlist, know that I'm no fashionista, and wonder what on earth people are thinking when they post too many personal details on Facebook. I do like picking the restaurant, though. Maybe it's because my bf is such a picky eater and will refuse to eat at a lot of places I like, so when I go out with my friends I want to have the food I can't have with him like Indian or vegetarian food.

  26. Who will redo what you've done if it's not right. (There, I said it). I also hate picking the restaurant unless I am craving something specific. I do not like to be late. I hate over-sharers, but more those who are angry or vague and air thier dirty laundry on Facebook. It's not the place.

  27. Who checks sports scores during movies. And who thinks being on time means you're already 5 minutes late. I wish I completed more tasks!

  28. Love this post!! I'm definitely the girl who stays up to read a gripping novel and I'm definitely one to call someone out on their shit lol.

  29. I totally love all these! I am the type of person who constantly talks too loud, drives with windows down and reads all night too! I can't count all of the times I've woken in the middle of the night with my book or kindle still gripped in my hand!

  30. Shorts under your dresses??? Sorry, but this made me laugh!! I guess it's better to be safe than sorry! Ha! And over sharing on FB drives me nuts...keep your skeletons in your closet!! I am the person who gets their feelings hurt VERY easily. :( Fun post!

  31. I love the girl you are, wouldn't change a thing.

    Im the kindof girl who is a terrible state rep and had no idea this linkup was going on.

    I'm the kind of girl who giggles EVERY time she farts.

    Im the kind of girl who puts her foot in her mouth way too often.

    I ADORE that selfie of you. Make it your profile pic!

  32. We have a lot of the same things in common especially when it comes to being open and direct and getting annoyed with inconveniences/stupid people. Other than all the serious stuff, I'm the person that drinks too much wine. ;-)

  33. I'm right there with you on staying up late to finish a chapter.... or three. Sometimes sleep is worth missing out on to find out HOW THAT STORY ENDS!! ;) I totally judge the over-sharers on FB!

  34. I'm the person who prefers to pick the restaurant or activity we're doing, so you and I would be a good pair, ha!

  35. I hate choosing the restaurants!! Ughh!

  36. Yes Facebook oversharers, WHY do you do that?! Totally judging you. I'm a whole-asser not a half-asser and really appreciate that in other people! :)

  37. I love this post!! Yes, to so many! I hate when people dance around topics, it make me hostile :) I'm the kind of person who just likes to get things done too :) like the move is driving me crazy b/c I want everything planned and moved now since the decision is made. I'm crazy and I've already started packing :)

  38. ..never goes anywhere without painted nails!
    This was an awesome post ;)

  39. Definitely prefers when you choose the restaurant.

    Always strives to be organized and put together and fails miserably.

  40. Will choose the restaurant for both of us! While I love getting things done, I also embrace my lazy days. What a fun post!

  41. Good call with the shorts under the dress. I wear full coverage... I don't even care if I get a panty line - never again will I wear a damn thong.

  42. I am the same when it comes to people over sharing on facebook! It annoys me like nothing else! I actually stay up late last night reading a book. I wouldn't call it gripping but I just couldn't put it down because its not predictable as other books in this genre! Thank you so much for linking up with us, I loved your post!

  43. Yeah, I don't have a Facebook account for that same reason. And ribs, super saucy chicken wings, and crab are things better enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

  44. I'm in awe of your coffee bravery - I always fear the spit factor (though at DD you can totally watch them the whole time, so I get that). As we have discussed, I enjoy being the restaurant picker and get annoyed when people suggest subpar restaurants to me. No, I will not meet you at the Cheesecake Factory, sorry...

  45. I'm a lot of these things too.

    I've stayed up late reading many, many times.

  46. I agree with a lot of those. I cannot stand people who overshare on Facebook! Especially people who then go on a rant about how it's THEIR Facebook because they got called out by at least one someone.

  47. Perfect list. I agree with everything! Except, neither Jacob or I are whimsical or spontaneous. We have lots of fun, but it's usually planned in advance. Haha.


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