Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Beach Essentials

I'm so thankful to live so close to the beach. I am grateful to have my feet in the sand, to smell the salt in the air, to swim in the sea, to walk the boardwalk, to see how the sun hits the water and turns everything on shore gold around 7 pm, to sigh over amazing sunsets. I've been going to the Jersey shore every summer of my entire life. There's nowhere I'd rather go, and if I could choose to live somewhere, it would be there. I'm fresh off my second long beach trip of the summer, so it's a good time for me to share my beach essentials with you.

1. Beach bag - My ideal beach bag is bright and has long handles so I can sling it over my shoulder. It must be roomy to hold a lot of stuff. My beach bag contains:
  • Sunscreen (SPFs 30 and 50, a special one for the face, a hair tie, and lip balm with SPF)
  • Wet wipes - I need to get the sunscreen off my palms when I reapply
  • Bug spray - for any bastard beach bugs
  • A pen
  • A towel
  • Small pouch to carry camera, cell phone, and money
  • Two books 
  • Long sleeve denim button down shirt that I've worn for 10 years. At the Jersey shore, the air always turns between 3 and 5. I don't want to have to leave the beach because I'm cold. 
  • Hat
  • Baby powder - it removes sand

2. A good sturdy chair and an umbrella. Everyone needs to retreat out of the sun once in a while. I love my new Cadillac Escalade of chairs.

3. Cooler with cold drinks (water, iced tea, Gatorade, and beer) and sandwiches in baggies for lunch.

4. Beach snacks: my top two are Twizzlers and Goldfish.

5. Comfortable clothes - ain't nobody got time for high class club clothes at the beach. Or heels. Why do people bring heels to the beach? All bars are beach town bars. Wear your flip flops ladies.

What are your beach essentials?

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  1. Riiiiiight, I know what those baby wipes are really for! I need towels and a hair tie. And I hate when you get multiple groups at the beach playing their own music. So annoying.

  2. I love that everything is rainbow striped. I can't imagine a beach that gets cold in the summer. I need to get myself to the east coast.

  3. definitely an umbrella, sunscreen, cooler (filled with water and snacks) and a hat. i'm deathly afraid of the sun (no wrinkles please!) so that's a must for me.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Lovely, as usual. The cooler with some disguised cocktails & frozen bottles of water. I like the cheesesticks for a snack and a nice milk chocolate CADBURY bar, too. A close by bathroom is really nice, too. #AREALBATHROOM
    Such a beauty of a day today!
    But need to turn on the heater in the healing ocean oasis.#ORBUYAWETSUIT
    Like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.
    Love u to infinity and beyond.
    your MOMMA

  5. I actually enjoy watching people walk around on the sand with heels on. What is wrong with them?

  6. I never get to the beach enough to justify a Cadillac beach chair, but insure wish I did!

  7. the long sleeve button up is clutch and I really really wish I had thought of that the other day when I burned the crap out of my shoulders!

  8. That bag rocks my socks.

    My essentials are...
    Sunscreen (SPF 100 spray and 50 for my face), hat, light long sleeve shirt, books/magazines, headphones, ziplock bag to my phone in (you can use the touchscreen through the ziplock bag so you dont have to worry about sand mussing up your phone), chair, drinks/snacks, money for the Fudgey Wudgey Man

  9. Whoa. I didn't know baby powder removed sand. Good to know!

  10. The long sleeve button up is def needed at the shore. I don't know how the weather changes so quickly down there. What's your favorite shore point?

  11. Good tip on the baby powder - I didn't know that! This post just makes me long for the beach even more.

    Also I keep forgetting to tell you that I love your latest blog header!

  12. Didn't I tell you yesterday that I am getting REALLY jealous of your beach getaways and then you post this??? You are breaking my heart!! ;) Pack me in your beach bag next time!!

  13. Lots of those but I also keep a dry paint brush in mine - it is great for sweeping of sand.

  14. Whenever I see you beach IG pics it makes me happy/jealous. I need to get to the beach more. I'll live vicariously through you until then ;)

  15. A pen? Are you writing in the books?

    And good beach bags - My sister got me this amazing bag in Mexico. I love it for the beach. Holds the kitchen sink, and has holes to easily get rid of the sand. Best thing - it was like $5!!

  16. I need a book (or my Kindle Fire), sunscreen, lip balm, money the essentials you said, I buy food on the beach because most times as a child I was not allowed and in the future there will be a change of clothes if in case I drink to much laugh too much and wet myself like I did on our beach weekend!

  17. Ear buds, cooler full of iced-down beer, fluffy towel, camera/phone, sunscreen, baseball hat. I wish I lived closer to the beach. I need some time with the ocean.


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