Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Two Kims

Friendship is one of the greatest luxuries of life. 
                             -Edward Everett Hale

I am fortunate to have wonderful friends from all time periods in my life. But there's something about the friends you grew up with - who know things about you that you've forgotten about yourself, who have watched you react to situations for years, who have seen your face in triumph and despair, who don't need to be brought up to speed on your history because they were there living it with you - that ensures that you're always your truest self in their presence, because that's who they know you to be. They know everything you've been and done.They've seen you at your ugliest and they love you anyway. They've answered your 4 a.m. phone calls. It's a beautiful thing and I am so grateful to have such close friends from my formative years.

Too often we take our friendships for granted. Ask yourself, where would you be without them? When the rest of the world walks out, your friends are walking in.

Two of my best friends are named Kim. They were both born in June. They are both beautiful, kind, smart and funny in their own ways. We've known each other for over 20 years. We've been through the wash together. They are my family. They've taught me about friendship, life, and myself. Although we are all very different, in them I often catch glimpses of a second self.

It's lame of me to group them together just because their names are Kim and they're both June babies. When I am a full time writer I will rectify this oversight. We've had so many experiences together, I could write a book. And maybe I will.

My Kims are my cotton - they're woven into the fabric of my life. They are integral parts of my story. Although we don't live close anymore, and we don't often speak on the phone because we all hate talking on the phone, there isn't distance in our hearts. When we get together, we revert back to what we've always been together - friends who talk and talk and drink wine and talk and talk and pull shenanigans. And that's how it should be with your true people.

KVS is creative, introspective, independent. She loves to travel, has a weakness for jeans and dogs, is famous for her sangria and witch's brew, and together we survived an angry ocean incident in Puerto Rico. We saved our bucket of beer, too. She makes jewelry. She excels at karaoke.

Kim S is adventurous, goal-oriented, independent. She loves to shake her money maker on the dance floor, has a weakness for boots, and is a fellow cackler and Ocean City lover. She is a fan of the nap, the velour jumpsuit, the Flyers and the Eagles (that can be a sad and mad thing). She was my maid of honor and we email daily.

I know my two Kims will always be there, whenever, for whatever I need. They are my adolescent, college, and adult friends all rolled into one. They have lifetime seats in my front row.

I love you both and wish you the happiest birthday month!



  1. No one writes a tribute post like you, Snotty! Good job!

  2. "They have lifetime seats in my front row." That sums it all up beautifully!

  3. I have several Joanne/JoAnn s.... lost 1 recently, but love them all!

  4. yay!!! Vanschwaaa & Schlitz!!! -- MFD

  5. So happy you girls have each other!
    your Momma

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Aw...Once again, a lovely and loving tribute. I immediately sent this post to my besties from home. The sentiment about these friends being "cotton woven into your life" particularly resonated with me. Your Kims (and all of your friends and family) are lucky to have you in their lives. Happy almost weekend!


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