Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello, November. Happy birthday Dad!

Welcome November! The month of Election Day, frosts, soups, turkey, all things pumpkin, Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas mania, and today - my Dad's birthday.

Happy birthday, Dad. Thank you for always making me feel loved, safe, supported, encouraged, and like everything would be ok, no matter what.

You showed me strength, hard work, and patience so that today I am a person who is strong and works hard...sorry, the patience thing did not take. You taught me the importance of car care, maintaining lifelong friendships while making room for new friends along the way, being there when people need you, taking good care of your house and property, minding money and saving, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. I also inherited a withering stare from you, but unfortunately not the ability to raise only one eyebrow. Maybe someday? I still learn something from you every time we talk so I have hope.

You love reading, baseball, college hoops, grilling, red wine, travelling, cigars, sambuca, the shore. From you I learned to work hard and work first, but after all the work is done,  to take the time to enjoy life, appreciate small pleasures, and celebrate big moments.

Dad's 50th - Key West
I am grateful for who you are as a person, for your generosity as a parent, and for your tolerance of my dogs even though you are not a dog lover.

One of my favorite traditions is actually your tradition, of gathering on Christmas Eve with friends to eat, drink and be merry. You've taught me that friends are family, and now in addition to you and your friends gathering, me and my friends and Stephen and his friends all get together with you and your friends, and it's one of my most favorite days of the year.

Ugly Sweaters at Sandy's - Christmas Eve 2010

Some of the older crew in 2006

Some of the younger crew 2010
When I lived at home, a huge bone of contention between you and me was that I let dishes linger in the sink. I never understood why you were so adamant that the dishes be put into the dishwasher immediately. Now that I own my own home, I find myself demanding dishes be removed from the sink and put into the dishwasher immediately. For that reason and many others, I often step back and think, "I am my father." And that's one of the best things I could be.

I love you Dad! Happy birthday.



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