Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday what what - Five days, five shoes.

TGIF mofos. If you're new here, know this: my Friday posts are normally frivolous, and I don't wear heels. I'm mildly obsessed with flats. And I don't always post girly things. Nevertheless, my shoes of the week:

1. Unisa - I got it at ROSS. This is a commercial, no? No. Okay.
2. Betsey Johnson - 
3. Old Navy
4. Unlisted - Macy's, 456 years ago
5. Soda -

This week was a stage five clinger - it hung on like nobody's business. 

I foresee a hibernation weekend ahead in my house. Although I will venture out for Saturday morning zumba, and while I'm at it I should hit the dry cleaner and get my oil changed. You know...the fun, sexy errands.

Whatever you're doing, have a good one! See you here on Monday for TWTW (the weekend that was deserves an acronym by now, I think).

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  1. you always have the best flats. i need to go shoe shopping.

  2. Love that flats are in style and that there are so many cute options. Love all yours this week!

    Oh and I need an oil change too but have no desire to waste time doing it. Ugh!

  3. You know, I can't seem to get into flats. I think they are ADORABLE on everyone ELSE, but they just make my feet look weird. But I'm loving 3, 4 & 5!! Thanks so much for linking up and giving a shout out to the Sowell life!! Have a wonderful weekend... even if it includes errands that we should never have to do! =)

  4. I want your fairy Godmother to bring you some Tory Burch flats. She can drop a pair off to me, too. Or a housekeeper. I would like a housekeeper. And that's what I have to share on this Friday.

    1. I have major issues paying more than $30 for flats, so the only way I'm owning TBs is if a fairy Godmother brings them! I am rough as hell on shoes. I destroy them. I've heard TBs cut a bitch's feet up. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  5. I love love those Betsy Johnson flats! I am over from the blog hop! If you get a chance, stop by my blog! I am having a giveaway, it ends tonight! Have a great weekend!

    -Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  6. I'm buying more flats these days, which makes me sad. And pissed because I'm telling you that no matter how comfortable they are when I try them on in the store and no matter how long I walk around the store wearing them, once I get them home and wear them for real, they don't feel good. I'm now obsessed with finding cute and comfortable flats.

  7. flats or boots with a SMALL heel. the end. oh, and flip flops. i can do those.
    and i HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE getting the oil changed. hate. it.

    good luck! :)

  8. I nominated you for the Liebster Awards!

  9. Um, you have more flats than I do!!! Glad someone has me beat...not I don;t feel so bad for being a shoe whore. ;) Kidding! Happy Weekend!!

  10. I love a good pair of flats. Wearing heels at my job would be ridiculous. I am not out to impress any 8th graders.

  11. the pink ones with the bows are so cute! i have the widest feet ever and whenever i wear ballet flats, i feel like i should be quacking at the same time which is why i never wear them.

  12. I like the paisley 3s best. but I wear sneakers. and flip flops. my toes are tres picky!

  13. I love your shoes!! The Betsy Johnsons are my favorite. And why haven't I heard of

  14. Shoes 1 and 3 are the best!... Seems like we have been shoe shopping together quite often lately!


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