Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - last in October

1. When I titled this post, I initially wrote last in September. Then I couldn't find it in the post list. WTF. I wonder how long I'll be a maniac over this shore house. Eternity? Doesn't seem too long. Things I bought this week include:

Thanks to Target for running good sales on accent furniture with additional monies off. In adulting victories, I chose cheap floor lamps for $12 a pop (plus 15% off) instead of the $100 floor lamp that spoke to my soul. I truly love to buy home stuff and put it all together to make a room (except boring shit like mattress protectors times 11 beds but they are very necessary) and get good deals so this is the fun part. I've been decorating a shore house in my head for about 20 years. We're working on getting the rental portion of the house up to speed by the end of the year.

2. Locals, if you know of any thrift shops with a good selection of wood furniture, please give me a holler and let me know where. This shore house is going to be the house that spray paint built. I'm specifically looking for skinny bookcases, a dresser, two three shelf bookcases, a coat rack, and skinny end/bedside tables.

3. I'm about half finished Christmas shopping. I don't like doing it and I want it out of the way. Wait, let me amend that: I love buying things for my niece like pink metallic moccasins. Oh yes I did! Otherwise, meh.

4. If you can spare some good thoughts for my Gussie, please do. He's having some issues with his back legs, and the vet isn't quite sure why. We're thinking arthritis as of now, and he's been on an N-SAID since Monday night in addition to his glucosamine that he always takes. Out of all possible things it could be, arthritis is the least upsetting. So hopefully it's just that. We'll revisit in about a week. "Wait and see" is not something I'm really good at and it's been coming up a lot in my life this year. The universe is sending me a message and I need to listen.
5. I had dinner with my oldest friend Tuesday night. We've been friends for 35 years. Isn't that crazy? We don't live farapart yet can't get our shit together to see each other regularly. However in an unprecedented turn of events, I will see her again in two short weeks.

6. I've been so tired at night and skimping on my face washing/moisturizing and you can tell. Hashtag old lady skin happening. I need to get right with facial care right meow.

7. I know I already shared this on basically all of my social media platforms at this point, but I really love it so I'm sharing it again here. I think it's awesome when a company lives its principles. This is what inspires brand loyalty in me. I love when employees are considered and valued. REI has me as a customer for life.

8. We're not dressing up this year even though we had a killer costume idea. That will go into storage until next year. Years past...Santa & Mrs. Claus, Leprechaun & pot of gold, Amish, Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky, Bob Ross & a happy little tree, and non - dresser upper and Ralphie from A Christmas Story.
9. Much to their chagrin, the dogs WILL be dressing up. Photo in tomorrow's post.

10. E-card of the week...

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  1. Aww, poor Gus. I hope everything is ok! I hate waiting and seeing too, so I get it, especially when it comes to a loved one. Was that blue storage bench from Target? I want something like that for the foot of our bed, but not for $400! Decorating is going to be so much fun! I love that REI isn't opening on Black Friday. They are my hero.

  2. That photo of Gussie melts my heart. Do you DSW in your parts? They are in Texas, I just don't know if they are all over. They announced that they aren't opening Black Friday either, and my aunt shared it and said something similar about customer for life. Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky may be one of the all-time-greatest costumes in the history of costumes. Well done!

  3. Crazy October is almost over, just crazy. Lots of love and prayers for Gussie, lady! LOVE REI even more now, I agree it is so wonderful when companies live their principles! I've been best friends with a girl for 20+ years and every year it amazes me I found such an amazing friend. Cheers to fabulous friendships!

  4. You guys have rocked those Halloween costumes in the past - sending lots of love and prayers to gus and I so wish I had black friday off - not to shop but to work off everything I ate lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I LOVE that REI is doing that! Good for them! I respect that company even more now.
    Sending prayers for Gussie! When your pet is hurt or sick it's never a good feeling. I hope the medicines help soon!

  6. I love the yellow table! If you're already having a house that spray paint built, check out Craigslist. I taught myself to refinish furniture when I was broke and ended up with some awesome pieces thanks to the desperation of strangers who wanted their junk out of the house. An orbital sander became my BFF, distressing perfectly good pieces of wood to my imperfect distressed vision for just a little bit of money. I can't wait to see pics of the house all decorated!

  7. Thoughts and prayers for little Gus! Poor guy.

    I generally prefer the non-dresser-upper side of things. Unfortunately, working in an elementary school requires it...

    I'm kind of hoping if I avoid Christmas shopping long enough, I just won't have to do it. Not feeling it this year at all.

  8. fingers crossed for wee gussie that everything is ok! he's too cute to be all sad and not feeling well. looking fwd to the dog costume post; their expressions are hilarious!

  9. Healing lights to Gussie and it is arthritis. I have it. We all have it sooner or later. That's what it will be.
    Pink metallic aka glitter moccasins-YES!
    You and Mike Doyle have the best Halloween costumes ever. I love Bill and Monica and of course, Ralphie bunny!
    Amen on the very necessary mattress protectors!! Xmas shopping for us is writing checks, for the most part. Can't wait to see the boys and Mae in costume tomorrow! We were just talking about Gussie's instant depression when the costume went on! Have a happy Thursday. Love, Your Momma

  10. Poor Gus! Hope little guy gets better soon!
    And I am excited to see what they all are dressed up as this year...I thought about getting something for my cat because why not? But then I realized that that would result in a lot of scratches and a very unhappy cat soo I decided against it.

  11. Sending positive thoughts that Gus is okay! I really hope it is nothing more serious than arthritis. Good for you for being almost done Christmas shopping! I've barely started making lists of what to get people. I just keep pushing it off because I don't feel like thinking about it.

  12. I love the yellow table and yes to decorating on the cheap.

    I wish you lived closer to my shore, there's a fabulous thrift store here for furniture decorating things.

  13. Love Gus' squishy little face and hoping its the lesser of all the evils. Can't decide if I love Bill and Monica or the Amish costumes more. All hilarious! Target's accent furniture makes me want to redecorate weekly so I'm glad someone can take advantage of it. Love the yellow table.

  14. Haha - the $100 lamp that spoke to your soul!! I totally understand that... even when my wallet doesn't!!

  15. I can never decide if Bob Ross or Ralphie is my fave. Both so good!
    I hope Gus Gus feels better soon :( I hate when our pets are sick and can't tell us why. But I still can't wait to see him in costume of course.

  16. Steph, I don't know if this would be of any interest - but I just got an email from someone at the Camden Riversharks. I was in touch with him, in hopes to plan a fundraiser. He told me they ceased operations, so I went to the website and while there, I saw an ad for a big sale this weekend. Furniture included! Starting at $5.... Bar stools, chairs, etc.
    (figured I'd tell you in case you were able to run by and check out the goods). I might go for the bar stools!

  17. I love your couple costumes especially Bill & Monica! Prayers for Gussie.

  18. I do not do costumes but should I ever get possessed, I have the idea for Scott and I to dress up as Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. Because Muppets represent.

    All the good doggie thoughts to Gus this week. I'm not good at the wait and see, either, especially when it comes to my dogs. Mostly because when they hurt, they can't tell me what's wrong so I can fix it.

  19. I love buying home stuff and decorating/making a room too. Minus the cost and the stress of it all. Yay for good deals on that front! Sending my happy thoughts and prayers to Gus! And I can't wait to see their costumes! Also you and MFD have had some great ones! I love the Bob Ross and Happy Tree one!

  20. GO REI!!! I think I just heard DSW is doing the same? Love those companies! I'll be thinking of Mister Gus, I'm not good at the wait and see thing either. I'm about halfday done with Christmas shopping too and definitely agree that nieces are the easiest/most fun to shop for :)

  21. and now i need to go to target. I am so bad at furniture shopping. in that, i just don't do it.
    I need to get on my christmas shopping ASAP
    can't wait to see the dog costumes!

  22. Ohhhh wait do they have pink metallic moccasins in adult sizes too??? LOL! buying presents for our nieces and nephews is my favorite thing to do :) Spoil all the kids!!! You scored some deals on that furniture! Virtual high five! I cant wait to see what the doggies costumes are! I need to whip out gracie's and see what she wants to be this year.

    I will be sending good vibes to your Gus Gus. Such a cutie pie. Hopefully it is nothing super major.

  23. ah! you're gonna go so crazy trying to find furniture deals!! That's gonna be so fun! I'm seriously excited to live through your adventure here!!

    Good thoughts to Gusssssssieee!!! <3

    And love your old costumes!!! Amish is my fave of that grouping and perfect state to do so :)

    REI, go, go, go! I can't stand black friday, esp. when I wake up the day after thanksgiving to read in the news that people were in like fist fights... how lovely...

  24. sending love to your pup! As a girl without kids, my dog is like my child. When he's sick it breaks my heart, so i know how you must feel right now. lots of love to gussie! <3

  25. I quickly read your list of costumes of years past and thought you dressed up as an Amish version of Clinton and Monica Lewinsky - huh? Sending good vibes to Gussie!

  26. OMG, you've almost finished Christmas shopping?!?! I won't even START to think about that for another month. Or like, a week before. Woops. Also, I love your couples costumes!

    Lastly, I had a pug growing up...they are the absolute best. Thinking of your little guy!

  27. 1. Sending good vibes to Gus! Poor thing!
    2. WTG REI! I love it!

  28. all my thoughts for Gus!! I hope it's nothing more serious.

    good luck with all your furniture hunting.

    i love how you phrased it - the companies are living their principles. it's one thing to say it, kudos to them for actually doing it.

  29. Dogs in Halloween costumes are one of the greatest things in life. Can't wait to see. Sending good thoughts and love to little Gus! Fingers crossed the news is as good as it can be.
    I was so happy to see that REI announcement too. It's almost disappointing to be so excited by a company/brand NOT talking out of both sides of its metaphorical mouth, but I'll take what I can get. This is good news, and I hope more retailers follow suit.
    Loving the vibe you're putting together for the shore house too! I hope you'll show some shots of the place fully furnished and put together. Shore house decor is a different kind of magical.

  30. I dressed up for Halloween the first 26 years of my life, sometimes more than once during the Halloween season, but this year I'm not. Life has just been so crazy that I didn't even think about a costume & I don't really have a desire to do anything. I just want a chill weekend.

  31. Gus is in my thoughts <3 give that fella a good rub for me.
    Oh my god that Amish costume is the best! Ahahah!! Love all of the costumes, and Ralphie, get out!

  32. Poor Gussie Butt. I have definitely been thinking about him. Give him some extra love from me. And don't make him dress up in TOO bad of a costume... ;)

  33. Love that yellow table. Keeping Gus in my thoughts, hope it is nothing too serious. It is so tough when they get older. I got that email from REI and I was so glad they were making a stand for their employees.

  34. Can't wait to see how you pull together the shore house!! Poor Gus-Gus. A costume is exactly what he needs to feel better. Pink Mocs for the niece?? Heck yes!

  35. Awww I will keep Gus in my thoughts. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. Watching pets age can be really rough. (I speak as someone who had the sweetest Yorkie for 15 years. By the end, she was almost completely blind, though she still retained some of her youthful energy even in her later years. I really loved her.)

    On a more positive note, I love all the costume pictures (both human and pug)! I'm also glad you were able to spend time with your friend ... It can definitely be tough to make hanging out happen, but it's always so awesome when you can both find time to squeeze it in!


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