Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five: Things that Piss Me off about Willy Wonka

1. Grandpa Joe is the laziest a-hole faker alive. When there's work and real life going on, he's laid up in bed with a million other old people, feeble and unable to contribute. Literally, these old people are bed ridden for YEARS. Wah wah wah. Poor Charlie's Mom has to do it all. But when there's a golden ticket, Grandpa Joe makes a miraculous recovery, singing and dancing and moving around QUITE well. Lazy faker. Get a job or sweep a floor or cook some gruel or something. 
2. Charlie is a weinerwhistle. This kid...his face is constantly on the verge of crying or whining or moping. He's also a dick, choosing Grandpa Joe the faker to escort him to the Wonka Factory instead of his long-suffering, hard working mother. 
3. The Fizzy Lifting Drinks situation. That a-hole Grandpa Joe instigated this, first of all. Secondly, I am a rule follower and I really thought Charlie was too. 

4 It's terrifying. It's a kid movie and here you have to listen to a slave army of small orange robot-like things called Oompah Loompahs poorly singing judgmental doomsday prophesies, you are approached by menacing strangers (Slugworth) acting as an undercover agent for a tyrannical boss (Wonka) who is off his g.d. rocker, and there is quite possibly death by candy at every turn in the factory. 

5. Did I mention the title character is totally insane? He is a creepy old tantrum thrower to boot.  NO THANKS WONKA, you psycho. Take your golden ticket and sit on it. I do really like these lines though even though he's red faced and letting spittle fly when he says them: You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir. 
What I do like is all the condescending Wonka memes on the internets. I also love Veruca Salt as she is my spirit animal. We both want it now

Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend, you must. From Darth Vader (Gus, a total match to his personality), Yoda (Geege), and a real pissed off Princess Leia. For the first time ever, Gus did not freak out over a costume. I think he felt a kinship to Darth Vader, just like I do. He's our alter ego.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - last in October

1. When I titled this post, I initially wrote last in September. Then I couldn't find it in the post list. WTF. I wonder how long I'll be a maniac over this shore house. Eternity? Doesn't seem too long. Things I bought this week include:

Thanks to Target for running good sales on accent furniture with additional monies off. In adulting victories, I chose cheap floor lamps for $12 a pop (plus 15% off) instead of the $100 floor lamp that spoke to my soul. I truly love to buy home stuff and put it all together to make a room (except boring shit like mattress protectors times 11 beds but they are very necessary) and get good deals so this is the fun part. I've been decorating a shore house in my head for about 20 years. We're working on getting the rental portion of the house up to speed by the end of the year.

2. Locals, if you know of any thrift shops with a good selection of wood furniture, please give me a holler and let me know where. This shore house is going to be the house that spray paint built. I'm specifically looking for skinny bookcases, a dresser, two three shelf bookcases, a coat rack, and skinny end/bedside tables.

3. I'm about half finished Christmas shopping. I don't like doing it and I want it out of the way. Wait, let me amend that: I love buying things for my niece like pink metallic moccasins. Oh yes I did! Otherwise, meh.

4. If you can spare some good thoughts for my Gussie, please do. He's having some issues with his back legs, and the vet isn't quite sure why. We're thinking arthritis as of now, and he's been on an N-SAID since Monday night in addition to his glucosamine that he always takes. Out of all possible things it could be, arthritis is the least upsetting. So hopefully it's just that. We'll revisit in about a week. "Wait and see" is not something I'm really good at and it's been coming up a lot in my life this year. The universe is sending me a message and I need to listen.
5. I had dinner with my oldest friend Tuesday night. We've been friends for 35 years. Isn't that crazy? We don't live farapart yet can't get our shit together to see each other regularly. However in an unprecedented turn of events, I will see her again in two short weeks.

6. I've been so tired at night and skimping on my face washing/moisturizing and you can tell. Hashtag old lady skin happening. I need to get right with facial care right meow.

7. I know I already shared this on basically all of my social media platforms at this point, but I really love it so I'm sharing it again here. I think it's awesome when a company lives its principles. This is what inspires brand loyalty in me. I love when employees are considered and valued. REI has me as a customer for life.

8. We're not dressing up this year even though we had a killer costume idea. That will go into storage until next year. Years past...Santa & Mrs. Claus, Leprechaun & pot of gold, Amish, Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky, Bob Ross & a happy little tree, and non - dresser upper and Ralphie from A Christmas Story.
9. Much to their chagrin, the dogs WILL be dressing up. Photo in tomorrow's post.

10. E-card of the week...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Recommendations

Hello hello friends! You know the drill. Skimmers, recommendations are in bold (and typically clickable). My aunt Lori is joining me this month, as October is her birthday month. 
1. ​Nasal Sprays for allergies. I was a major naysayer of nasal spray. Now I am not. I don't care what kind you use just use them. I found so much relief this fall using nasal spray in conjuction with Zyrtec. ​Yes allergies were that bad I needed two allergy fighters. 

2. Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVDs. On the recommendation of Stephanie I bought a Leslie Sansone DVD back in 2011. I have never looked back nor have I ever stayed as committed to a fitter life since finding Leslie. She is a positive fitness instructor that understands those of us that are not bootcamp material. As she says everyone has 15 minutes to do a mile. 

3. Walking outside during the fall over any other time of year,  preferrably on dirt paths in the woods, across fields or in a park.  I am biased. I am an October born person. That said the crisp air, the smell of leaves, the crunching sound they make under your feet and their color are an amazing sensory experience. 

4. Go to nail color. I love nail polish. I use to be a different color weekly person. Now I pick a go to color for every season. Not saying I don't plug in other colors here or there but the stability of grabbing that go to color brings me comfort.

5. Canister vacuums. I abhored them. I felt someone was following me. I vacuum almost daily due to three dogs. These vacuums go places my upright won't & gives me more control on bare floors. 

1. Nature's AnswerElderberry Extract. I ingest this daily with water and really don't get sick. I know, I know, I was just sick. But that was the first time in over two years. 

2. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. This is a little rich for my blood - $22 a bottle - but good Lord if it doesn't work better than Not Your Mother's, Suave, Dove, TRESemme, Batiste, Umberto, and Herbal Essences combined. I've tried them all. 

3.  A niece, if you can get one. ​Having one is the absolute best. 

4. Bluetooth wireless remote control shutter release for iPhone. It's only $6.99, and it's easy to use and awesome. For when you just have to take a selfie, or when you want to hold your phone up high and snap a photo without trying to not be shaky with your other hand. 

5. Daniel Green Slippers. I prefer hard soled slips so I can go outside with them on. I love Daniel Green slippers. Last year I got a pair at Marshalls (the Salena model) and this year I ordered a pair of the Gildy style from Amazon. I need a half size up in them. 

What are you recommending this month my friends?
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yo Adrian! Let's go to the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival

I know, I'm mixing my Philly things in the title. Yo! This weekend was the first annual Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival at the Linc. My friend Marla of Luck Fupus ordered us $40 Wiz Wit tickets, which entitled us to 10 samples of cheesesteaks and a free t-shirt.

I'm glad they finally did something like this, and judging by the shit ton of other people there, everyone else is too. We arrived right at 11 and stood in line for almost a half hour before getting in, even though it was supposed to start at 11.

The theme of the day was lines, which is to be expected at food festival type things. The different cheesesteak places were set up in tents or food trucks in K lot outside the Linc. There was a map of where everything was. What there was not was clear lines - by 1 p.m. we had no idea where lines started or ended. Marla and I ended up only using five of our 10 tickets for samples, and we weren't alone in that - others were trying to give away or sell their unused tickets.

Here's what we did try:
1. I don't give a fork - Mac & Cheesesteak - Tiniest portion of the day, barely any actual mac on there.

2. Rockin' Road Grill apparently boasts a celebrity chef (Eddie Berner, and I see looking at my own photo that he's a former guitarist for Flock of Seagulls). I didn't see him cook, I just saw him come out of the tour bus. They were doing steak with broccoli rabe (that belongs on pork)and wiz. It was the worst steak of the day and had so much garlic that I could have murdered a league of vampires on an exhale.
3. Jay's Steak and Hoagie Joint held two draws for us: it's owned by Marla's cousin, and their location is my home town of Penndel. This was my favorite out of the box steak of the day. The meat was good and served on a pretzel roll with just the right amount of salt, this was awesome. Their t-shirts were my favorite too. I will surely be visiting them soon.
4. Next up:  Oregon Steaks. Delicious flavor on the meat, good roll from Aversa's.
5. Dalesandro's was our final sample. The line was long and snakey and it was worth it. I was scooping this meat up and eating it with my fingers in public. It was my favorite traditional and that is absolutely due to their use of my favorite roll - Amoroso's.
Speaking of, there was a freaking Amoroso's windsock thing there. I was more excited about this than I should've been.
Marla & I had a good time sampling some cheesesteaks, having a beer, wandering around, and meeting up with some of her family and friends and Dani from Faster Than Forever and her friend. The people watching was outstanding. And Philly is serious as hell about its cheesesteaks. My favorite steak is Jim's on South Street. Jim's was not in attendance, because they know they're awesome. MFD did get me one on Sunday night though.
There was also entertainment, much of which sounded off and not good. At one point they were singing a made up Philly cheesesteak song and it was hilarious.

Dunkin Donuts was representing with free shots of coffee, and there were some t-shirt vendors too. I had to get in on that.
Good try but sorry... 
They are not Philly cheesesteaks
outside of Philly
The crowd in general was pretty happy, which I wasn't expecting. I hope they do this every year, and that they figure out the line fuckery before next year.

What food is your town known for? Do they festival it up?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

TWTW - the one with the shore house

Friday was one of the biggest days of my life as our biggest joint dream came true - we bought a MFing shore house (click here to see that post). After the closing, I grabbed the dogs and headed to the shore. Apparently both of our heads were all over the place because MFD left a book and his iPad on the roof of the car and I took off without noticing. Thank the lord for a kind stranger who rode up on my ass waving his hands in the air wildly to return them.
I did not celebrate with a fat joint despite the first photo - I did sage smudge the house though after we unloaded the random shit I either acquired in preceding months or felt needed to come this weekend. We measured for furniture and I made one zillion lists before I lost my pen and couldn't find it all weekend. One freaking pen between two cars and a house and it's gone. I also ate a bunch of gavescon because my nerves were not kind to my stomach. I ripped through the kitchen, discarding what was getting discarded, and cleaning here and there.
I think I slept about three minutes Friday night. My brain wouldn't shut off and the house was a mess. I don't sleep well when houses are messy and pillows are paper thin. No matter, I was up to see a gorgeous sunrise that I cried through. Sorry in advance for the sunrise pictures I will share many weekends from here to eternity.
But enough mushiness. After that I headed back to Philly to go to the first annual Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival with the one and only Marla of Luck Fupus. We also met Dani from Faster than Forever and her friend, so that was an awesome bonus. Full post on the festival tomorrow.
Before the festival I careened through Ikea like it was an Olympic sport, and after I made my way to the Marshalls and Target in Mays Landing on the way back to the shore. I also may have purchased two t-shirts I don't need but couldn't resist at the festival.
Saturday night I was spent. I ordered furniture over the phone because I couldn't face the furniture sales people in person. I tried to revive with coffee which kept me awake but didn't inspire actual movement. Luckily MFD and Joe put together Ikea purchases for me so I didn't have to throw a major fit trying and failing at it myself.
Sunday it rained, so I cleared up the shore house as best as I could, took stock of what still needs to be done, and headed home. I unloaded the car, dropped shit off to Goodwill, picked some stuff up at Marshalls, and got food for the week at Sam's.
Since I knew I'd be a whirling dervish this weekend, weekly food prep is a mix of prepared foods and stuff from the freezer. Breakfasts are breakfast sandwiches (freezer); lunches are chicken salad on multi grain bread, carrots, and oranges; snacks are power breakfast muffins and bell peppers; and dinners are blackened salmon with steamed broccoli and rice and veggie beef barley soup.

These dogs...they hate both the outside steps at the shore house and the two flights of steps inside. So I got extra exercise making at least four trips every time I wanted to go up or down stairs and had them with me. They're pissed because the floors are slippery so they can't get on the couches and MFD forgot their bed so they used the discarded pillows to their advantage. They also don't like pooping on a leash and Heebie Jeebie is afraid of the slats in the deck. All in good time.
Sunday night ended with a shower, packing lunch, and eating a steak from Jim' I didn't have enough cheesesteak already this weekend or something.
 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
My head is still spinning. I cried like seven times this weekend. LOLOL some of them included
1. On the way down the shore Friday night listening to Tenth Avenue Freezeout live...when Bruce said "this is the most important part" before singing "when the change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band" because I miss Clarence Clemens. What? I don't even know him.
2. Watching the sunrise Saturday morning.
3. Reading a text from Amanda
4. Perusing comments on FB people had left on MFD's post or mine announcing this life event. We didn't tell a lot of people before we bought this house because we didn't want to jinx it. I get really excited and happy for other people when something awesome happens in their life and when you feel that come back at you and see names that are always encouraging and supportive even if you don't talk to them on a regular basis, it's just really nice. Knowing those people are out there rocks. Good energy always makes me feel sappy and happy and grateful to know who I know.

This is all so good but a lot. I have to slow my roll - I don't relax or sleep well when a house is up in arms and this one will be for a while.

Tell me, how was your weekend?

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

These dreams go on when I close my eyes

Owning a shore house has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. One day I'll own a shore house and ... Many a daydream started like that. When MFD and I got together we spun those daydreams hard. Over the years we've spent what I'm sure amounts to months talking about what we'd do if we owned a shore house. When we own a shore house, we can...go down in the off-season, check in whenever we want, bring the dogs, have an outdoor shower, see the sunrise over the ocean every weekend, go fishing, ride around on beach cruisers, stay late on Sundays. If we can just get our foot in the door, maybe we can...upgrade to a house to the beach or the bay one day, sell more shore real estate, buy a boat, retire down here. 

But I didn't really believe the dream would ever become a reality. Due to various circumstances over the years it seemed so far out of reach that it was destined to remain what it had always been - a daydream.

As of today, it's no longer a day dream. We own a freaking shore house. It doesn't seem real to either of us. Is this our life? Is this happening? How did we get here?

The abbreviated version: MFD wanted to move out of our Philly row home into a house in Bucks County with more land and privacy, keeping our current house as an investment property. I was amenable to a move, but everything was too far and too expensive. I casually suggested looking for an investment property at the shore, nothing crazy, so we did that for a while. Nothing was clicking...until it did.

I'm so many things right now...grateful, excited, overwhelmed. For the past three months I've been those things plus anxious, worried, distracted, counting pennies, indecisive, uncertain, scared of the risk, doubtful, and afraid of failing in this venture. I spent a lot of time looking for the adults to figure it all out only to find out we were the adults in the scenario. This is part of our retirement plan. Planning for retirement is an alternate way to spell adult, I think.

I asked myself if we were ready...then I thought what a dumb question to ask... I never know if I'm ready for something until I take the plunge.

It's a quirky, old, well lived in and loved shore house (my favorite kind) in the town I love the most, the town I grew up going to - Ocean City, NJ. I almost cried at the settlement table when the old owners talked about how great it's been for them for the last 20 years and how hard of a decision it was to sell. 

We'll rent out the main house during the season (and off if there's interest) and use the efficiency on the bottom. If you're looking for a rental four short blocks from the beach in OCNJ, contact us.

Thanks to the universe for the opportunity and the few good bounces when we needed them, to MFD for once again representing his most difficult client in a transaction (me, his wife, with incessant questions he has to answer immediately even if they have no actual answer and are still up in the air), to those closest to us for their support and encouragement during this stressful ride, and to the benefits of hard work. I never in a million years thought I'd be sharing any news like this and I'm beyond grateful to find myself here, but I know it wasn't magic. It wasn't something that happened to us, it was something we made happen with hard work from both of us, professionally and personally. And I'm damn proud and really excited. I'm also nervous - I've obviously never done this before and I know there will be a steep learning curve. But I think we're up for the challenge.

So those generic house projects I mentioned on my fall goals post will be happening at the shore, and I'm sure you'll be seeing them in snippets on TWTW posts as there's a lot I want to get done before we start renting it for summer 2016. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Edit: this property is now listed to rent on VRBO.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Ladies - why you shouldn't be scared to go on the back of a motorbike

Yes, of course I chose a photo of Michael from Grease 2 for this article. Via
Hey ladies. Hey there. Hey. I've been on the back of a motorcycle exactly twice in my life, and it's a bit of a fear of mine if I'm being honest. Today Jessie Hughes is back with an article on why it maybe shouldn't be. 

Motorbikes tend to be something that people are either in love with, or are a bit scared of. Then of course, you get the people who haven't tried going on a bike yet and are kind of in both camps – the bikes look cool, the gear looks cool, but isn't it a bit frightening going that fast without a car around you?

Going On the Back

For most women who see the appeal of a motorcycle but haven't been enthused enough to get a license and ride their own, the first opportunity to experience riding a bike generally comes when a bike loving friend or boyfriend offers that coveted position on the back of their ride. To the person offering, this is nothing - they ride their bike all the time and think it's great, so it may not occur to them that when they pat that little space of seat behind them and tell you to get on, your heart may well be metaphorically in your mouth! 

Are You Ready To Accept That Ride?

It is never a good idea to hop on the back of a bike without being prepared in terms of safety, but if you are good to go in terms of clothing and a well fitting helmet, then there is really nothing to be afraid of as a pillion passenger – as long as you trust the person in front! If you are offered a ride home from somewhere on the back of a motorcycle with a borrowed helmet that is far too big and you are wearing a little summer dress, maybe take a rain check, however if you are good friends or in a relationship with a motorcycle enthusiast, opportunities to take a ride on the back will come up often, so why not invest in your own helmet and some gear?  Some motorcycle gear by the big bike brands like Dainese clothing looks really good, and as you shop for cool boots, gloves, motorcycle jeans (which look like regular jeans but have built in armor!) and jackets you might find it is worth being into bikes just for the clothes!

Actually Riding

Once you are wearing appropriate stuff, then you need to bite the bullet and actually get on the bike. Only do this for the first time with somebody you know is a competent rider and is used to carrying a passenger – the handling of the bike changes with somebody on the back and you want them to be completely at ease too, so you'll feel safer and be able to enjoy yourself. The ideal sort of trip would be about thirty minutes, so you have long enough to get a real sense of what it is like but without starting to ache from being in a position you aren't used to for too long. People worry that they won't remember to do things like lean in on corners, but most people find they do this naturally, and are soon completely relaxed and wondering what they were ever afraid of!

As long as you are with a good rider and well protected by your gear, you are likely to feel quite safe quite early into your first time on the back of a motorcycle – so gear up and accept that offer of a ride!
Tell me - are you a motorbike owner? A frequent passenger on the back? 
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Thursday, October 22, 2015


W A T C H I N G ... The Affair and Criminal Minds.

W A N T I N G ... to see The Martian but not setting aside any time to make it happen.

A N N O Y E D ...  that I've fallen off the exercise wagon. Lunch walks and weights ramping back up soon.

W O N D E R I N G ... What the fuck they're thinking cutting back on mammograms. You and me and I'm sure everyone knows a few women diagnosed with breast cancer well under 40 these days. I was actually expecting them to start mammograms earlier.

S H A R I N G ... street art I passed on Sansom yesterday.

A N N O U N C I N G ... the winners of the Show Us Your Books anniversary giveaway - Kristen from See You in a Porridge won the $50 Amazon giftcard and Kate from Another Clean Slate won the bookwormboutique swag. Congratulations ladies! Thanks all who entered and all who read anything, ever. Booknerd gang for life, yo.

R E A D I N G ... the second Fina Ludlow novel by Ingrid Thoft.

W O N D E R I N G ... why some people load the dishwasher and some people leave dishes in the sink. boom. I'm calling you out, non dish-washer loaders. You know who you are.

C O O K I N G ... Nothing, I did all of my cooking this weekend. I'm contemplating moving my weekly food prep to Monday night though. If you care about that and you like to see it, when and where would you like to see that? On a Thursday Thoughts post? Via instagram? On the blog facebook page? Do you want to be on an email list? Let me know.

W O R K I N G  ... On 498 lists for 498 things and also on driving myself into the crazy home.

C A T C H I N G ... Up with Tara over lunch at The Wrap Shack yesterday.
F E E L I N G ... this week's weather. It is perfection.

N E E D I N G ... to be in two places at once a lot of days. Have they invented that yet?

E N J O Y I N G ...  The two pairs of plaid pixie pants I bought this fall from Old Navy.

L A U G H I N G   A T ... this. I will never get the sexy _____ costume. I will always love the don't give a fuck costume.

Fill me in...what's going on with you this month?

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