Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. Well, it's better than ice cream cake, right? Insert fatassery hashtag here.

2. I ordered a Born to Run record for wall art. I love when I order something and am surprised by arty packaging.
3. Do male household members typically leave at least five things from the clean dishwasher on the counter because they don't know where they go? Asking for a friend. 

4. I am putting good things out into the universe today and opening myself up to accept good things in return.
5. My backyard looks like a shit pit. New concrete is coming. Some home ownership purchases are not as exciting as others. They're behind schedule and I feel a strong urge to stay home and be Head Bitch in Charge but will resist...for now.

6. Speaking of outdoor things, I totally crapped the bed on landscaping this year. I let my flowers go with little upkeep. Some years my interest holds and some years it never really catches a spark. 

7. Dear Mike Huckabee: You are an idiotic zealot who knows nothing about the foundation of civil law in the country in which you live and were shockingly elected to office in. Stop rallying the public support of other brainless zealots for crazy assholes like the Duggars and Kim Davis and instead use your love of your God to do good works for those in need. Or just shut up, forever. Either one will do. 

8. I cannot count how many times MFD has attempted to have long conversations with me about Yacht Rock, and the times he's mentioned it merely in passing number into the thousands. DELIVER ME.

9. I like college football. I'm not a die hard fan but I find it exciting. Professional football, not at all, especially after some of the shit that's gone down over the past few years with the domestic violence and the cheating and absurd behavior for grown people who make millions of dollars. What is this, sports or politics? Both, I guess.
Thanks Christa for sharing this on FB!
10. Ecard of the week. It's been sweaty nineties and extra humid this week. It's not over yet, so if you love it, enjoy it!

Now you go.

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  1. #4. Every damn day- put out good stuff and be open to receiving the good ! Thanks to the universe. Be grateful.
    Up at 6 at the beach wishing I was home. I won't tell Richie. It would hurt his feelings. For me, there's no place like home. Anyway have a happy Thursday. I will Carpe Diem. All you can eat snow crab legs for me tonight. #luckygirl
    Love. Your. Momma

  2. I have no words for Mike Huckabee...well i have a few but none that I'll share because you said it good enough for me!! I can't even believe how hot it's been...mother nature doesn't understand time LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I have been guilty of leaving something on the counter when I didn't know where it went at my parents or where to store it at mine. I also have things still in their new sealed boxes for that reason. #smallapartment #nospace

  4. I love artsy packaging, such a nice touch. Haha! Asking for a friend. I have had people who do that and it's annoying but better than looking everywhere for something because they shoved it somewhere unexpected.

  5. Yes to the random dishes left on the counter. Always.

    I like college football. I like the Steelers. But I don't think I can even follow them in good conscience now that they've taken on Michael Vick. Aside from the fact that he should be eaten by dogs (a just punishment perhaps), I don't think anyone convicted of a felony should be allowed back into professional sports. Period.

  6. Awwww man, why'd you have to pick on Saints fans? :) Just kidding. I'd never paint my body or face gold. I'm more of a "winter" anyway. HA!

    Also, for your "friend", it's very common especially in my household. Among the things that frequently get left out are the cheese grater, lidded casserole dish and the pitcher.

  7. love college football too. and then i'm done with all sports until the next season. #4!! trying so hard for this one! hope your week is going well!

  8. yesterday they finally called off the extreme heat warning and it was a relief to turn off the ac. today is a nice, crisp 15C.

    nutella.....oh how i miss it. i haven't had it in 3 years *insert crying here*

  9. Lots of shit references here. Shit pit. Shitting the bed.
    I love supervising shit. hbic

  10. For your friend.. my male household member does not do that. Instead, he picks a random cabinet and shoves it all in there. Seriously?!
    I don't even like nutella but that looks amazing. I think I need to like nutella.
    lol @ that ecard. Next year I am getting a hammock and then I am going to spend all my summer days outside sweating and reading. it'll be grand.

  11. #3...Oh my gosh, why. Like, you live here too, buddy.

  12. My poor plants didn't make it though the summer either, I don't mind watering now and then but with so many extra hot days and so little rain I just gave up.

    Also Tyson never puts things away, ever. I'm not sure he knows where anything goes.

  13. And just like that, I have the biggest need for Nutella!!!! I had to laugh at the dishwasher comment. At least he knows where it is? I have a friend whose husband can't seem to understand the concept of the dishwasher. Or the laundry basket. Also my landscaping was non-existent this year. I spend all my energy just keeping up with grass cutting. Woof.

  14. John is as bad at putting dishes away as he is at loading the dishwasher. I do not understand dishes in the sink. My parents both do it too. Take the extra goddamn second and put the dish in the dishwasher! Ugh.
    I really want nutella now.
    I like all kinds of football. College football for the fun, pro football for the betting and the money.

  15. Omg, the dishwasher thing is my life too!! And in the same realm, just last night I VERY POLITELY asked J if he could please stop taking his pants off right in the living room and leave them there. Rather, can you please drop them in the laundry basket in the bedroom like a normal person. After some whining he was like "you're right, I'll put them there - sorry." Cuts to two hours later and I come in from washing my face after he took the dog out and his pants are now back in the living room - feelin' all kinds of positive that he's gonna stick with my request ... [insert underwhelmed emoji face here].

    Mike Huckabee is an idiot. And I don't even have time to address whatever that woman's name is, Kim. I just cannot get over the fact that she's on her fourth marriage yet telling others what's right. So standard!

    Nutella eaten as ice cream with a spoon is also pretty effing amazing. Or just injecting it into your bloodstream works too. :) YUM.

  16. bahaha #3. yes, yes they do. now i want nutella and strawberries. the football season one is my fave.

  17. #3 gives me all the rage. Also, why is it impossible to load the dishwasher correctly? I have actually told him to stop loading it because he does it wrong and I'm tired of fixing it. Because the way he does it, approximately 7 dishes fit in the dishwasher. NO.

    #7 PREACH. Mike Huckabee, whom I've never liked because he's, you know, an idiot, needs to just stop using morally absent people as paragons of the morally superior. He makes himself look like even more of an ass.

  18. Ha, the dishwasher thing. My husband does that too! Except he leaves it on the counter under the cabinet where it's supposed to be. He was *that* close to getting it into the cabinet!!! Maybe he forgets. I'll give him that benefit of the doubt. But REALLY bothers me is when he leaves empty snack wrappers, potato chip bags, pill wrappers, etc. in the kitchen and living room. WHY CAN'T HE THROW IT IN THE TRASH? I'm teaching my son to throw things in the trash but I'm afraid he will lose that skill as he gets older and takes after his dad ;).

  19. Nutella is from heaven.
    I think you are awesome for ordering the album for wall art! :) That says enough about you for me to like you even more :)

  20. I'm pretty sure ice cream cake and nutella are equally amazing. Yes to the dishes thing!! Not gonna lie I've asked Kevin this before and that was his answer. My reply ... we've lived together for how long now and how do you not know this!?

  21. I would say 98% of the time, I'm constantly unloading and loading the dishwasher, unpacking lunch bags and the whole shit show. Listen, I get it's no fun but does it look like I enjoy either? No? Then help a brother out and get your God damn shit off the counter. Lol

    I say this because we go through 562 containers a day and it gets to be a bit much.
    So tell your "friend" it's normal. ;)


  22. GAH, Mike Huckabee is the worst. It's so embarrassing to tell people you're from Arkansas when the other representatives are him and the Duggars.

  23. Excellent, now I need nutella and strawberries in my life.. RIGHT NOAW.

  24. I need to try nutella and strawberries like yesterday. How have I never thought of that combo? So many political tirades in my brain about the fiasco going on right now, but I'll refrain and stick to happiness in nutella.

  25. ha! Yes to #3 but not for the typical items. Usually for stuff we hardly using like dishes after entertaining guests.

  26. My husband is always leaving socks everywhere! Ugh.

  27. For years, my favorite response to the utter idiots who cry about our Christian values in this country and OH THE FOREFATHERS has been, "They were secular Deists" accompanied by a blank stare. It's unbelievable how little some people know about things they really should have a better grasp of. Politicians: Google things. Because the public will. (How this band of idiots ever duped a constituency into electing them at all, I have no idea.) Oh and while I'm at it, Kim Davis is not a patriot. She is a criminal and a bigot and a complete and utter waste of public funding. Whew, guess I needed to get that out somewhere. Thanks, as always, for being a voice of reason among many screeching idiots.

  28. As a Canadian...what is going on down there with your politics?! Don't get me wrong, we have backwards conservatives here too, but not to the same degree. You guys need a Purple party. Y'know, so there aren't just two extreme sides that argue against every point for the hell of it. I'm just gonna stop cuz I can get really fired up about this. And oh gosh, Nutella. I used to eat that like pudding with a spoon. True story.


  29. I can't even with Mike Huckabee and these other blowhards who get attention because of hatred disguised as Christianity. I get increasingly pissed at the pro football shenanigans, but I can't quit it yet.

  30. I love strawberries & nutella. I wish I had some now...I definitely need to remember to buy them when I go shopping this weekend. While it's still technically summer, & most normal human beings don't get a whole summer off like I do, as soon as school starts again I consider it over & so now I am so ready for fall weather.

  31. One time I ate an entire jar of nutella....and i wasn't even't pregnant.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  32. You mean I can get this thing going if I just take on the title of Head Bitch in Charge?! Intrigue!

  33. Dave is constantly leaving clean pans/pots on the counter because he doesn't feel like bending over to put them away. he knows where everything goes.


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