Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Vacation Eve version

1. Me today. Just hanging on until 5.

2. The Confederate flag. I don't care if people choose to fly it over their homes, wear it on a shirt, wallpaper their bathrooms or wipe their asses with it. I also don't care if retailers sell it. I do care if government buildings fly it on their flag poles. That's what's great about this country - you have the freedom to do all of those things if that flag is a symbol of history and heritage to you. Do you know that the swastika is a symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism? Probably not. You probably know it as the symbol of a Nazi regime that systematically murdered 6 million Jewish people and 5 million non-Jewish people during the Holocaust. So what was initially a symbol meaning success and favored by fortune hundreds of years later came to symbolize evil in the hearts of men and genocide. So, you know, no one wanted to fly it anymore. The Confederate Flag was designed to indicate that the South wanted out of the Union. Sure, it's only a flag and absolutely people can look away if they don't like it flying on your lawn. To some it represents history and heritage, but to many it's a symbol entrenched in racism and slavery. In 1860, 3.9 million of the 4.4 million black people in America were slaves. Owned by others. Sold when it suited their owners. Forced to live and work like animals. But we are pissed off that people are offended by everything these days so we don't want to hear about people being offended about this! Right? Wrong. If you think anyone is wrong to be offended by the Confederate flag flying over government buildings, you do not understand the distinction of the personal choice and freedom granted to all of us by the laws of this land to fly that flag versus the states of the union who are bound by law to represent all people flying that flag. We talk a lot about the softening of America, being too politically correct, and everyone being offended by everything and in a lot of instances, I agree with the things we've gone soft on. But this isn't one of them. We should absolutely lay down the things that hold down minorities, including women. Leave them in the past where they belong. Level the playing field and really make everyone equal. Or are we too afraid to?  Just because things have always been some way doesn't mean they should continue to be that way.
Image via The Atlantic
3. Now that that's out of the way...I'm looking forward to recharging next week. If you blog and you post something awesome, please email me a link at so I can check it out. Otherwise, it'll be marked as read. And don't be afraid, ever, of telling someone something you wrote is worth reading. That goes for bloggers and non.

4. Tomorrow, we road trip. Me, MFD, my brother and Aubrey in a car for nine hours. Road trips are fun and funny and annoying. I'm sure especially annoying for MFD and Aub when Stephen and I do that sibling back and forth disagreeing banter...which is also funny, to us, but probably is annoying to others. Anyway, I can't wait! Thanks as always to our awesome dog sitter and her fiancee for camping out at our house and taking good care of our dogs and house while we're away.

5. Speaking of dogs, we refer to Mae as Honey Badger because, you guessed it...she just doesn't give a shit.

6. I should probably show you some dog photos since you won't see any next week...I mean, I'm sure I don't post nearly enough of them. If you'd like to see Gus and Mae in an empty vet waiting room, click here to watch the video. Imagine this times a thousand when people came in 10 minutes later.
7. Right before vacation, the commute becomes unbearable. Monday night I stood the whole way home and had to tell a grown ass man to mind his manners. Tuesday morning this guy was sprawled out like he was in his living room. I said excuse me, but he couldn't hear me over his loud ass headphones. The lady next to me said you just have to kick him. So I did. Is this adult life? Before doing anything on public transportation I wish people would ask themselves, "Is this something better suited for the privacy of my own living room?" Usually, the answer is YES and that means it should not be done on public transport. Go ahead and catch some ZZzs if that's your thing, but do not act like you're laying on your couch. Rude.
8. You are not ready to go on vacation until your nails and toes are ready to go on vacation. Am I right ladies? Toes are Essie Sunday Funday. Nails are gel, which I only do twice a year for vacations. I like to not have to worry about it!
9. True Detective. Who's watching? I'm in.
10. Ecard of the week

Blogging will continue as normal when I'm away, but I might be a little slow on the replies. Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook to see what we're up to on vacation. Update Instagram eleventy billion times a day? Don't mind if I do. 

Tomorrow: second quarter Project 52 photos. 

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  1. I haven't watched a television series since Dexter. Yes, I'm behind the times. I thought I'd give True Detective a look. Dayummmm...Colin Farrell's character is one messed up mofo.

    Confederate flag...should not be on top of a government building. It can be inside as a piece of historical relics, but it should no longer be the symbol of a government agency or entity.

    I really should video my sweet, but oh-so-dumb dogs. Neil set up a new big ass dog kennel/house for them because our old place had a covered area in the backyard; our new place doesn't. The are scared of the dog kennel and won't go inside for warmth or comfort or to get out of the rain. I even crawled inside it myself trying to get them in there with me. They justed whined and danced around. Because they're dumb...but cute.

    I hope your vacay is damn near close to perfect (except there has to be a couple of funny mishaps just to keep it interesting).

  2. #7 reminded me of an article I read recently by a woman who has taken up sitting on those dudes who spread their legs wide enough to block seats on public transport. She says "Excuse me" once, and then if they don't move their legs... PLOP!

    1. Omg, that's hilarious. the MTA is even running ads about "manspreading" asking dudes to take up one seat.

  3. Your nails look great!! I hope you have the best time on vacation and I can't wait to follow along via instagram! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. LOL at Mae being the honey badger... hilarious! And I feel the same way about not being in vacation mode until I've gotten my vacation mani-pedi :)

    Have an amazing vacay <3

  5. Gel nails for vaca is a must for me! OMG that guy lounging on public transport would make me so ragey! Your pups are going to miss you, they're so cute!! Glad you have someone to stay at your house to watch them. We need to find someone again since our people aren't around anymore. Have such a great vaca!!

  6. yay for vacation time! that ecard is SO true; on my last day of work, everyone was asking How are you and i was like, "i'm so fucking good right now it's not even funny!" and that was because it was the day before work fuckoff time!

  7. I really love the color of the gels! That's a really pretty color!
    Enjoy your vacation and hope you have lots of relaxing time and come back refreshed!

  8. I feel like getting my nails did is definitely the true indicator of vacation Megan because they are normally au natrual. Every day I'm grateful I don't have to take public transportation. I'd slay beeches for shit like that. I'm already pretty ragey in a car (and these SC drivers do NOT help matters).

    Have a super de duper vacation!!!

  9. Amen on the flag thing. If retailers want to sell it, fine. I have no desire to buy one so it really doesn't affect me. But flying over government buildings? Disgraceful. And the fact that it was flying at the SC capitol while Rev. Pinckney was lying in state? Disgusting.

    I was never able to get into True Detective last year, which bums me out, but I'm going to try with this year's edition.

    I would add to that ecard: D) you're an annoyingly perky person and you must leave my presence immediately.

    Have a FANTASTIC vakay!

  10. I'm going to have to re-watch True Detective. I didn't pay attention to the point of understanding.

    I always make sure, when I do my WWII unit, to tell kids that the swastika wasn't a bad thing by itself. The Nazis made it their symbol and then it stood for something bad, but it's just a symbol/shape by itself and used to mean better things.

    Jealous of your vacation! What's the itinerary?

  11. Your dogs make me happy. I love pugs. Seriously, I read the entire post and I love it but all I want to do is look at the puggy babies. I think we should fly pug flags all over the damn place so people will be walking around with goofy smiles on their me. Happy vacation, so jealous. xo Amanda

  12. Legit thought I had earlier this week: "well, Steph's not going to be reading blogs next week so there goes 25% of the people who I can count on to read..." :) Good to know I can email you!

    Glad I'm in the office alone because I laughed out loud about you kicking the guy on the train and how someone else actually suggested it. I mean, seriously.

    Have a great vacation!

  13. I love the nail color. Have a great time on vacation & I hope the next few hours of work fly by for you!

  14. I'm glad I clicked on the vid - super funny. Mae sounds excited, with that yippy yip and Gus, well, Gus, what in the hell are you getting your knickers in a bunch for? Are you getting angry at the ghosts?

    You guys have TONS of leg room compared to the cramped-ness bullshit we have to put up with here in Toronto. I'll have to take a picture for you. We actually have "quiet zones" in the upper levels of all the train coaches. I shit you not, if you even so much as sneeze or take a bite out of your apple, you get dirty glares and people turning around to look at you like you've just waltz in looking like you're in the KKK. I get it, quiet zone, but COME ON. And napping, sure, I do it too, but no need to sprawl out like it's your bedroom or put your dirty ass shoes up on the seat. People have to sit there!!

    That is certainly one thing I don't miss while on vacation is the donkeys on the train.

    Have a safe and happy trip!! Hopefully your sitters keep you posted on the pups! Bet you'll miss them as much as they miss you!


  15. I'm watching true detective!!!! What do you think of the first episode?

    People are so gross, why would you sprawl out on public transit? and how can you not think of the others around you??
    Agree with your thoughts on the confederate flag. to me, it's plain and simple, not even sure why it's a debate!

  16. Im so glad I don't take public transportation any more! I remember this one guy got on the train sprawled his newspaper and coffee and breakfast all out on the chairs in front of him during rush hour and lit up a cigarette! People are asses. Have fun on your trip!!

  17. Could not agree more on your confederate flag points. And furthermore, how can we claim to be a united nation—and to be sure, a united nation is what we need to be in order to combat the MASSIVE number of domestic threats to civilian safety, including deranged white supremacist with guns—when numerous governmental buildings and state insignias proudly boast a symbol of *secession from the nation*? If I can't appeal to bigots with the incontrovertible notion that associates the confederate flag with systemic racism in America, perhaps my other argument will make some sense? (But then again, I've learned that you can't use logic to win an argument your opponent didn't use logic to enter in the first place.) It's just another way we've been kowtowing to the GOP (in part) and institution of systematic racism in this country since the damn revolution.
    Sigh. Anyway, I love Sunday Funday, it's one of my favorite summer colors!

  18. I think I'm going to wait until there are a couple episodes of True Detective so that I can have a mini binge.

    Unrelated, finished On the Island this morning (and was 7 minutes late to work because I HAD TO FINISH), great recommendation. Thanks!

  19. I think the flag thing is also an issue of 'those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.' If you only look at the flag as a symbol of southern culture and ignore all the ties it had to slavery, we're going nowhere. We're going to repeat all the same mistakes. You can't pick and choose which history you want to remember or how you want to remember it (as much as Americans love to do that.)
    Mae gives no shits. Ever. I think it's why I love her.
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  20. I totally think that Gov't buildings should be neutral. Why do adults have to be treated like children, quit acting like a fool in public! Geesh! Seriously a lot of my favorites actors in True Detectives so of course I am watching. Hope you have an "Awesome" day. Get lots of reading done on vacation. ;)

  21. Have so much fun on your vaca!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics! I love me a good road trip but I know after 9 hours you'll all be ready to get OUT of that car - ha!

  22. I would kick him too...that's just rude. Enjoy your vacation and safe drive!

  23. I've been saying for years that the rednecks up our way (PA) have no clue what the confederate flag really means, and that if they did and were still waiving it all about that they were ignorant dbags. I think it's ridiculous that any government in the south would continue to fly that flag, what purpose does it serve now?

    have safe travels, friend.

  24. I having lived in the south for years and having tons of Southern FB friends and completely over the whole controversy and keep wishing that the SCOTUS would rule on gay marriage so I can stop reading posts about why we should keep the flag.

    My sister who lives in Germany says in that country it is illegal to display the swastika in any way. They are allowed in history museums where you can learn about Germany's dark past but that's it.

    I hope you have the best beach vacation, the weather's looking pretty awesome for next week.

  25. OMG that man on the train! No no no no no. But at least your nails look super pretty :) Have an awesome vacation!

  26. Alabama was the first state to take down their flag, thanks. At least we aren't last for everything anymore. And ummm I had to laugh at first...the dogs acting a fool at the vet. Mae and Mac might be a match made in heaven. Or hell, depends on who you ask. Secondly the man on the train. I just LOL'd at my desk. Oh man, people!!!!

    Your nails are looking super fab for your vacation! I hope you have an amazing time!

  27. Have a great vacation!
    And yes, take down the Confederate Flag.

  28. HAVE FUN ON VACATION. I'm glad you kicked the butthole on the train. UGH. Sometimes people just don't have any common sense.

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  30. hahaha to the vet video (and Mae has such a dainty bark!). I swear it's all the smells at the vets. Dogs are always suspect!

    Gosh, that guy on the train! That is really bad. Get yo feet outta' here!

    I actually did know that about the swastika. What a shame that the Nazis completely took it a new direction. And the confederate flag on a state capital ... really? Sometimes that whole CF following is like the Uncle in Napolean Dynamite. You didn't win. Time to move on with your life

    Working the day before vacation is often fruitless...

  31. 100% agree with you on the Confederate Flag thing. It belongs in a Civil War museum, NOT on a government building. Ridiculous.

    Also, I shelled out the bucks to get someone to do my nails AND TOES (which I never ever do) for my vacay. Hope you have tons and tons of fun!

  32. oh my gosh, that guy on the train. i totally lay about like a sloth in the airport, but never if people are very close and never in a different place - like a train or whatever. what an ass!
    i am obviously not american but i agree with everything you said about the confederate flag.
    i hope you enjoy your holiday!

  33. Enjoy your trip!! I will be enjoying the photos but missing the honey pugs... I expect puggle overload on your return! Safe driving. There's lots of idiots out there!

  34. I feel pretty similar about the Confederate flag. I'm fine with them taking it down if that's what the people want, but people need to stop getting their panties in a twist over the personal choices that others make. Especially since 95% of the people repping the flag have zero racial motivation whatsoever.
    Will watched True Detective last season, but I wasn't interested. I really like the cast this season, so I figured I'd try it. It's still super dark, but I'm getting into it. The last episode ended pretty intense, but we shall see!


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