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Choose Your Own Adventure November Results & December Goals

Life According to Steph
November's Choose Your Own Adventure challenge had the monthly theme of organize. My goals were:

1)  Closets - utility and coat
-Done. I did the coat closet on November 9 and squeaked out the utility closet on November 25. The top of the coat closet used to be to the ceiling. It's hard to photograph, but after it's not nearly full. I also reorganized my china cabinet and another piece of dining room storage on November 9. The utility closet has been well maintained this year and required just a smidge of straightening up.
Only one level on the top shelf now instead of things stacked in a perilous manner
2) Crap bins - bedroom, entry table, entry table drawer
-Done. I did the crap bin the week of the 16th. I could do the entry table drawer every day and it wouldn't matter because MFD loves to crap it up. So yes, the drawer itself has been done twice this month.
L - crap basket spread all over. R - crap basket cleaned out.
I also corralled the crap on the left of the basket into small clear containers I found at Target after this was taken.
3) Evaluate kitchen organization
- Done on November 9. I donated a bunch of stuff and gave a bunch of stuff away. I have room! It felt good to reorganize and purge. I felt the kitchen pressing on me no matter what room I was in in the house.
Some stuff that left for good, one of my donation stops
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
December's theme is SIMPLIFY. In a month that's overwhelming in many ways (even good things can be overwhelming), I think this is a great theme.

My Simplify Theme Goals:
1) Reduce screen time. Unplug more. I typically do this at night, but this month I'll get a good dose of no media on a 5 day cruise with no Internet access. Perfect timing! I'll be avoiding a lot of Elves on Shelves and for that I can truly rejoice.
2) Unsubscribe to emails I no longer want to receive.
3) In regards to holidays, know whatever I do is enough. If the cookies don't get baked if all the people I didn't have addresses for don't get cards if I can't see everyone and their brother when I'd like to, I'll survive.

The link up to report in on how you did with December - Simplify will be Thursday, January 8. Mark your calendars!And inquiring minds want to know - would this link up make more sense to you on another date? Like the first of the month or the last day of the month? 

For those that like to look ahead, upcoming themes are
January - Complete...what's that item that travels from to do list to to do list, never getting completed? Do you always start a monthly fitness or photo challenge and never finish it? This is your time! Your month to cross it off the list for good. 
February - Create...Create a DIY project, a new recipe, a song, a piece of art, the start of a novel, a new list...wherever your creative mind takes you, follow it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
What about you? Link up and share how you did with your organize goals. Note: If you link up after 12/5, I'll visit your blog the week of 12/15!

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  1. I wish I lived closer because your dishes were adorable and you gave them away! :( Good for you though for getting rid of some clutter. I don't have many cabinets so I feel mine are always overflowing.

  2. well well well. look who is lurking your blog :) for the first time in what feels like a billion years, i have time to actually read some blogs.

    i got a crap ton done before the shit hit the fan at work but i haven't had time to blog about it (but i will). you did awesome. and what's with men and crapping up the crap drawers all the live long day. my husband LOVES doing that and it makes me rage.

  3. What is with husbands and their incessant need to junk everything up? That's my rational for all the junk baskets. Scott has a place to put all his shit and I don't have to look at it.

    Unplugging is a great goal. I need to work on that a little more, especially at night.

  4. Ah you were so productive!!!

  5. I was the recipient of some kitchen purges! I just donated my beloved mom type jeans and other stuff yesterday. It feels good! I know the stuff I donated was nicer than what I have seen in the thrift shop that benefits local victims of crime.
    I organized the kids toys, too. I know what they play with each time they are here, so it was easy and now that room is nice to look at. I love the "enough" mindset.
    Love, your Momma

  6. I can already sense that I am going to have nothing to do for February, lol. How about I was 'created' that month? Actually, I was created 9 months prior, but anyway.
    Seriously my husband is always like 'we need to clean out that entry table drawer' and I just nod and say nothing because I've done in 27 times in the past 2 weeks and he constantly craps it up even more, so if I keep it a certain level of crapful he leaves it alone.
    As for the date... I think a lot of people have things to link up for on the first, like budgets or monthly favourites or recaps or whatever. I'm flexible anyway and if I forget what day the link up is supposed to be, I just go to your blog and search it and normally find it quick smart. I say this as if I've done it a thousand times, why yes, yes I have. Very forgetful I am. But the last day of the month.. That's intriguing.. But then when it falls on weekends.. eh, I'm good with whatever you do honestly!
    Anywhoozits, good going on your goals and good luck for this month, when we went to Australia we didn't have a lot of internet access, or rather we couldn't use our phones, and it was fabulous.

  7. You should try unrollme for the unsubscribing. My friend's boyfriend was involved in starting it and its amazing!

    As I've been unpacking, I've been trying to declutter. I have to keep convincing myself things weren't used for the two years I was in the last apartment, they likely won't be used in this one either.

  8. i love the idea of simplifying. it's something i seriously need to do.

  9. "MFD loves to crap it up" LOLOL I don't know why this cracks me up so much but I'm dyyyying! I think MFD and Pete might be soul mates. I'm sorry you had to find out like this.
    I'll miss you while you're on your cruise! We need to make something like a bat signal "just in case." It should be a mixing bowl with rubber gloves across it!

  10. Great job on the Nov goals. I love times when you're almost forced to not be around social media. 9 times out of 10 I am attached to my phone but the times when I can't have it or choose to leave it at home when I go to the store or something I feel so free. Have a great time on the cruise!

  11. You are a machine!! Great job girl!!! Unsubscribing to emails is on my list of things...I think I just need to do it as they come in!

  12. You are like my Martha Stewart! Seriously I wish I had the drive to do all the things that you manage to do! The garage was a total FAIL. However I am going to work on my closet today....maybe I can remember to take pictures of it....Next Month will be a better month! I will be doing some Simplifying!

  13. Nice work organizing those high traffic areas! Donating unused kitchen stuff sounds like something I'd like to do as well!

  14. You kicked organizational booty and you were rewarded for it. Clean out kitchen and donate stuff=received Kitchenaid in return :) My goal is to Unsubscribe too! I get away too much crap.

  15. way to go! I need to get on this bandwagon!

  16. Such pretty storage boxes! That might be one of my future projects - make even the storage look nice. People really kicked ass at the organization month! I'm looking forward to January "complete" too. Simplify is less fun, but probably more important for me.

  17. I suddenly have the urge to go home and declutter and simplify until I MUST sleep ;) I've been doing it little by little, but I wish I just could have an entire weekend free (even of jared- sorry!) and get it all done!

  18. Less screen time is rough but absolutely beneficial. I work in mental health and did a one-month challenge awhile ago with coworkers involving a 9:30 tech curfew every night and keeping things with screens/lights out of the bedroom. It was amazing! Falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up to my alarm were a lot easier, and because I slept better I also was in a much better mood (go figure) and mental state. I made better decisions. It was marvellous... Also, short lived. Cuz sometimes a blogger's life can't be shut down at 9:30!

  19. I must simplify. I need to go through all my mail, for one. There's like a pile of it on the counter.

  20. Haha oh man the crap basket all spread out gives me heart palpitations! Every time I declutter something, John says 'man, you're going to hate living with me'. How do you do it?!
    I laughed at your #1. Those elves freak me out. Enjoy your cruise!!

  21. I feel like every time I clean an area, usually in the kitchen (counters, table, etc) my husband has to immediately junk it up with all of his shit. Like the kitchen is for cooking bro, it is my space...back off! Haha! Looks like you did a good job organizing and I love all your simplify goals.

  22. Great job Steph! You guys are so organized !!

  23. Way to go!! I'm looking forward to the upcoming themes. For getting rid of emails I use it's a great site. I like that it's on Thursday, gets me posting on an "off" day. But I'll link up whenever.

    For December.... I'll have to think about those goals, good theme though!

  24. Great job in November! I have already started unsubscribing to store emails because they are just about daily right now. I'm done Christmas shopping and need to be on a freeze, so I don't need to see anything tempt me!


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