Sunday, November 30, 2014

ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffers

Happy Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend! Turkey is over. Christmas is looming. My favorite part of Christmas? The stockings. We always had great ones growing up. MFD is pretty good at them too...except for the year he spaced and gave me unopened black pepper from my own pantry in my stocking. He tried to sell it hard too, like he actually purchased it on purpose. It was hilarious.

Since it's stocking stuffing season, I thought I'd share ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffer razor kits with you. They sent me a free kit to try, containing a handle and a two month supply of their women's 6-blade cartridges. All opinions are my own.

You know I freaking hate expensive razors, as I shared in the Dollar Shave Club post I did. MFD is a member and I snagged some of his for a while, but they dull fast on the ol' leg hair. I wasn't exactly on the prowl for razors, but ShaveMOB contacted me at a good time.

My verdict: Smooth, and just as good as the Venus Embrace and the Dollar Shave Club razors MFD uses.

Now, about those ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffers...this is a good idea that's useful, too - two month supply of razor blades (choose 3, 4, or 6 blades), a handle (mens or womens), and a moustache monocle for hijinks. These ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffers must be ordered by December 17 to be received by Christmas. The kits start at $9.99.

More info:

What are some of your go-to stocking stuffers?

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  1. Stockings are my very favorite part about Christmas! Gum always goes in. I get Pete these books on "Useless Information" every year, too... a diff edition each time - they're his toilet books, haha! I've also put in mini bottles of liquor, back scrubber, gift cards with small amounts on them, hair goop... I LOVE STOCKINGS!

  2. Yes! Stocking have always been my favorite part. They're fun to shop for and fun to receive. I was actually so bummed when we stopped getting stockings haha My brother is 2 years older than me and we stopped getting stockings the same year, so I tried to convince my parents that I should get two more years of stockings. They didn't go for it, but I really can't complain!

    Whenever I think of stockings I think of beauty products, fuzzy socks, chocolate and scratch tickets. It's family tradition to sit around the table and scratch our tickets and then Dad would run to the gas station and get more with our winnings. The family that gambles together stays together ha! As for razors, I always use my boyfriend's. I should get him the caveman so that I can use it too.

  3. LOL @ the pepper from your pantry!!! Hilarious and creative. You have to give him props for that. I loved doing stockings as a child, my mom always filled ours to the top with all the fun things! I would like to get more into making it a tradition with Chris.

    My favorite thing to receive in a stocking is anything from Sephora! Or candy. Mmmm candy!

  4. I love stockings but haven't gotten one in awhile. I think shavers are a good idea, perfume samples, little hand held games used to be fun, warm socks, nips for spiked coffee, and lip gloss was a favorite of mine.

  5. This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer!


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