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Choose Your Own Adventure Goal Challenge October Results Linkup

Life According to Steph
The second month of the Choose Your Own Adventure challenge had the monthly theme of food. My goals were:

1) Try new recipes in my typical cooking categories: appetizer, breakfast, main dish, veggie side, Sunday soup, and dessert.
   a) appetizer - pepper jack cheese dip
   b) breakfast - Spinach muffins 
   c) main dish - lazy sausage casserole
   d) veggie side - cauliflower tots
   e) Sunday soup - Shrimp and Corn Chowder, light
   f) dessert - Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
Cheddar jack cheese dip, spinach muffins, pumpkin pie cupcakes
2) Make a pie crust/pie from scratch. I meant to do this the last two weekends but ran out of steam. It's still on my fall goal list, so I hope to get to this in November.

3) Incorporate more salads with dinner and more veggies overall.
     Week 1 - ate salad three nights, incorporated spinach in breakfast and lunch
     Week 2 - The week of steamed broccoli.
     Week 3 - Spinach breakfast muffins, cauliflower and sweet potatoes at dinner. 
    Week 4 - Spinach in my breakfast burritos, steamed veggies to accompany those. And steamed broccoli for dinners.
steamed veggies with breakfasts at work
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What about you? How did you do with your food goal?

Remember, the theme for November is ORGANIZE. Check out my goals for November here, and be sure to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!
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My Organize Theme Goals:
1) Closets - utility and coat
2) Crap bins - bedroom, entry table, entry table drawer
3) Evaluate kitchen organization

The link up to report in on how you did with November - Organize will be Thursday, December 4. Mark your calendars!

For those that like to look ahead, upcoming themes are
December - Simplify
January - Complete
February - Create

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  1. I think you did good, you really incorporate a lot of veggies!! Make the pie!!! From scratch pie is so much better than store bought and easy to bring for Thanksgiving! ;)

  2. Looks like you did pretty darn good with your food goals!!! I would love to make a real pie from scratch this season! I have made a healthy pie in the past that used some graham crackers and other things for crust...but I wouldn't count that.

  3. You did great! All spinach...all the time! :-)

  4. You did great! There's nothing wrong with having a week of broccoli instead of incorporating salads, you're still getting plenty of the green stuff. Remember Thumper said it gives you long ears and great big feet ;-)

    I keep saying I'm going to finally make my own pie crust too, but life has been so busy that it may have to wait until Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed for it not to be a Pinterest fail :-P

  5. You did awesome! Good job for sticking to it!

  6. I always credit MomMom for your love of vegetables. I need to taste those pumpkin pie cupcakes next time you make them. I am sticking with making my pumpkin bread. I need to try the spinach muffins, too, although their green color
    does not appeal to me! Right now I am in love with arugula.
    Great job!
    Love, your MOMMA

  7. Spinach is delicious. Broccoli is delicious. You made good choices.

    You killed it on the October challenge. I most certainly did not. I think I'm going to backtrack and try October again in December when I actually have time to do things. And thanks for advanced preview. I have lots of thinking to do about the upcoming months.

  8. I'd like to do some baking. I should have gone in on last month's challenge. Pumpkin pie cupcakes sound (and look) delicious!

    Can we link up with lists for November? Or only if we did the previous month?

  9. i love me some broccoli. last week when i made crockpot chicken wings, i saved the juice and poured that all over the steamed broccoli YUM

  10. I totally failed, I wanted to make an apple pie from scratch but I never go around to it.

    Lately we've been cooking all the things in our crock pot, I told Tyson I need to find more crock pot recipes.

  11. You did awesome! I am going to try to do the organization thing...but what to organize?? SO much needs to be done....maybe the garage first....

  12. Week 2 - The week of broccoli made me LOL...Good job!

  13. I definitely want to include more salads for dinner, but sadly my husband is never "full" after eating a salad LOL!

  14. i need to include more veggies. especially with lunch. i tend to just eat whatever is quickest!

  15. You did really good with the recipes and the veggies - I still need to make those spinach muffins... I am so far behind! hahaha.

    I love November's theme of ORGANIZE! LOVE IT!!!!

  16. You did good with your goals!! I've been trying to make sure we are incorporating veggies for our at home meals since we are eating out so much. I've feel like I've been doing better about it. I love the themes you guys have come up with, they are awesome!

  17. The pepper jack cheese dip sounds awesome! We've also made a big effort to eat more salads and veggies for dinner and less carbs. It's made a noticeable difference!

  18. I need to follow your lead with the veggies! It's hard when you can't stand them. Those spinach muffins look good!

  19. wow, you did so good! i throw spinach in pretty much everything. my husband is much healthier than me in most aspects, but he never eats veggies on his own. not that he won't, he just doesn't - he's more of a one bowl meal kinda guy so unless there is veggies in something, he won't add them to the side. anyway i'm rambling. is it weird that the broccoli looks really yummy? lol

  20. When you get around to making the pie crust, my tip for a good pie crust is to use the butter flavored Crisco. I can completely tell the difference. I am a person to who will just make pie crust sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar to indulge in.

  21. Simplify.......that sounds exactly what I need to do!

  22. I'm starting with y'all this November. I'm super excited!

  23. I didn't participate, but you kicked ass! Go girl!!

  24. The spinach muffins look good but I have tons of pumpkin because I made a bunch homemade. Proud moment.

  25. "The week of steamed broccoli" -- LOL! I have to admit, I get pretty lazy with my veggie side dishes... usually a can of green beans or some frozen veggies. If I get really fancy I'll sauté some bell peppers or something. I figure if I can get a main dish cooked, I'm doing pretty well. Cauliflower tots sound intriguing, though...

  26. I can definitely support a month worth of food related goals.
    Homemade pie crust is the best. Get on that shit.

  27. You did great in October! Sounds like you ate some great foods. I like your organizational tasks for November!

  28. haha crap bins. Good luck! I'm totally jealous you already did your kitchen. It's on my list!

  29. I definitely need to incorporate more salads and veggies into days too! Love this!


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