Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Pugs in scarves. Dig it.
2. The elevators are mirrored in my office building. It's always nice to see what your outfit looks like...when it's too late to change it. I never look in the mirror before leaving my house. Am I alone? p.s. Do you guys have a Totes Bubble Umbrella? If not, you need one. It's revolutionary in the rain.

3. Does anyone else keep thinking this weekend is Halloweeen? It's not. On a related note, Gus has always hated costumes. He was a bee when he was two and he's hated bees ever since.

4. I need black tights. What's your favorite brand?
5. I have the urge to watch The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. I haven't even finished Sons of Anarchy or The Wire yet and I can't even keep up with more than two current shows. I need to slow my roll.

6. Lady loves, you want a little botox, a little nip? If you do so much that you're unrecognizable as yourself, you should reasonably expect people to comment on it. It's a shock when people have seen you with one face for so long and you turn up with another. Not all commentary is a criticism so people need to simmer down about that too. Personally I'm not considering plastic surgery. I've earned these laugh lines, so I'm going to let them dance. There is a time for everything, and my time to look like a fresh faced young person has gone. I'm not the same person I was when I was 15 - there's a lot of miles between us and some wear and tear as well. Below, this IS the same person and they are both Renee Zellweger. My friend Heather shared a story on this and it was only showing the photo on the right. I had no idea who that was. Zellweger basically attributes her different appearance to a different lifestyle. I know I look better when I eat well, use sunblock, drink a lot of water, get good sleep, exercise, and stress less, but I don't think it makes me look radically different. Anyway, go on with yourself Renee. You do you. I would not dare tell anyone else what to do with their body. Too many people out there trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. Bazinga.
7. MFD and I are considering a trip to France next year as our vacation. I'm trying to let the idea sit and get right with it before making any moves towards it.

8. Fall productivity, you're so short lived. It's dark when I wake up and it's dark soon after I come home. In a little over a week it'll be dark at 5 when I leave work. You know what existing in darkness makes me feel like doing? Absolutely nothing. Well, aside from eating, sleeping, reading, and wearing lounge attire. Not good for the production or the waist line. Not good at all. I spend most weekends cramming activity into daylight hours like I'm a reverse vampire who can't do anything after dark.

9. No, this is not weak iced tea. This is a teaspoon of elderberry extract in some water. It's that time of year where I take a dose daily for some extra immune support. Ain't nobody got time for illness. Thanks to Patricia for turning me onto it last year!

10. Ecard of the week.This made me laugh and laugh.
Tomorrow: my favorite fall nail polishes. And all the men sat and sang, "hallelujah." No?
 photo purple_zpse5f7f916.png

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  1. Dogs in costumes are just too cute! Yes, to Walking Dead it's so good this season and it's the last one! France would be an amazing trip!! It is getting so dark now but that just means more reading so I'm cool with it! ;) That scarf cracks me up!!!

  2. That is the best ecard ever.

    Breaking Bad: DO IT. Also, TWD is probably the most talked about show out there. I'm writing about it today…

    It's dark at 6:30 so I can't do anything productive after that time, obviously.

    I rarely wear tights anymore, but if you find out the best ones, let me know.

  3. okay starting at the top...the pic of the pugs is adorable, however the right side pic is absolutely hilarious, he (she?) looks like they are posing for a fashion shoot! haha

    two, every year I attempt to dress my cats up. every year I get death stares and hilarious videos of them walking backwards to try and get out of the costume

    three, it sounds odd, but I just got a pair of victorias secret leggings (for free with a promo) and I'm...not quite their ideal size, but they fit and they are comfy. I also bought a thick pair last year from target that are amazing. and finally, my friend swears by the leggings at white house/black market. she is a bit curvier than me and says they are the comfiest and the most flattering leggings she has found.

    I showed a pic of Renee Zelleweger to my husband and he had no idea who she was, when I told him, he didn't believe me. She literally looks like a completely different person. I will say this, she doesn't look "horrible" compared to other plastic surgery "victims", in fact I think she looks very pretty still, the problem is that she is a completely different person, and that's not cool.

    if you go to France, please stow me away in your bag. that is all.

  4. That ecard!!!! LOL!

    The dogs are freaking adorable in the scarves and costumes. Even if they become fearful of what you dressed them as. Worth it! haha!

    I have not heard of elderberry. Where do you purchase such a thing? My immune system needs all the help it can get, yo! I had no clue who Renee was either when I only saw the after pictures. Lifestyle. Sure.

  5. I'm obsessed with those pants you have on. Are they the Pixie pants from ON?

  6. 1) Pugs in Scarves - The second pic - makes him look like a SITH LORD - He's like, LUKE, I AM YOUR SNUGGLE!

    2) I love your shiny purple flats!!!! And I never look in the mirror when I leave the house - Sometimes it's for the best.

    3) Cutest little Pug-Bee EVER

    4) Walmart has a lot of different brands of Opaque Black Tights - my favorites are the No Nonsense and Hanes - The fit great and are really durable.

    6) On Botox and that picture - HOLY CRAP. When I saw that yesterday, all I could say was WHOA. Her body, Her money, her choice - but - WHOA

    8) I am the exact same way - even on those dark cloudy days - it's the same reaction - I don't want to do ANYTHING other than PJS and LOUNGING!

    9) ooooh Great tip! so 1 TSP - to - How much water????

    10) **GIGGLE**

  7. The best brand of opaque winter black tights I've found are ar Walmart. They are the Thomas or something brand and only $5. Discovered then years ago and are my go to brand. They hold up to washing in the washing machine great.


    And Renee looks AMAZING! I think she's gorgeous!

  9. Very good Thursday Thoughts! I will never forget Gussie when we dressed him up for the Christmas photo that year and he immediately went limp and into a depressed state! Your line about letting you life lines dance is now a quote in my book. And having a beautiful heart is the most important thing! You look lovely in the black with the purple vest and those sweet purple flats. Where do you get that elderberry extract? Tomorrow's blog topics look very interesting.
    Where is the sun, anyway, Mother Nature!? #letyourlaughlinesdance
    Love, Your Momma

  10. hahahaha poor gus! you can tell he hates costumes.

    as for tights - steve madden makes decent ones. i saw a bunch at tj maxx in orlando and he even makes fleece-lined tights. if that's not heaven, then i don't know what is

  11. I keep thinking it's Halloween because we have several Halloween events this weekend, it's going to be Halloween for a week here.

    Renee is totally unrecognizable, I keep wondering how the photogs figured out it was her.

    If you decide yes on France let me know, I'll ask my sister for her budget travel tips. Her and her college friend just visited the Valley of the Castles and a few weeks ago her and some of her co-workers met up in France. She likes to travel cheap and get the biggest bang for her buck!

  12. *met up in Paris. Blogger should allow edits.

  13. So my husband is freaking out because of the relationship of the actors on The Affair vs. their relationship in The Wire. And two people (at least) from The Wire are in The Walking Dead. So really, it all goes full circle and you're just wanting to watch shows with great actors, I think. France sounds amazing! Also, your pink flats make me smile and look like a great choice for a rainy day.

  14. I think Renee looks fine. I admit, I don't recognize her. But whatever, why is that a big deal? She's very pretty no matter what.
    My bubble umbrella has rainbow polka dots and I love that thing.
    Gus needs to be a bee again. NEEDS TO. So stinkin cute, I die.

  15. My motivation is gone. GONE. I can't find it anywhere.

    You need to go to France. I went on a 10 day trip in high school and it was amazing and we couldn't even do all the fun adult stuff like bars. Scott hates all things French so I don't know if I'll ever go back. Erica wants to go, though.

    Pugs in scarves should be its own Instagram account.

  16. I have no words for Rene's new look - I mean it's just odd!! Love the sweet pug faces in today's post - they just make any day better!

  17. YAY! Thanks for linking up and spreading the word :-D I'm SO with you on the whole "let's not tell women what to do with their bodies" thing. I have my opinions, but they honestly don't matter to anyone but me and my body! I wouldn't recognize renee either just by the photo on the right--but hey--whatever she wants to do. I think people get far too involved with things that just aren't their business.

  18. You TOTALLY need to watch TWD & BB. I need to go back & watch SOA from the beginning ha. I started it 2 years ago right where it was so I've never seen the beginning. Last year I binged all of TWD a week before season 4 started. I binged all of BB after the series was over. I should get back into binging...or maybe not... France would be so much fun! I want/need to see more of Europe.

  19. I'm commenting from phone in McDicky office, not sure will work. Pugs in scarves rock. I want to get the fuzzies costumes, but they are assholes and will be a waste of money. If you bring any of the pups on Sunday, dress em up! Target makes fleece lined leggings, they are in the socks/hoisery section. I love my bubble umbrella. I love the flats you have on in elevator picture. I have no issues with anyone getting plastic surgery/fillers/injections whatever. If that makes you happy, then go for it. I do hate when those in the public eye clearly get a ton of work done, yet deny it.

  20. I love the pug pics. Okay the Renee thing, I just can't believe how different she looks. It is drastic and hard not to talk about it! I

  21. Oh em gee. FRANCE. Take me with you, pretty please!? I need to go back like ASAP.

  22. Oh the pugs!! SOOO cute! And yes, I've thought this weekend was Halloween all week! Guess we have another week of trying to not open all the bags of Halloween candy in the pantry! UGH!!!!

  23. I love pugs dressed up! So damn cute!

    The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are both soo good but if you need an opinion Walking Dead is better. breaking Bad is really dark.

  24. I agree about Renee, honestly people need to stop acting like its their business, or rather like they have a say. How would they react if she came out and said omg you're right, let me fix myself so I look the same as I did? People always gotta say something.
    Anywhoozle I feel you on the darkness. a whole lotta nothing going on around here.

  25. How did you decide on France?? I totally approve!

  26. I totes need that Totes umbrella. Too much?

    I agree about Renee. I don't believe for a second that her being completely unrecognizable is due to "aging" and I will miss her previous face because I always thought she was really cute. But at the end of the day, she's the one that has to look in the mirror at herself and if she loves her new look, then more power to her.

    The best tights I've ever bought were at Express. They're nice and thick and opaque and feel like good quality, and they're on sale a lot. Like right now, they're buy one, get one 1/2 off.

  27. Wandered over to your blog after Kathy over at Vodka & Soda mentioned you in her post today and I had to comment to share my two cents about the best tights/leggings. I bought a pair of tights that are a little dressier than your average pair of leggings at American Eagle last year and they are amazing. I wore them a ton last winter and they are still in really good shape. My all-time favourite leggings are from Cost Co. They come two in a pack for $16 and are better than any other pair I've bought from brand name stores!

  28. Cutest bumblebee ever! (Actually, 2nd cutest, but only because my goddaughter was a bumblebee for Halloween when she was 3 months old, so... what kind of godparent would I be if I didn't give her first?!) I'm so glad you asked about leggings; I'm on the hunt, too. I just found some at Forever 21, who actually go up to my size! But they're just plain, utilitarian leggings - nothing special. And I'd really like some colors! Burgundy, mustard, something festive so I don't have to wear tights!

  29. The last time I put a costumey-hat on Ollie he became scared and peed all over me and my sofa. So no more costumes for this iteration of my pack of dogs.

  30. Gus looks adorable as a bee!! ;) I don't own a full length mirror so I'm guilty of stopping into stores a little longer than needed just so I can actually see what's going on with my outfit/hair that day!

  31. I saw that Renee photo today as well and couldn't believe it was the same person. I'm just so confused. Was it surgery or not? She looks older to me, not younger, so why have work done to go in the wrong direction? Some articles are saying that we should stop criticizing her for her choices and that women shouldn't be so scrutinized but I'm just confused and still can't believe that's Renee.

  32. Are you a corner folder?! Please say no.

  33. I really don't see the big deal in RZ's look. Sure when I kept hearing about it, I googled it and was like ok...but its her life, her body, let her do as she pleases.

    Stopping by from the link-up :)

  34. I need to know what black tights people like too.

    Also, I'm planning a honeymoon to Germany, France, and London for next Fall! Never you mind that I'm not even engaged yet. Details...

  35. You should watch The Walking Dead. It's a good show. I might start watching Breaking Bad at some point. I keep hearing how awesome it is.

  36. Tell me more about that umbrella. It looks big. I have to walk Nolan to the bus stop and it's been pouring lately. I was thinking about a golf umbrella because I don't trust my kids to not poke their eyes out with their own cute ones and need something big.

    Yay France!

    Oh, Renee. I really think it was just an unflattering look or bad day. Her eyebrows need help and that's not the most flattering hair style for her forehead. These articles and before and after photos circulated last fall too and people freaked out then ( She just looks like she lost a lot of weight. I'm sure going up and down for Bridget Jones caused premature aging and when she lost her full face, she instantly looked older. I could care less what kind of procedures people do to make themselves feel better. Boobs, face, lipo, lasers. It's your money and your body! Unfortunately drastic changes can cost you work in Hollywood, which is sad. I think it was shocking for people that haven't seen her in a while, but it's not THAT bad. I always thought she was adorable with her full face and squinty eyes!

  37. Is that Gus in the scarf?! He looks thrilled haha. I think I'll have to get that umbrella. Now I just try to see where people's feet are when I'm walking. And I'm totally guilty of not looking in the mirror when I leave. Think for awhile, but France is freakin awesome.

  38. Oh pugs dressed up! So cute! Oh the walking dead is such a good show!! Please watch it. lol

  39. I want that umbrella and the sparkly shoes!

  40. I almost bought one of those umbrellas the other day but they didn't have the color I wanted!!!
    I'm with you on keeping my laugh lines... I was just telling a girlfriend the other day that they're GOOD wrinkles to have b/c it means you smile/laugh a lot! :)
    How does elderberry taste? I'm fighting a NASTY cold right now and I'd drink the blood of a virgin if I knew it'd help kick it.

  41. I just bought a pair of black tights from Spanx. I got them at Kohls. They are super comfortable and very opaque. Plus they're spanx, so that's a bonus.

  42. Breaking Bad was the best show, ever. We just finished it (well I finished it, Jason was re-watching with me), and I am bummed it's over! Also, I didn't even realize that was Renee Zellweger! Costumes on pets is just never not funny to me :)

  43. I went to France a couple of summers ago with my friend and it was incredible! I would definitely recommend :)

    I like Spanx tights- they are on Rue La La now.

  44. Have you seen the Pugs not Drugs campaign? Haha. Saw it and totally could see Gus as the head spokesdog for all the kids in school. He could use his siblings as examples on why not to take drugs. It would make him feel more like a King....


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