Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. To borrow a phrase from the basic bitches, I literally can't even...Geege is in the background going thank God I don't have to wear clothes..much.
2. Speaking of Geege, is he the sweetest boy? People who think dogs are boring, I'm finished now.
3. Week three of le October Wallet Watch. Desire to buy things is at an all time high. Good thing I put my thinking cap on in September and budgeted for Christmas gifts this month. I bought some of those this week. I need to be jumping on this since we're on vacation in December. Are you watching your wallet? How are you doing?

4.  The November Choose Your Own Adventure Goal Challenge theme is ORGANIZE. If you need help in this area, check out this month's issue of Real Simple as you're setting up your goals for next month! I just finished reading it, and while I wouldn't say they're the 76 greatest tips of all time, there are a few gems in there.

5. Are you guys familiar with Liz at Fitness Blondie? Liz also food preps every Sunday, so if you're into that check her posts out on Sunday nights. You can find some of her clean eating recipes here and some of her most popular posts here, including some I love like weight lifting 101 for women (pin that one!), leg training 101 for women (pin that too!), and happiness is a choice.

6. Is it just me or does it look like Kanye has moobs? Discuss.
7. Toes in  Zoya - Aubrey, nails in Essie - Merino Cool. I wanted to say fuck it and get my nails done too but wallet watch and all - that shit was not budgeted so I did them at home.

8.  Remember back in April when I talked about giving myself a break and getting a cleaning lady to come in once a month? I'd like to update you on the fact that that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and has been worth every penny I have saved and then spent on it. There's nothing like coming home to a clean house that you were not responsible for cleaning: everything is beautifully clean and perfectly in place and the dogs have only shed 9 billion hairs in the time since the lovely lady has left. Since I clean on a rotation, it frees up a few nights one week a month for me, and that is really awesome. If I can buy time, I will. It makes me feel like I've beat the clock. Winning.

9.  I've been quieter than usual about political and social shit in the world right now and I'm boring myself, so sorry if I'm boring you too recently. Anyway. I'm annoyed by the people freaking the fuck out about ebola and I'm annoyed by the people acting like ebola is no big deal. Isn't it more likely that it's somewhere in the middle of those two extremes? Do you guys remember where the middle is? It's a place where we can't seem to meet anymore...on any topic.

We're very fucking concerned about being right, knowing it all, identifying others who agree with us, and finding a fucking internet article to support our stance. We allow every issue, big and small, to polarize us. We've stopped talking to each other, listening to each other, or having any interest in any way of thinking that's not our own. If you turn your brain off from anything that's outside of how you typically think, how do you expect to grow?

This is not Mean Girls - we don't need to agree on everything, we don't win the admiration of others by showing people up, and I actually can sit with you. This is adult life where we discuss topics and still part as friends when we disagree as long as we show some respect for other human beings while we're doing it.

If you automatically think people who disagree with you are stupid without thinking where they're coming from or considering facts they present, you should be calling your own intelligence into question. 

p.s. The United States Govt could stop pointing fingers across the aisle and actually work together to figure out some policies, procedures, and research on this matter too. Get your shit together, government.
10. Ecard of the week. Sorry, I think Columbus was a dildo.

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  1. We only get CNN in the break room at work, and it's 24 hours of Ebola tv. Yes, it is important right now, but it's like they're trying to scare people on purpose. I wish NPR would just do all the news.

  2. 3. I'm doing great with the wallet watch, no Starbucks in 16 days woohoo!

    9. YES YES YES AND YES. I hate discussing politics with anyone anymore. I don't understand why nobody can have their own opinion? The media is all about scaring people about Ebola. I just keep watching for cases in Colorado....which happened tonight eek

  3. So much to comment on! First of Mae and Geege?!?! So freaking cute! Mae is awfully stylish in her clothes! Geege is just happy you found yourself a girl dog so he can stay out of some shenanigans!

    Ohhh I totally need to organize some stuff so I will start working on my goals for next month now so I have a plan of action! Because lets be is something I suck at sometimes.

    Kanye totally has man boobs. Probably his ego ran out of room in his head and his boobs are taking over. Fucking douche canoe. I can't stand his ass! I am LOVING your finger nail polish! That color is fabulous.

    And preach it sister!!! I am going to admit, I wasn't super alarmed by ebola at first. I was aware of it, I knew of the issues, and I knew what the disease actually was. But then last week when there was an ebola scare at two of the very airports that I would be going through, it hit a little harder. Then I saw 10 people from South Africa boarding my plane and I just knew that was the end. Haha. I mean, I know South Africa isn't the same "area" as the real issue....but it is the same continent! And why, for the love of everything good in the world, why are they letting people from that area that are directly in contact with the infected to travel back here!?!?! Cant they quarantine them over there until they know they aren't showing symptoms then let them come home? Meeting in the middle went out the door with common sense, Steph. Everyone thinks they are always right. You have no clue what you are talking about. Or at least, that seems to be the general consensus lately....

  4. yes--that's the thing that aggravates me about people. i can have a different beliefs system on anything and be totally fine being a friend or having a conversation with someone who believes differently. but some people just can't be friends with someone different from them. it's a shame, that narrow-mindedness

  5. Lol - love the ecard! It's unfortunate that we're taught such great things about him as children and then as adults discover it's all totally false. It's worse than Santa Claus. And I agree with you that there seems to be very little middle ground these days. I get frustrated by the smug self righteousness I see every time a political issue comes up. It's usually easier to just shut my ears, because entering the conversation is pointless when everyone's mind is already closed.

    I might become a dog clothing person. It's just so cute!!!

  6. I have to say I don't know what to think about the Ebola. When I hear them speaking about containment units I feel like I am watching a movie. Mae...poor Mae lol.

  7. I feel that I'm in the middle on the ebola issue, I don't feel it's anything to totally freak out about right now but I also don't think it's something we shouldn't be concerned about. I'm hoping the government and the CDC can get this under control and that airlines will crack down and not allow international travel out of the countries where it's spreading like wild fire.

  8. I've been wanting to get a cleaning lady in, even if it's just once to do a deep clean, for a while now...I think I might have to start researching it!

  9. When I go back to work, a cleaning lady is one of the first things that is happening. Even if it's just to do a deep clean once a month or something, there are times when actual time is worth the money spent to free it up. I mean, jeeze, I don't have a job and it's challenge to keep up with what PJ destroys!!

    Also, that color on your fingernails? Swoon. I rarely paint my nails though, it never, ever looks good!

    Lastly- Organize November? I'm in.

  10. So glad you are loving the cleaning lady.
    I'm right in the middle with you regarding Ebola. I cannot stand the people freaking out OMIGODLOCKYOURWINDOWS!! DONTGOOUTSIDE! EBOLAISCOMING!!! I literally can't even. Yes, it's scary. Yes, there have been huge mistakes, but unfortunately, things like this are a learning process. There are only 4 hospitals in the US who have been trained and have proper equipment for this. Why that TX hospital thought they could treat that patient is deplorable, and Thomas Duncann should have been transferred to Emory the second they realized he had ebola. The blame the nurses are getting is enraging. People truly have no idea the things healthcare workers are exposed to on a daily basis, and we should be getting medals to put our lives a risk in order to save others. Sorry... off my soapbox.
    Wash your hands. Sneeze in your elbows. Be aware.

    Mae is Queen Bee indeed! And Geege's little tongue. So cute!

  11. Kanye definitely has moobs and the sad part is that they are almost as big as Kim's cleavage.

    As for Ebola, I'm not panicked but I am PISSED that the CDC and the Dallas hospital has totally blown it when it comes to taking care of Ebola patients in the US and making sure it doesn't spread. I mean a CDC employee told nurse two she would be okay to travel on an airplane with a fever. What in the actual fuck?

  12. I honestly can't handle anything after those cute photos of your pups - I want one now!!

    I totally forgot I had Essie Merino Cool in my nail polish collection and now I'm going to paint them that color this weekend!! Great job with your wallet watch!

  13. Yep Kanye totally has moobs. Ugh Kanye...
    Also, yes to the ebola thing. My mom and aunt are both freaking out about it and while concerned I'm not on their end of thinking the entire country is going to be knocked out by this thing...

  14. Your dogs are too much. Makes me almost want a dog... :)

    My cousin is a cleaning lady, and we have her come about once a month- sometimes twice- and like you, it has been the best thing. Just the amount of relief it brings is incredible AND it motivates me to keep the house way clean. I don't feel the least bit guilty or badly about it.

  15. So, being in Texas, all of our local stations have reporters sitting outside the hospital in Dallas and that's all they want to talk about. I'm going to Dallas this weekend - the trip has been planned for months. And, I'm going to an NFL game (hello, germs). I'm going to bathe my hands in purell at every opportunity, only eat foods that can be eaten with a fork or on a stick (nachos are too risky), and hope that no one else's bodily fluids come near me. At this point, what else can I do? People are nuts.

    Anyway. Love your dogs, your nail color, and the cleaning lady!

  16. haha i love your statements "christopher columbus is a dildo" I think i spit out diet coke. and YEAH can the government just work together on anything? no, okay. great. kanye, yikes.

  17. The pup's face!!! He's officially my favorite!!! As to Ebola, I woke up to helicopters yesterday morning. BECAUSE THE SECOND CASE IS A BLOCK OVER FROM ME. IN MY APARTMENTS. But really? I'm just pissed that news woke me up at 5am on a deadline day. Hospital staff/CDC totally dropped the ball. There's more but fighting bad information isn't my specialty.

  18. Oh Ebola...I've been entertaining myself reading the comments on news articles. Some of these people need foil hats.

  19. Love the toes and fingernails!! And I love that you now have a cleaning lady. I guess since I'm not working, I'm the cleaning lady... but, try cleaning with a 7 1/2 month old! And seriously, moobs?! I die!!!

  20. I love pugs - their squishy smush faces are too much for me! Bring on all the PUGGIE PICTURES!

    I'm not actively following the October wallet watch - but overall - we have been pretty good about our spending this month - even with our Stay-cation Honey moon. I was impressed with our thrifty-ness.

    Kanye appears to be trying to compete with Kim in the boob category... There is definitely a LOT of side boob going on with him. ICKY

    Cleaning lady? Oh man - One a week or every other week would help me out SO much - just to do those extra things I hate doing. Like the dusting - or mopping. Maybe I should look into that....

    I find it thoroughly frustrating that people need to take extreme sides in EVERYTHING. I have my own opinion, but please, tell me yours - because maybe I'm being an ASSHAT.

    Grar - close minded people bug the $#!T out of me.

    PS: I love mean girls!

    DOUBLE PS: Meme made me snort - but, for me, Columbus day ALWAYS gives me a three day weekend on my BIRTHDAY!

  21. Love the pictures of the doggies! I could totally stare at the one of him sticking his tongue out all day haha. I would much prefer to see more of that online than news articles blaming this person for that and that person for ebola. It's just too much mud slinging right now.

  22. I just can't stand Kanye period. I wanted a mani/pedi & had plans on getting them this coming weekend or next week but I'm trying so hard not to spend money on unnecessary things when I have 2 big trips coming up this month.

  23. I miss my cleaning lady so much! Apparently it's hard to find someone in my new town (although maybe I haven't looked hard enough) so in the meantime we are all having to pitch in and clean up after ourselves... turns out we are pretty disgusting human beings.
    I didn't end up doing a formal wallet watch, which is good since I ended up taking advantage of a few sales on clothes (which I really did need), but I also bit the bullet on paying off a big chunk of debt, so I feel good about that.
    I'm trying to remain calm about Ebola but I actually had a dream last night that I had and was spreading it to other people. Yikes! Apparently I'm a bit more worried than I am letting on!

  24. Shut up with Mae's jacket! I love it so much...yea, don't even get me started on people and their "opinions" of one can agree and everyone is wrong, and I am so tired of trying to even voice my thoughts without someone giving me their notions without being respectful and listening to mine...OY!

  25. Oh em gee, the Ebola thing, YESSS. Spot on sister friend. I mean, yeah it's scary as shit but seriously. Get a grip people. Second, Kanye totes has moobs. Ugh, I just can't stand him. Kim really screwed her life up when she decided to let Reggie Bush go. Shit out of luck on that one, Kimmy.

  26. Have you read The Oatmeal's essay on Columbus? SPECTACULAR.

    To quote the basic bitches, I can't even with this Ebola thing. And the people on FB spreading misinformation back and forth is making it worse. The government needs to get its shit together and this panic right in the middle of midterm elections is a fucking nightmare to watch.

    Kanye is also a disaster. Yuck.

  27. I do think ebola is a big fucking deal, but I'm okay with it if you don't agree :) The government absolutely does need to get it's shit together.
    Kanye totally has moobs, look at that!
    If anyone in the history of the world needs a Queen Bee shirt, it's Mae.
    I think I want a cleaning lady too. I need to look into how much it would cost for regular visits. About a month after I moved in, the landlord had a cleaning lady come out and it was BEAUTIFUL.

  28. Maisel is the Queen Bee, just like her mommy!! And Geege is such a sweet soul. Gussie was there first, so first born.
    All have different personalities just like us! We are so lucky to have whoever we have in our lives, good and bad.
    Everything happens for a reason. This fear that the media and the not nice power-hungry, greedy people in the world love to inflict on us is horrid. I love when I hear good news stories. I know bad things happen, but JMJ! The K's,J's and Kanye- I try to ignore as much as possible, he is too negative, and they are media whores who have made a fortune and then complain about the media. #goaway. He does look like he has moobs and I still can't get over why women want big wide heineys. I know we have stretch demin, but really.
    Love reading your thoughts always.
    Love, your MOMMA

  29. Love that purple/grey nail color. I was looking for something similar for my toes and ended up with lavender which is so not a Fall color. I also follow Liz and love reading her recipes workouts, and food preps.

  30. Your dogs are so cute I want to squeeze them and then eat them up, in the nicest possible way. My wallet watch is on track... I am going to try to gather all receipts and total things up this weekend so I can finish very strong!!!

  31. Omg the doggies! So cute!! The wallet watch around here is so necessary but all I want to do is BUY ALL THE THINGS!! Seriously I would be such a good millionaire if they would give me a chance!

  32. Mae looks adorable and Geege my goodness I want puppy kisses from him! Kanye totally has moons but seriously he things his look is timeless??? Get out!!!

  33. HAHAHAHA i love that you just called Christopher Columbus a dildo

  34. I really wish I could unsee that picture of seriously just burned into my brain.....WTF on so many levels but guys never need to wear low cut tanks ever!!!!!

  35. Totally not into matching spouse outfits. Kanye, just because Kim wears a low cut dress does not mean you need to wear one too.

  36. OMG number 6 literally made me L-O-L hahahaha

  37. Very well said re: Ebola. I'm annoyed at people freaking out, I'm annoyed at people acting like it's no big deal.

  38. canada learned a hell of a lot from SARS and with these types of rapid, highly infectious diseases, it's pretty much trial/error - you go through a hell of a lot of errors before you learn so i read earlier today that canada is keeping an eye out for any folks coming into the country via red zones, donating $30M to africa to help and also donating a huge amount of ebola vaccines to countries who need it most. while ebola is scary as shit, it's important to stay informed, understand that it is a very real threat but just don't freak out about it or ignore the whole thing!

  39. The Ebola thing makes my head hurt. Some people on Facebook need to chill. I'm thisclose to hiding some people on there.

    Kanye is just ick. He has a face that I just want to punch.

  40. I don't understand people who find dogs boring or don't like them. If you don't like dogs, there is something wrong with you.

    Kanye totally has moobs. I wonder if he tries to look that douchey at all times or if it just comes naturally? I mean, I totally have bitch resting face, but I can at least crack a smile once in awhile.

  41. I think people forget that the media talks about what it wants, when they want. They also tell it from whatever point of view this wish. I try to watch the news for weather and/or general knowledge, but I rarely take things they say to heart.

    Also, I hate Columbus. I have an anti-Columbus Day lesson I usually do. I forgot this week, so maybe next week. Have you read Peoples' History of the U.S. by Zinn?

  42. Number 6! I giggled when i first saw the photo because hey, they both have cleavage! Matching indeed.

  43. Sometimes I feel like if Obama said the Earth was round people would find a way to disagree with him. I wish folks could move to the center without feeling like they wouldn't get reelected.

    October wallet watch is going great...haven't purchased any clothing item, wooooo! I have been eyeing things I'm going to buy in November so I'm not sure if I can consider it a success or not.

  44. I saw a cartoon the other day that showed an obese man smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol who was freaking about ebola. I laughed out loud and then felt guilty about it. While I don't find any of these things funny, it shows that there are people in the world that freak out about these headlines yet they are completely irresponsible with other aspects of their life that are likely putting them in more danger.

    I also was quite concerned to find out that a few friends of mine who WORK IN HOSPITALS didn't even know how Ebola was transferred. Thanks for letting me vent here. Happy Saturday!

  45. I actually couldn't resist picking up that copy of Real Simple last time I was at the store. It is still waiting to be read though! I am glad it was a good buying choice.

  46. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Columbus either. Seattle changed the holiday to Indigenous Peoples' Day, which sounds stupid, but I totally agree with. Of course it caused an uproar on Facebook by idiots who say they hate being pc. How about open a book and learn about what really happened! I don't know enough about Ebola to be anything other than in the middle. It's hard to figure out who to trust right now. I almost bought some Christmas presents a few days ago but put them back. I have to remember that there will be coupons in about a month! On a lighter note, Merino Cool is one of my favorites!


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