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Things I hate: stores being open on Thanksgiving

This is a re-post from November 2012, with an addition on the bottom.
This is a re-post from November 2012, with some additions on the bottom. I thought it was important to share it again with even more stores opening on Thanksgiving this year.

The last time I checked the Thursday before Black Friday was called THANKSGIVING and has been for almost 400 years since those Pilgrims broke bread with the Indians in 1621. Its symbols are the turkey and the family around the table, not the shopping cart.
I'm livid that stores are open on Thanksgiving. Open at 5 a.m., 3 a.m., whatever, on Black Friday and be done with it. While I'm not a Black Friday shopper and never have been, I know that some people love it and it's part of their tradition to kick off the season. I'm not begrudging any shopper or retailer Black Friday.

Opening stores on Thanksgiving is another story entirely. I think that flat out sucks. The fact that those employees have to leave their family on a relaxing and lovely holiday of thanks to man a cash register so people can get an extra $100 off electronics is ridiculous. And you people leaving your homes to go to stores on Thanksgiving, what are you doing? Stay home! Shop online if you absolutely must shop.

I like shopping as much as the next person. And I love love love a good deal. Do I need the good deal so badly that I'd sacrifice my lazy Thanksgiving night in my pajamas with my family? Not on your life. Even in years when money was tight, I wouldn't consider it - because time with my people is worth more than a material gift. As for those crazy must have kid gifts, they'll live if they don't get it - I did and you did too. I'm sure they'd rather have the memory of a full relaxing day and night with their parents than the gift they'll forget by the time they're 18. And if you're going out after they're in bed, that doesn't mean the lady ringing you up at Toys R Us isn't missing out on a night home with her older kids who are still up.

What's wrong with us as a society? We need to stop being consumers first and humans second. If none of us showed up at the stores, they'd stop opening on Thanksgiving and taking people away from their families.

Don't give me the whole "they knew what they were getting into when they took a job in retail" noise either. Stores never used to open on Thanksgiving. It wasn't a given. It's corporate greed and it's bullshit. So even if you hate your family and can't wait to get away from them, think of the person working in the store that might really want to be home with their loved ones.

It's out of control. Vote with your wallet! Stay home on Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and some late night turkey to fortify yourself for the Black Friday shopping you may or may not do. Start shopping now to spread out your spending so you don't need to be out on Thanksgiving doing it. If you need an activity or are alone that night, visit friends, take a walk, binge watch a show you've been wanting to see, or consider volunteering to help those in need. I'd rather vacuum my furniture to give me something to do over going to a store where my presence takes someone away from their family and friends. "So I want to go shopping, so what?" So stop thinking of only yourself.

I'll be shopping for gifts in these stores this holiday season, because they aren't open on Thanksgiving:
DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse
Pier 1 Imports
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
BJ's Wholesale Club
Crate and Barrel
Barnes & Noble

Not these stores, because they are open on Thanksgiving:
Target - you are now relegated to being the place where I buy my socks and toilet paper, friend. No gifts for you.
Toys ''R'' Us
Best Buy
Big Lots
Shoe Carnival
Michaels Stores

(source of stores open/closed on Thanksgiving - Boycott Black Thursday page on Facebook)

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  1. It is such a shame that companies can't just let a holiday be a holiday anymore. I will not be shopping on thanksgiving or Black Friday unless it is online. Corporate greed foolishness.

  2. i'm the same way--it will get earlier and earlier! ridic

  3. Thank you for that list and the fb page. Greed. It's why Christmas decorations are already in stores. Hate it.

  4. Macy's opens at 6pm on Thanksgiving. The man ringing us up last week was saying he can't go to PA to celebrate with his family. I CAN'T EVEN

  5. I could not agree with you more, it sickens me that these stores keep opening earlier and earlier. It's called Black Friday... last year I started calling it "Black Turkey" because it's Turkey day! I feel awful for those poor employees and their families that are affected by it too. I'll be relaxing at home with my family and a copious amount of food and wine instead ;-)

  6. I like that you compiled a list of stores. I'm not really a Black Friday shopper…usually I'll wander out in the evening if I feel the need.

    However, as someone who worked in a restaurant 3 Thanksgivings in a row AND as someone who has spent Thanksgiving without family for the last few years, I don't care if stores are open on Thanksgiving. Living by myself or if it's just Scott and I, we welcome the opportunity to have something to do that day. Plus, it's one of the biggest days for movie theaters (as is Christmas) and I don't see a vigilante group trying to take down the cinemax.

    (Not that you're a vigilante..though, that would be kinda cool :)

    1. I don't agree with the movie theaters being open on Thanksgiving either. As for Christmas, well that's not everyone's holiday. I can't really argue that well without inserting religion into things.

      I get wanting to do something that day, but not at the price of my entertainment meaning someone else has to come in and work at that store so I can be out and about. I'd rather sit home and pick my nose like all good vigilantes. hahaha

  7. I love this post SO much! Seriously, can I repost some of it on my blog? For real. It's everything I want to say. And I loathe Black Friday shopping completely. Pushy crowds of people? No thank you. I'll do my shopping online the weekend after Thanksgiving. :)

  8. I hate this whole Black Thursday bull$#!t. I hate how corporate America is taking the complete meaning of the holidays away.

    My ex's mom - Is a manager of a retail store - and she works EVERY HOLIDAY. It's sickening.

  9. We have these things called blue laws in a specific part of NJ (bergen county to be exact) and the mall isn't open on Sundays/Holidays and they are even restricted to opening only at 6am-7am (not sure) on Black Friday. The blue laws are really a pain in the ass sometimes if you want to go shopping on a normal day but they definitely come in handy for employees right about now.

    I can't stand that stores are open on Thanksgiving either, especially as early as 6pm.

  10. I have never shopped the day of or after Thanksgiving for Christmas or whatever is on sale. You can catch me, stuffing my face with lots and lots of pie and turkey. People get hurt that way. And who the hell wants to be walking around shopping with a bunch of mad people? Pfffft. Not this chick! I am so with you!

  11. We all have too much stuff, anyway. I know you kids love that we give money at Christmas and birthdays. It fits everyone. And eliminates much of my shopping. And you get what you want or need.
    I know the economy needs us to shop, but it is way out of hand. Such a way different world. It's the greed that needs to go. I think I only went on Black Friday one time to get you a cabbage patch doll. But that was on FRIDAY.
    On another note, it is one of my favorite meals. Stay home and enjoy everybody!
    Love, your Momma

  12. It makes me so sad that these people won't get to spend the day with their family!

  13. Thanks for the list at the end. Very helpful!

    My mother in law works retail and her store is open on Thanksgiving. They did it for the first time 3 years ago and just thinking about it sends me into a blind rage. It angers me even more that it's the managers and salespeople who are working while those who make the decisions about keeping the stores open get to enjoy the holiday with their families without the pressure of having to work. If the frontline people have to work so should the decision makers.

    That said, if someone wants to work on Thanksgiving, let them. Let them earn overtime and cover for the people who want to stay home with their families. And if no one wants to work, close the damn store. No one needs anything that badly (unless it's medication).

  14. I don't even really go shopping on Black Friday let alone Thanksgiving. If I do go shopping on Friday it most certainly isn't at the crack of dawn.

  15. I worked at Target last year, and will probably work there again this year for some extra moolah. I didn't work on Thanksgiving because they gave us a choice. I don't even celebrate Thanksgiving, but it was important to my MIL. If a store makes people work, and doesn't give them the day off, that's not fair. There are plenty of people (like me) who don't care because they don't celebrate it,and could work for them. That being said, there were more people in the store Thanksgiving night than Black Friday. Crazy, right? I guess some people want to get away from their family ;)

  16. Give me cyber monday, any day ;) People suck. People suck in groups and in stores. People suck exponentially more in groups and stores on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Everyone stay home.

  17. LOVE this post!! I think the stores are opening because there are so many people these days who don't celebrate and they just need to shop. I think it's a disgrace and I won't shop at any store that is open on Thanksgiving. The joke is on the shoppers, the sales they have on thanksgiving and Black Friday, are NOT the best sales. It's all just hyped up. I don't even shop on Black Friday anymore. You can get better deals closer to Christmas.

  18. I love this!! I couldn't agree more. I also like how you list the stores that won't be open. Good to know!

  19. Blech - even Black Friday shopping kinda bugs me... mostly because I hate crowds but don't those retail workers deserve a long holiday weekend with their families too? That's just a dream, obviously. I'm all about the online shopping!

  20. I like a day off from everything, although as a person who has worked in the security/law enforcement industry we often move our holidays around to accommodate working family. From nurses to police dispatchers we should all enjoy family time so if it means we celebrate on Saturday so be it.

  21. I wholeheartedly agree with you -it's awful that they make these poor people work!! OMG Thank Goodness Home Goods is on your good list - I'm so there. Lmao - *gaps* Target how could you! I love Target I can't - I won' tbe there on Black Friday- I will probably be at home sleeping off my coma because Id on't like traffic and I don't need anything at 4AM on a Friday morning. It can wait. Take Care Stephanie! -Iva

  22. Thursday is always spent with family on Thanksgiving. Friday morning is also spent with family for breakfast and then driving 2 hours home. I did attempt to shop on Black Fri one year and it lasted less than an hour. Cyber Monday is my jam!

  23. Thanks for providing a list! These are really good points and I absolutely agree with you. Retail workers have to work the worst hours, especially in 24 hour stores, and there should be at least a couple days that they know they can count on spending with their families. The worst part about being open on the holidays? They can't request off for those days, because everyone wants them off. So they have no say in their own lives. I'm not a huge fan of black Friday craziness anyway, so not shopping on Thanksgiving will be easy for me, but I'm definitely going to encourage my friends and family to follow suite.

  24. I totally agree. And thanks for including the list - it's good to see! I don't understand why all of the deals could just be online that day? It's sad that our family time is being ruined by greed of money.

  25. Love the list, even though Toys R Us, Target, and Best Buy are on it and that's normally where I do most of my shopping. Disappointing to see them on the list, but you're right, it's just corporate greed and it's ridiculous.

  26. Steph, this post wins the damn internet. I have never shopped on Black Friday and never will but the stores opening on Thanksgiving like that is atrocious... when does it end? Thanksgiving night I will be bloated as can be and cuddled on the couch. This is ridiculous. I "liked" the page on FB... thanks for sharing.

  27. I am a huge Black Friday shopper! My mom and I have a tradition every year since I was a wee little junior shopper. However, I am also a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I love nothing more than to spend time with my family and have dinner with Chris's parents and my mom. So therefore, no matter how early the stores open or what deals they are trying to lure us in with, I refuse to let it take over my Thanksgiving. Now, will I start out at 10pm that evening and shop well into the next day? Yeah, probably so. Or at least that is what I have done the last two years....but I wish everyone would wait until FRIDAY to actually open! It is a bit ridiculous!

  28. I don't like crowds, so I stay away from Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping anyway. I prefer to do my shopping on my computer in my PJs. However, I am kind of a hypocrite, I guess, because I LOVE watching football on Thanksgiving. Eating way too much then yelling at the Cowboys on tv is Thanksgiving to me. I know all the people that work at the stadiums and to broadcast the games have to work on Thanksgiving, so I do hate that for them...However, I don't hate it enough to ever stop watching.

  29. I will never understand the shopping on Thanksgiving thing. I want to cook and eat, watch football and hang with my family!!! It's not a holiday if I have to go out and do stuff, like go to Wal-mart. I try to do as much online as I can now because I really, really hate shopping!

  30. I am totally with you on this! I have friends and family who have been traditional Black Friday shoppers for years and they LOVE going out to do their Christmas shopping for a variety of reasons. The deals, the camaraderie, spending more time with family, and getting excited for Christmas are all great reasons to shop Black Friday. Me, no way. I did it once and the crowds were terrible, people were mean and nobody gives a shit about anybody except themselves. Tell me, where is the holiday spirit in that?

    Now add to it that some stores will be open Thanksgiving Day - means they cannot possibly be happy to be away from their families for these deals. Maybe they are... but it is ridiculous if they are glad to be away. If that is the case, why are they Christmas shopping anyway?!!! No way will I do it. I love family time and I love cherishing that special day.

  31. I have never been a Black Friday fan, I just can't deal with the crowds and how terrible some people are over it. I 100% agree that the consumer should speak with their wallets and not show up until 5am Friday (if that is their thing). It's very, very sad for stores to be that greedy. I'm currently off Target anyway b/c of a terrible customer service experience with them.

  32. I'm no fan of stores being open on holidays, either, but I also haven't really gotten the experience of Thanksgiving as a 'day for family' either. Angel always worked, hoping to get either Christmas or New Years off that way, my family lives overseas, a few of my aunts who are nurses also work--most other people hang out with their own families. (And we'll be celebrating on a Saturday this year and inviting all of our neighbors over for a feast, we're both teaching on the actual Thursday, of course). I guess my lifestyle has determined pretty much that no day is sacred, and I'll just take my family-time and holiday celebrating when I can get it!

  33. I used to be a big Black Friday shopper with my mom, but I hate the idea of cutting Thanksgiving short just to get an extra discount. Besides, Cyber Monday is WAY better :)

  34. I'm with you! And I'm copying that list so I remember where to shop!! Thanksgiving Day is meant to be celebrated with family and friends, not out shopping!

  35. No reason to be open on holidays except for greed.

  36. There was one blog post I read last year from a single mom who likes to shop on Thanksgiving because her kids go to their dad's house on Thanksgiving and she can do all her holiday shopping in peace. So, that gave me a new perspective on those that need (more) to shop on Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I agree that most people shopping on Thanksgiving probably don't need to be and really at fault are the stores who are opening on Thanksgiving. Though some people like the overtime pay, most people I see working during the holidays don't want to be there. I thought things were crazy when stores started opening on midnight for Black Friday. When they started opening on Thanksgiving, I gave up on the human race ;).

  37. I'm not into it either. I only want movie theaters open on Thanksgiving. Haha! I think grocery stores should be closed too. We all know when Thanksgiving is, we can plan ahead! I have friends that had to work on Thanksgiving. Two HATED it, but they were managers so they worked 16+ hours, but the others didn't mind. They timed their meals around their work schedule and got paid double time, which helped with their own holiday fund. I'm still against it and I don't participate. I don't take part in Black Friday either because I can't handle it, but I know a lot of people depend on those sales and doorbusters. I'll be shopping online from the beach in San Diego this year! And then there's my favorite...Cyber Monday!

  38. Being open on Thanksgiving is just ridiculous. Walmart I can kiiiinda see because of the groceries and people grabbing last minute items... but even then - it should only be for a few hours in the morning, not all day!

  39. I have always hated Black Friday and I'm right there with you on these places being open on Thanksgiving. It's absurd and ridiculous!

  40. I'm totally on board with this. Totally unnecessary to shop on a holiday. Besides the fact that I would rather give up my Kindle than stand in holiday crowds/lines, it's just not fair for the employees.

  41. I avoid black Friday shopping like the plague -- people are way too crazy. Not to mention I prefer to spend my Thursday stuffing my face with delicious food.


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