Thursday, September 18, 2014

where it's at! I got two turntables and a microphone.

I don't even like that song. Anyway once upon a time I had a grand plan of doing a post like this once a month. Dreams can be reborn, am I right? Anyway, here's where I am currently.

Anticipating...the weekend. Isn't everyone?

Buying...lots of wardrobe upgrades. It's time for an overhaul. October spending freeze might be a good idea given the wardrobe overhaul.

Learning...I need to leave earlier than normal now that school is in session. I learn this every fall when people drive like dillholes every morning. How does that make sense? Kids back in school, let's drive like bigger assholes than we do when they're out of school.

Reading...Overseas by Beatriz Williams. I'm intrigued even though the only time I was into time travel was The Time Traveler's Wife and that took some self-convincing.

Feeling... like it's not Thursday without an ecard of the week, so
Smelling...Nothing. Allergies.

Working fall goal list. You'll see it on Tuesday.

Needing...a really good night of sleep. Make that a stretch of good nights of sleep.

Keeping up with...the fitness goals I set for the Choose Your Own Adventure challenge. I sucked the first week and a half and am finally in a good rhythm. How are you doing with it?

Watching...House of Cards and The Wire on Netflix. I'm keeping up with Under the Dome too. I have not set my sights on fall TV yet. oldest friend Jen a very happy birthday today.

Disliking...the amount of crackheads who've been hanging around Center City asking for money recently

Wearing...3/4 sleeve top from LOFT this spring, flats that I leave at work because they hurt my feet for things other than walking around the office, and the ankle length pixie pants from Old Navy I prefer to all other pants recently. Three day old hair and no makeup because it's Wednesday and I got less than six hours of sleep last night.
Hating...the bastard mosquito that is living in the bedroom and has eaten me alive every night in my sleep. I've seen it land on me a few times when the light is still on but I haven't been fast enough to murder it.

Loving...This. Thanks for sharing it, Sister Secrets.

What's good in your hood?

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  1. I've heard a lot about the pixie pants but I haven't been to Old Navy lately. I'm ready to splurge on skinny jeans from J.Crew because I also need a wardrobe overhaul. I have no idea where to start.

    And flats kill my feet. More than heels ever could.

  2. That ecard, just yes!!!! And the dog not eating the bad grammar homework..haha!

    Ughhh damn fitness goals. I finally started entering my food in to myfitnesspal on Monday and did so for three days straight now. The rest of it I have covered.

    I need a wardrobe update something fierce! I need all the new fall clothes right now! Even though it is still in the 80's and 90's here for an undetermined amount of time. If I dress like fall and make my house smell of fall, then it will surely come...right?!?!?!?!?!

    Also, screw school traffic! WTF?!?!?!

  3. I have wanted to try the pixie pants but I'm scared to buy them without trying on. And I also have a lot of really uncomfortable can flat shoes hurt so bad?? I just bought a pair of Toms to wear for everyday now that sandal weather is drawing to a close and wow they are comfortable. Those flats of yours are cute though.

  4. If someone tells you how to quit adulthood please tell me how. I'm sucking at my fitness goals actually. One is already a complete fail but I think if I get back on the other I can still complete it. Life is just too much sometimes.

  5. I want to quit adulthood too. I want nap time and snack time all day every day. The wallet vomit I have done lately requires a no-spend month too. My fitness is not as good as I hoped but really i was dumb to consider doing anything in September because I just want to crash at the end of the workday.

  6. OMG the pixie pants are the same length pants you kids made fun of me for wearing. JMJ JMJ JMJ
    On the sleep thing- I used to sleep like a baby when I was your age on up until like 50- then it went to hell.
    God knows why you younger girls are not able to sleep. I know I had a ton going on in my brain then, but after
    Sean slept thru the night, I was golden. Godspeed for good sleeps for all! Damn the mosquitoes. They see me and say here comes dessert. I am too sweet. LOL!
    Happy Birthday Jen!!! Lights to the crackheads.
    Another beautiful end of summer day! Enjoy!
    Love your MOMMA

  7. haha I love the meme!! I have a phobia for bad grammar too ugh. Also school traffic sucks anywhere in the world apparently UGH

  8. Hashtag... Pixie Pants look awful on your girl over here.

    That dog picture is so freaking funny!

  9. That dog is awesome! Sleep is a fickle bit h lately. My weekend of madcap fun begins after lunch! Have a great one!

  10. Yeah uhm...the school traffic? I could do without it. And if you find out who we need to speak to, I'd also like to quit adulthood. Thanks :)

  11. I was thinking about some wardrobe upgrades! But then I looked at my bank account and was abruptly reminded, "Oh yes, we did just come back from a fairly expensive vacation." Maybe next month. :P

    I've been having serious road rage lately. I don't know if it's the extra traffic from the nearby college, but as soon as we get that little extra bit of congestion, everyone's so busy trying to get around everyone else that they forget entirely about things like turn signals, passing lanes, and right of way.

  12. i'm smelling a trick or treat candle from bath and body works and it smells like heaven on a stick.

  13. I was thinking about a spending freeze, soon. I think I may need to join you in October! Sorry you're dealing with allergies, I know that's a pain in the keister.

  14. I think I need to continue my spending freeze into October as I have bought too many books this month, but at least they aren't clothes! I will have to check out that book, I loved The Time Traveler's Wife, for the longest time it was my favourite book (after P&P of course) and I still love it but I haven't read it in ages.

  15. The traffic here has been killing me this week!! My commute has doubled in time almost every day. That and lack of sleep has me so tempted to call in "sick" so I don't have to deal with it. Hoping the weekend hurries up and I think some retail therapy might be in order to calm me down! lol

  16. We love Under the Dome! You should check out The Blacklist on Netflix. James Spader at his finest.

    I need a winter wardrobe overhaul. You'd think I'd own more warm clothes for living in Alaska, but 3 sweaters and 3 cardigans with a bunch of tank tops isn't cutting it.

  17. School traffic: I'm developing a fierce dislike for a crossing guard in my town because she stops 10 cars to let 1 high school kid pass, whereas when I was a kid in the Dark Times the crossing guard would wait for 10 kids to show before inconveniencing 1 car. Okay maybe 5 kids, but this lady snarls traffic fiercely by only crossing one human being at a time. And I can't even call anyone to complain about her because what evil hag would hate on a crossing guard? Answer: me.

  18. Totally true about jerk off drivers once school is in.... way to endanger our kids! Those particular flats you are wearing hurt my feet too. I have one pair and wore it a few times, that's it. Now they are nice and dusty.

    Speaking of wardrobe overhaul, I need a few nice things to spruce up my closet. Being I live in AZ, we are still wearing dresses, shorts and things so I bought a dress on clearance. Super cute and will probably get to wear it once before it cools off. haha

    As for the mosquito, Avon Skin So Soft has a skin moisturizer that smells pleasant to us, humans, but not so good to pests. Maybe you can try it so you starve that sucker to death!

  19. I'm so glad back to school traffic is not longer a problem of mine, what is a problem of mine is all the kids and parents standing around waiting on buses when I try to talk the dogs every morning. NO YOU CAN'T PET THEM!!

  20. girl, forget about pixie pants - JEGGINGS are where it's at. i just ordered 2 pairs of them from AE.... as in leggings that look like jeans but are really leggings because ain't nobody got time for uncomfortableness. don't even care if that's not a word; i'm beyond excited about these jeggings. i'll report back when i get/wear them.

    Vodka and Soda

  21. I'm all caught up with Under The Dome too. I like it. I need to read the book now.

  22. I started House of Cards, but never finished. I'm trying to get back into Dexter, but when Scandal starts up again, it's over. I should be on a spending freeze, but I'm going to try Stitch Fix...we'll see. And sleep? UGH! It took off with my estrogen when I entered the land of peri-menopause. Someday, I'm hoping we'll all be reunited. Have a great weekend!

  23. I definitely need to do an October freeze. Especially after all the online shopping I did this morning and with a vacation coming up in November. Ugh! I can't really do time traveling stuff either. Let me know how you like Overseas though! I love your pink top. Very cute. Your three day hair is pretty great too. I can't make it after two.

  24. Fucking. Mosquitoes. Those and fruit flies are the hardest bugs to kill. They're like fucking ninjas!
    You should do a spending challenge thing again. I did really well with that set your own rules one. I need other people to suffer with me! hahah

  25. I read this post at 3 a.m. (finally able to comment!) and that god damn song has been stuck in my head all day.

    Old Navy has some pretty decent fall stuff. I don't need any work clothes until January, so I got some great casual tops from there. I have been eying up the pixie pants but haven't pulled the trigger...I think I need to go try them on in person.

    A good night and me both.

    1. Im selling eucalypt spearmint soap as I just washed my hands! A spending freeze sounds good in theory, but not happening. I will live vicariously through you if you do it. Never heard of these pixie pants, must check them out.

  26. I desperately need to get another pair of pixie pants. Also, House of Cards is going to be our first binge watch of the cold weather season. Can't wait!!!

  27. Hahah! Quitting adulthood! Me too please!!
    As for my fitness goals - I have succeed in not failing, as I never set them. Score one for me!
    And mosquitoes are Satan. Our county sprayed a few weeks ago and it was blissful. But for the past week we have had excessive amounts of rain and those bastards are back.

  28. Yeah, I'm gonna need to head to old navy to get me some of those pants!! All of mine are too big/ don't fit right and I need some new ones this week. Also, growing up is totally a trap.

    1. Pants being too big is always a good problem to have, but it can be an expensive one!

  29. This is fun!! I need to work on building a better wardrobe. Yes, to the Wire and House of Cards!!


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