Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. I remember. Never without a lump in my throat at the mere mention of the day. September 11 makes me sad, obviously, but it also makes me proud to live in a land where people take action to help others even when it means placing themselves in grave danger. We should never forget the people we lost, or that we're vulnerable; never forget life is short and unpredictable. Be inspired by the selflessness our fellow Americans showed on that day and the days and weeks that followed and take care of each other.
2. While summer is not my favorite season and I enjoy the return to routine and the general cadence of the fall season over all others, do you guys know it actually is still summer right now? It cracks me up how everyone in the world is like, "Summer don't goooo..." Then on Labor Day they're all business declaring summer over. Guys, the autumnal equinox calls the end of summer, not you. Sorry. It's not technically fall until September 22. Drink your PSLs, light your fall candles, wear your boots, pick your apples, bust out your hoodies, I don't care what you do...except when you say it's fall like it's a fact and it's actually not. That's just elementary calendar knowledge, son.

3. I sucked ass at the first week of the Choose Your Own Adventure Goal Challenge for September - fitness. I'm on it this week. It's not too late to join us!

4. I want to spend most of my free time talking about The Wire. So what if I'm coming in hot six years after it ended ? It took me about two and a half episodes to gel with it and get what it was about and how it rolled.
5. Caption this photo, "I use this to punch women!"  In my mind, no matter what you do, you should get fired from your job if you're a domestic abuser, especially if that shit is on film. Everyone in the fucking world should have a zero tolerance domestic violence policy. And no one should be making jokes about it. It's not funny, ever. To anyone justifying Rice's actions or playing the victim shame and blame game, shame on YOU. I am fucking astounded by commentary online about Ray Rice's wife. Social media is a great window into the black souls of people. As if no one has ever heard of the implications of abuse, of the cycle of abuse and why it's so hard for someone to remove themselves from an abusive situation. You know someone who did? I'm truly glad. I'll show you 500 who didn't. If someone's not strong enough to walk away, should she be fodder for further ridicule and disdain, or is her getting physically knocked out enough? Equally laughable is the notion that since she married him after, she must like it/ask for it - what The New Yorker describes as "a deep cultural misunderstanding of how violence operates. We assume that victims incite abuse, or that if the situation at home was truly threatening they would leave." Please, before you sound really ignorant, read this article on the culture of blaming the victim being the root cause of failure for the NFL in the Ray Rice case. Ray Rice's lady, I hope you find the strength to get out of this relationship. Ray Rice, I hope you get some help and that this cycle of abuse ends. There's healing to be had here. Both of you get yourselves some. A cultural change will not happen regarding domestic violence until everyone is on board, especially men - it's not something to joke about, it's not a time for you to be a smart ass and dig into the tired woman as weak gold digger mine for jokes. What if your daughter or sister was the one getting knocked out in an elevator? She probably wouldn't feel like you were someone she could turn to to escape the abuse since you have big jokes about domestic violence when it's in the spotlight. Think about it. Be a man who advocates for women. Unless you don't have the guts to.
6. How cute is Carrie Underpants and her announcement? I am late to this news, but was first on the scene with the newest Royal Baby coming earlier this week.
7.  Fall style stuff for Can't Google Everything's Fall Style Link up: New boots. Combat style. Bring back the 90s with the combat boots and the plaid shirts. That's something I can get behind. High waisted mom jeans, you can stay where you belong, in the past. Kindly disregard the dog hair on my pants.I'm in the market for a black pair as well.
8. Foreign travelers all over Chicago had these sticks they could extend for better photo taking. You can use it for the selfie, but it also works with the camera facing the appropriate way and it's great for holding over your head to get a better shot of something. You hook it to your phone's bluetooth and it can work the camera from a button on the bottom. I was like I'm totally getting one of those. MFD was like no you're not they're weird you can't pull that out on the street. I was like yes I can and I am. I got one. The End. Then we tested it out in the bathroom. Hashtag YOLO.
9. Here are some photos of pugs in life jackets from the internets. You're welcome.
10. Ecard of the week. LOLOL Some people make me laugh, some make me think, and then what some people are thinking...I wish I didn't know.

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  1. I didn't set my goal till the middle of the first week so I don't think I did great either. The comments on the Ray Rice thing bother me so much, we should be advocating for them to get help. Abuse is a vicious cycle and should never be taken lightly. Her sticking up for him is a conditioned response from the abuse she has probably endured for awhile now. It is not fall just yet but loving the new boots! The stick is totally worth it though I don't think is be brave enough to use it outside, indoor selfie for the win.

  2. I must admit I'm one of those that hate to see summer end but these 70 degree temperatures make it easy to forget it isn't Fall!

    I have those boots in tan and I adore them

    Have a nice day :)

  3. Pugs in life jackets! So stinkin cute! I want one.

  4. I'm in the market for motorcycle-style boots. Finding boots always seems like a project, albeit a fun one.

    The Wire isn't on Netflix streaming…how are you watching it? I was all excited, told Scott about it, and then…bam. No Wire.

  5. Carrie Underwood and Princess Kate are both in the running for cutest pregnant ladies ever. They give me the baby fever in my cold black heart. The Ray Rice thing makes me so ragey I had to stop reading about it. I thought we had come further than that as a society. Guess not.

  6. I'm drinking a salted caramel mocha (which I prefer to the PSLs) while thinking that I need to paint my toenails so I can wear flip flops this weekend because in South Texas, fall doesn't come until at least mid-October.

    I want to see what else you can do with your camera stick. I've never seen those before.

  7. hell yes to combat boots. i've been searching for the perfect pair; haven't found it yet. i know they'll be black but not sure of the style just yet.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. My sister sent me a message yesterday saying that she overheard in her (professional office) cafeteria someone saying "I don't know why people are making such a big deal. It's not like its illegal to punch a woman in the face." I really have no words for something like that. Not only is it so untrue as to be ridiculous, but also WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?

  9. Thank you for the Pug pictures in life jackets. Always Remember.

  10. I do not even like to write today's date. I am flooding the universe with positive energy. I am a lightworker.
    Ugh, the domestic abuse. Yesterday's Phila Inquirer had an article on the blatant ignoring of abuse by male
    police officers on their wives. UGH to the max. You know I love the summer!! Hope it's warm through October
    Cold weather lasts too long for me. Fabulous e card. Best we can't read minds. I would be screwed!
    Carpe Diem. Can't believe it's Thursday already!
    Love your MOMMA

  11. The whole fall thing made me laugh, too. Especially when I read it from my home where the forecast calls for 108* on Monday. I hang my head in sadness. I wish it were over!

  12. I have a different opinion on the Ray Rice debacle, but I don't even want to blog about it because everyone will jump down my throat. Its just a mess all around.
    Thank goodness for dogs in life jackets. Too stinkin cute.
    Hilarious that you bought that extender thing!!!

  13. It's not fall at all but I am sad to see summer go, I can always feel the "change" start about the end of August here.

    At this point I'd like to see old Roger lose his job too, did he need to see the video of the punch to know it happened from the tape that was released earlier. He's all about the PR and not at all about protecting abused women.

    I have my fingers crossed for a little royal princess baby, I think Kate would raise a kick ass girl.

  14. ACHK - Blogger totally deleted my first comment - Technical difficulties my ass.

    I am 1000% with you on the Ray Rice thing - Lots of Healing needs to happen. And I hope both people get help and make better decisions for themselves.

    Stealing your boots - seriously - don't take them off.

    Pugs in Life Jackets! THANK YOU!

    And I can't talk to certain people in real life anymore - because of their FB status updates - Too Negative - Stay AWAY!

  15. I recently found out a close friend of mine from college and after was the victim of domestic violence. The whole Ray Rice situation is framed differently for me in light of that information and I am livid at the way it's been handled. I can't even talk remotely intelligently about it because of all the emotions.

    That ecard is the truth!!!

    I love your rant about summer. Amen and preach.

  16. That camera stick is awesome! This is the first time I'm seeing one (I didn't notice anyone in Chicago using those). I can imagine the looks I'll get using it but I think it will be really handy for us bloggers.

  17. wow that e-card literally had me laughing out true!!

  18. Our weather forecast is calling for snow tonight....not excited. I guess I will be mourning fall this year:(

    I've watched my sister be an abuse victim for years now and have helped her get out many MANY times and she married him. I hate it and want to rescue her all the time but you can't help those that don't want to be helped sadly.

    That camera extender is genius!!

  19. well I'm REALLY late to the announcement since I had NO IDEA she was even pregnant!! that's pretty cute. I need that photo stick!

  20. I am so excited for Carrie + Kate its a bit sad, really.
    The whole Ray Rice - gah. I can't even talk about it, too close to home for me, and my husband keeps talking about it like it's news, which whatever, but its all ridiculous. you are right, there should be zero tolerance.

  21. Oh my, I had no idea that she was pregnant!!! I really just want her legs. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe if I wasn't such a loser on keeping up with myfitnesspal this month for my goal I would be closer. But no!

    I get really REALLY angry at all the ignorant tweets and facebook statuses surrounding the Ray Rice thing.

    Alabama will not let me forget that it is still indeed summer. It is hot as balls down here and it is getting old!

  22. I hate everyone who is all like "fall is here!" I do love fall, but fall means winter, and I am so not ready for that shit after last year. I also hate pumpkin spice lattes. I got one a few years ago and I swear to god it tasted like gravy. Never again.

    Pugs in life jackets are amazing. Have you seen the underwater dog pictures? They were out awhile ago and the guy was on the Today show this morning talking about the pictures.

  23. Love that you got a selfie stick. Now people will think you're so on top of the foreign trends.

    Joe is rewatching The Wire but I just can't get into it. Maybe I need to focus and not multi-task to get hooked.

  24. Not exactly Ray Rice related, but did you hear what Cee Lo Green said recently? I'm really not sure which incidence made me more angry. I just read the article on Yahoo- SO TRUE. On a lighter note, thanks for the pug pics! I can always rely on them for a smile!

  25. Hmmmmm that photo stick looks like something I need, but also something that people use in the city that makes me crazy. I'm a walking contradiction.

  26. I totally feel you on the Labor Day thing. I think because everyone's back in school that it feels like fall is happening, but it's not. It's 82 degrees here. We're playing in the pool and lake and going to the fair and getting in all the summer fun we can. Especially in WA because fall means lots of rain and indoor activities. You got a selfie stick?! There's a 12 year old boy always at Mariners games who uses his with players. He's adorable. I can't even get into Ray Rice. I'll explode. People are idiots.

  27. I remember too!! And I wasnt even in the US but I watched the tv as the second one hit ... sighs. Also Carrie Underwood's announcement really was the cutest!


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