Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - anniversary edition

1. Four years ago today, we were doing this. September is also the month we met in 1989 at Neshaminy Junior and the month we started dating in 2002. We've known each other a long time and born witness to the very best and worst of each other. The fourth year of our marriage has seen each of us weather the most individual challenges, which have brought about a lot of change and resulted in a big upswing for us as a couple. I'm grateful for the hard times that have made us stronger, the sense of humor that exists in our home always, and the love. Happy anniversary MFD!
2. Our fourth year of marriage has been full and pretty fun.
Sept - on our anniversary in 2013, Oct - Halloween, Nov - Thanksgiving, Dec - one of the many snow storms, Jan - New Year's Day, Feb - Mexico for the Van Riojas wedding, Mar - heading out, April - in Cape May, May - Memorial Day Covered Bridge Touring, June - Salem for the ShO'connor wedding, July - at Lori & Jacks, Aug - OCNJ, Sept - Lake Michigan
3. One week from today (Oct 2) is the linkup for Choose Your Own Adventure Goal Challenge for September - fitness. Commit to finishing strong! Then link up and let us know how you did next week. Non bloggers, be prepared to share your story in comments/on twitter/FB. Looking ahead, the theme for October is FOOD. Start thinking on your goals within the theme of food!

4. Since I'm a challengeful mofo, I'm also doing an October Wallet Watch. A few people have expressed interest in joining me, get your rules ready! If you're new here, look out for a Saturday post detailing the October Wallet Watch. To read my recap on my last wallet watch, click here.

5. Happy birthday to one of my BFFs, Amanda, who was kind enough to give me some recommendations for yesterday's September Recommendations post.

6. The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Let's discuss. This has been on my wish list for over five years and I've never pulled the trigger. It's the last item I could possibly want in the kitchen. What's stopping me? A) Since I've made it so far without it, would I use it enough to justify the price? I cook a lot and bake some. B) I could make room for storage but don't want it on my counter top. C) Is my main desire for one because I can get it in an awesome color? SO...Kitchenaid pros and cons? If you have one, how do you use it?  Help a sister out.
Image via Amazon
7. Are you familiar with The Marshalls Law? I beat it this week! I went back to get the one remaining matching mirror and it was there. I like the pseudo symmetry - it can't be level or the mirror next to the window will look weird, and I didn't want to move the one near the door.
8. Is Vegas on your list? Check out these 10 fascinating Vegas facts from Iva @ Why I'm Cray. You may also want to check out her latest edition of GTFO. She's sharing eight facts that made me shiver. Iva has a way of putting it out there that makes me want more while hiding my eyes sometimes. NUMBER FIVE. I am legitimately dying.

9.Things I loved on the Internet this week: Emma Watson's UN speech on feminism (edited to add: I originally had Emma Stone's...I always confuse them, thanks to Laura for tipping me off to my error), this freaking hilarious dog video, and 10 Things Only Your Childhood Best Friend Understands . I sent this link to my girls immediately, feeling nostalgic and fortunate to still have these friendships.

10. Ecard of the week, marriage edition - truth. My favorite is when MFD calls me at work because he can't find something.
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  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    I'm definitely joining the wallet watch! I need to kick Starbucks to the curb eek

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope your doing something fun to celebrate. I have totally bombed on the fitness challenge but I'm up for wallet watch! I love my mixer and I wouldn't trade it at all. It was a Christmas gift so I didn't have to justify the price but I do use it a dozen times a year or more and it will last a very long time!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope that you guys have an amazing day.

    I suppose I am ready to link up next week and admit where I failed, then add some more things that I am going to do about food and not follow through with those either. But fuck your wallet watch. LOL!

    I really....REALLY want a kitchenaid mixer! We have talked about it before, and I think I would actually use it. My mom uses hers all the time to make homemade noodles, pizza dough, breads, and for baking purposes.

    Yay for beating Marshall' Law! That almost never happens!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! I have kinda slacked on my challenge for the month but I will report in nonetheless. =(
    I have a Kitchenaid Mixer and... meh. I think it depends how much you bake, but in my new house we are tight on counter space and we actually decided to put it in a storage closet down the hall from the kitchen rather than take up more space on the counter. We've been here almost 2 months and I haven't gotten it out once.

  5. That ecard! Significant can't find anything. I realize I end up putting stuff away, so I have a better idea what goes where, but still. He'll buy an extra salsa because we were "out" and then I get home and "find" the old one behind the other condiments. It's usually pretty entertaining when he's completely confounded that it was in a fairly visible spot.

    Happy anniversary! I'm not entirely sure what's going on in January, but it looks hilarious!

  6. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! while every couple and individual has their ups and down throughout marriage (and life), your bond only gets stronger if you weather them and it obviously shows that you have. although i don't "know" you in real life but through your blog (which is basically the same thing, amirite?!?), i can tell what kind of people you are (awesome, kind, gentle, honest, thoughtful and loving) and you both deserve nothing but the best that life has to offer.

    as for the kitchen aid mixer - i have one and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i only use mine for baking but i'm sure if i was really fancy in the kitchen, i'd find ways to use it for cooking. i bake a lot and it makes the job so much easier. i put mine in my cupboard because it's big but i wouldn't trade it for anything. look out for sales for them; i think i got mine on sale for $89.99 (from $149 or some shizz like that).

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I've wanted a KA mixer since I was 16 when I first noticed them on Food Network. We got one at Costco in 2011 because our friends loved theirs and we had a coupon for $100 off (That is the BEST place to buy one!). They do take up counterspace but they are so pretty that it doesn't matter. I think of it as a fixture of the kitchen, like the coffeepot. Those are the only two appliances I ever have out. It's also REALLY heavy so moving it to and from a storage location isn't an option for me.
    I use it when I bake because I don't have to stand there and mix. Great for ice cream too. However, I prefer a hand mixer for dips and frostings because it's more of a concentrated mix, if that makes sense.
    Happy anniversary! That looks like such a fantastic wedding. You guys have been together for so long :)

    May be interested in a wallet watch. Will report back. (More like I *should* be interested in a wallet watch.)

  8. First off, happy anniversary!!!! secondly...let's discuss the mixer. I bought one with gift cards from my wedding. I don't keep it on my counter because counter space is limited so it is stored. Honestly, I don't use it often, but when I do, it's like the heavens open and angels sing down upon me. okay not quite, but it is pretty freaking awesome. when I make x-mas cookies I use it, I also use it to make mashed potatoes because I'm the whipped potato kind of girl, the only thing that should be referred to as chunky is soup, not potatoes (and also because it's a hell of a lot easier to mix in milk, sour cream, cream cheese, whatever your poison), and also, surprisingly to shred chicken. I know it sounds odd, but shredding chicken in the mixer is so much EASIER than trying to shred it yourself.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I don't think I've ever seen any of your wedding pics... beautiful! :-D

    As for the Kitchen Aid... DOOOOOOO it! Hands down my favorite thing about my kitchen... it makes cooking/baking so much easier and there are a ton of attachments for it that help even more.

  10. Happy anniversary!! Goals with food?! To eat none of it!! J/k... That's so not a goal that works for me. I love my kitchenaid. Use it for baking, making ice cream, my husband's favorite version of refried beans (with no fat added!), grating cheese, etc...

  11. Happy anniversary! Love Iva's posts but for some reason I can't get on her blog on my work laptop so have to remember to use my home computer. Will definitely check out her latest! Now to think if I can handle a wallet watch and food challenge. Maybe my food challenge will be bringing lunch every day which would help my wallet?

  12. Happy anniversary! I know that Tyson and I met in September/October time frame but I have no real date because clearly I'm not a real girl. :)

    A food goal for October is going to be hard for me, I'm interested to see what other people do so I can maybe steal someone's idea.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Was a fabulous wedding. I was looking at your November picture...while the snow on your Thanksgiving picture. Coldest Thanksgiving since we have been here.

  14. y'all are an awesome couple! happy anniversary!
    And yes, marshall's law. that's pretty awesome.
    I love my kitchenaid. i think it's a great tool and I get some good use out of it, despite not using it every day. I say GO FOR IT!

  15. Best wedding ever! Toes in the sand, stunning sunset, just the best weather. Everything perfect. Working on making each other better people and a better couple#PRICELESS. Always so proud of you! You are living life to the fullest.
    OMG the Kitchen Aid Mixer. Little Kitty(my KA convection oven is Big Kitty) I adore my mixer. I am a baker, tho! I have had it since we moved into this house. Little Kitty is my kitchen assistant. Can't say enough about her.
    AMEN not knowing where anything is in the house. I also love the what do we have to eat question. Should I list ALL the food in the house. LOL
    Glad you did not have this rainy day weather. Love always YOUR MOMMA

  16. Happy anniversary! My mom has a kitchenaid mixer & she loves it. What all she does with it I don't know since I don't live there...all I know is she loves it.

  17. I have a kitchen aid, it look pretty on my counter. I use it around the holidays for mashed potatoes and cookies. That's about it.... Happy HAPPY HAPPY anniversary!!!! I know it's been a twisty road this year, but I agree those are the things that make you stronger! Love you both abd hope you celebrate thing weekend!!

  18. Happy anniversary!!! Every year of marriage brings its own struggles but the best part is being able to come out the other side as a better couple.

    YES to the Kitchen Aid. My mother in law gave me hers (for FREE!) and I love it! It's worth losing the counter space and I want to buy attachments to do more cool things with it.

    I'd love to do a Wallet Watch and maybe I will. It's a crazy month for us with Scott's birthday and cheer competitions EVERY DAMN WEEKEND so I'll have no money to spend on anything else. I am ready for the fitness linkup, in which I did really well for the first half of the month and then New Orleans happened.

  19. I have a Kitchen-Aid and wanted it for YEARS as well. I really don't use it nearly as often as I should. Its very big and can be harder to clean than just a regular stand mixer and bowl so I tend to avoid using it unless I want to take a pretty picture

  20. I have a kitchenaid mixer and it rarely gets used BUT when I use it I think it's the greatest thing ever. I got mine with Amex reward points a few years ago, but I don't think they have as many color options. It mostly gets used at Chritmas when we make marshmallows and it's awesome because you can do other things instead of holding on to the mixer. But you know me, I hate the kitchen so I love anything that makes life easier. Happy anniversary! So glad you overcame Marshall's Law... it bit me in the butt the other day but it was for the best.

  21. I love my KA mixer. I have limited counter space so it does go in my cabinet below the sink but I'm not opposed to getting it out when I need it. I use it mainly for baking and mixing up meatloaf/meatball mix. It's very heavy though.

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  22. Happy Anniversary!!!! :) And YAY For a wallet watch next month- I need all the motivation I can to power through these next couple months of debt-payoff! I'd love to have a KA mixer if my tiny kitchen had ANY room in it. We're already stuffed to the max though.

  23. I've done a terrible job with my September fitness goals, so I'm hoping October's food and wallet challenge are better for me...

    Will check out the Las Vegas link because I'm going in November, thanks!

  24. Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! I love your wedding pictures! I do use my makes making cookies (or anything that butter needs to be creamed) a breeze, with the hand-mixer the butter would always go everywhere. Also, it is great for making bread. We use it more than I thought...though I use the food processor even more than the mixer. Both of those items were on the "would we really use" list. The only thing with the mixer is that it is so heavy.

  25. Happy anniversary!! Love you guys :) I am in for wallet watch for sure. I rock those.

  26. Happy Anniversary!

    The mixer looks cool, but I hate being in the kitchen so it wouldn't be worth it to me. I hear people who enjoy cooking and baking like it though!

  27. DOOOO ITTT!!! Get the KitchenAid! Consider it an anniversary present to yourself. Make some bread, some cookies, and a cake, and you'll never know how you lived without it - PLUS so many pretty colors!! Happy Anniversary!! I cannot get over that middle photo with you two and the sun behind the clouds - gorgeous!

  28. Happy Anniversary!!! If I ever get married again I want a beach wedding. I like to put that out there for the universe. I love my KitchenAid, it makes any mixing task so much easier it is totally worth pulling out. I even use it for mashed potatoes... and meatloaf because I hate getting my hands dirty like that!

  29. Happy anniversary! Your ceremony site looks gorgeous. The kitchAid mixers are great if you do a lot of baking. I got one as a gift from my MIL (never asked for it) and end up having to sell it (for a pretty penny) because they are huge/take up a lot of space and I don't ever bake however those that do really love it.

  30. oh my gosh that ecard - and we need one that also says 'and I always put it back in the same place' aka never! happy anniversary! i don't have a kitchenaid - they are so pretty and I want one (costco normally has them for quite cheap ish) but I don't bake at all and am just starting to learn how to cook like really actually learn so I can't justify it yet.

  31. Happy anniversary, your wedding looks amazing and you look so pretty! The mirror turned out quite well too.

    the husband funny is so true!

  32. I love how your pugs took part in your wedding ceremony. That was awesome!!

  33. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm usually all for symmetry but I kinda dig the mirror asymmetry. That ecard, SERIOUSLY.

  34. Happy anniversary you crazy kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want a Kitchenaid mixer, too... but I know I'd never use it. They're just so damn pretty though. *sigh*

  35. Happy Anniversary! You know I'm down for the wallet watch!

  36. Happy Anniversary !!

    ~ Lu

  37. Happy Anniversary!
    I want the KA mixer as well... I've seen them marked down several times on Brad's Deals- I would check that out if you really want it. I bake more than cook, so I may invest in it around the holidays. Love the mirrors. I have the same thing (asymmetrical mirrors) in my apt!

  38. Happy anniversary! Your wedding was beautiful!! Here's to a smooth fifth year for you two! I'm totally with you on the Kitchen Aid dilemma. Those are my exact arguments and so far haven't justified getting one. I want a red one, but I love that yellow so much!

  39. Happy, happy anniversary!
    LOVE the KA mixer. I have wanted one forever, but we just don't have the space. Someday. The colors are fabulous. I like the red. Or the stainless steel one...more industrial looking, but it goes with everything. ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you guys have been celebrating nonstop. I have been catching up on all the challenges you have going on in October and I've been inspired. I can't wait to join at least one :)


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