Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Goals 2014 - how did I do?

1. Exercise 3x/week and write it down. I didn't start this until July 21. I fell off a bit in the middle of August but got back to it in September. Half fail. D.

2. Purge t-shirts, nail polish, basket near the front door, and beauty samples.  Beauty Samples went to Voyage of the MeeMee and were mailed in early July. Nail polish and T-shirts purged in August. Basket near the front door done second week of September. 

3. Make sure I hit 100 ounces of water a day on weekends. I do it every weekday but suck badly on weekends and am rewarded with headaches. Halvesies on this. 

4. Ride a roller coaster. Four done and done at Hersheypark on July 12. 

5. Go to the top of City Hall. Dunzo August 5. 

6. Visit The Barnes. Check September 12. 

7. Make three new recipes. Asian Ramen Salad, Asparagus Corn Salad, Zucchini taco boats

8. Try three new restaurants. We tried many in Chicago.

9. Watch three new to me movies. The Heat, Tammy, Gravity

10. Read 10 books.
The Secret Life of Violet Grant, The Girls from Corona del Mar, Tell the Wolves I'm Home, We Were Liars, The Accident, The Darkest Minds, The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, The Arsonist, The Surgeon, The House at Riverton, +++++

11. Picture Practice every Monday with Kelli at Just Beachy. Do you like to take pics? You can share your interpretation of her prompts via Instagram, FB, Twitter, or in a blog post using the hashtag #PicturePractice. Check the prompts out here. Dunzo except for one week before the hiatus.

Not too bad except the water and the fitness - the ones I really wanted to do well on. Frigger.

Did you make summer goals? How did you do?

 photo blue_zps875db80d.png click here to see how I did on my spring goals


  1. You go on wit your bad self!?? I made no goals because I knew I would set myself up for failure. :-)

  2. I didn't even make any. Womp, womp. You did really well! Even on the halvsies ones... better than nothing!

  3. How was Tammy? We loved The Heat and I didn't care for Gravity.
    As usual, adding some books for your list to my list…

  4. Gravity still makes me gasp for air just thinking about it! Love how much you got done even the "halvsies!" :)

  5. I think this is pretty good! You had a fun & productive summer! I need to follow your lead and just write a list. Maybe that will keep me accountable?

  6. I had a summer goals list as well. Only did well on about 5 things out of my 20+ item list!!! Maybe I'll work on the other dozen next summer :)

  7. You did awesome. I always miss a few on my list. Very fun and productive things on your lists too.

  8. Hey, it's summer...accomplishing any goals in the summer is a win! I mean, technically summer's aren't the same now that we are adults, but for some reason I never accomplish much in the summer, haha.

  9. You know I didn't make any summer goals because I have no summer motivation ever. I was thinking of making a cold weather goals/to do list though.

    I'd say for summer you did a great job getting most things done, I mean you hit your book goal and that was most important. :)

  10. the water and the fitness are always the ones we want to do well on, lol. i am pretty bad with water on the weekends as well, but recently (22 days ago) i gave up soda for good (i hope) so that forces me to drink more water. and a half fail with the fitness is better than a full fail? lol

  11. Congrats on those you have achieved! I am hanging in the other challenge we are doing!

  12. It sounds like you did awesome!!! I always fail my healthy goals. Stupid goals.

  13. You did awesome!!! I might need to make a fall goals list to help keep me on track.


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