Friday, September 19, 2014

Reflections of the way life was this week

I can't hear see, hear, or use the word Reflections without hearing this song in my head instantly:
01.- The Supremes - Reflections by The Supremes on Grooveshark

Then of course I think of China Beach, which I want to own on DVD, but it costs one million dollars. Well, $200, but you get the point. Anyway, let's add up the week, shall we?

1. These two, celebrating birthdays today - my brother Sean and my nephew Drew.
2. Went to the post office and it was painless. That never happens.
3. This passage from a book I finished this week.
4. Getting to talk about books, reading, and how I use Goodreads with a Goodreads staffer for a half hour during lunch on Wednesday, then getting a $30 amazon gift card for doing so. I would pay other people to talk about reading so it was a big win in my book.
5. Prepped 10 freezer meals on Wednesday night at my neighbor's. My first time using Wildtree products, which are like Tastefully Simple but organic. I'll report back after I eat the meals.
6. Stitch Fix got it right with this sweater, sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.
7. I'm guest posting over at Jana Says today. A note to parents from someone without kids.
1. Not enough hours in the day this week
2. Know-it-alls. You're insufferable.
3. On the five block walk to Trader Joe's, some kid on a cell phone gave me a flat tire twice. Dude! Get off the phone and mind your distance from me.

Not too shabby, it's always nice to have more pluses than minuses. How did your week turn out?

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  1. Happy Birthday Sean and Drew! That book quote is so good. Seriously being able to read and talk books should be our jobs. Awesome they even gave you money! Total score. You know how I feel about this week, more like this month but we are almost through it.

  2. That is awesome you prepped so many meals! Can't wait to hear back on that. Also, "Know-it-alls. You're insufferable." YES...I have a co-worker next to me as I type this who makes me want to stab my own ear as to not hear her anymore. I am not even kidding.

  3. Already read your guest post. #verygood This book passage is lovely and perfect. Do good, be kind, love one another! #celebrateTHAT LOL on the Reflections song! #stopinthenameoflove
    Assuming flat tire is stepping on your heels? #newtermforme #appropriate
    Enjoy another beautiful weather day! Always be safe and sound. #amomsfavoritesong
    Your ever-loving MOMMA

  4. I've never tried stitch fix before. but maybe i should. I need to also hop on goodreads. I don't know why I haven't yet!

  5. that stitch fix sweater is super cute! wow how cool you got to talk to a goodreads staffer, i love goodreads now that i am actually using it more. and i just loved your guest post at jana's!!

  6. I want someone to pay me to talk about books, reading books, and to just actually read books. I've always said my dream job was all about books. :)

  7. i reread that goodreads thing twice. WHERE DO I SIGN UP. i have goodreads but man if i can get a $30 gift card to talk about reading/books i will use it more often!

  8. That is a beautiful snip it from that book! It's true we're here to be loved and love :) I agree there definitely isn't enough hours in the day.. Happy birthday to your boys! Thank Goodness for the weekend, have a great one Stephanie ! -Iva

  9. Gave you a flat tire...? While on a walk? I'm so confused.

    #2! The post office is never painless. I'd have been elated.

  10. You got $30 for talking about books?!?'s like you won the loterry!

    Happy bday to your brother and your nephew!

    Cute sweater!

  11. Hmm... I've never heard of China Beach. You got the hookup with that Amazon giftcard- that's awesome! What book is that passage from? I love it.

  12. Happy birthday to your guys! :-) I'm hoping Stitch Fix gets it right for me too...I start next month. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. A painless post office trip? You're right, that basically never happens.

  14. Happy bday to your bro & nephew! Cute sweater! Yes, that is weird that the post office was painless. I do everything in my power to avoid going.

  15. It is funny how some days we wish there were more hours, and other days we wish there were less !!

    Have a wonderful weekend !

    ~ Lu

  16. Happy Birthday to Sean and Drew! :) And getting to talk about books and Goodreads is a total win.

  17. Happy birthday Sean and Drew!!!!!
    I like the keyhole detail in that sweater!

  18. Getting paid to talk about books sounds a-mazing. I have a friend that has been talking to me about Wildtree and I'm interested. I really like what the company is about, and I love all things healthy. I hope your recipes turn out well!


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