Saturday, September 27, 2014

October Wallet Watch - The Rules

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The rules for the October Wallet Watch are that you make your own rules. Hey ohhhh.

Really, you need to watch your wallet. I can't watch it for you. I need to watch my own. This is not a spending freeze unless you want it to be. Otherwise, this is a wallet watch. In the wallet watch, you make the rules - maybe you want to spend $10 less on coffee, $20 less at the grocery store,  pay off $50 more on a bill, save a certain amount for the holidays, or see how little you can spend period. Your watch, your rules.

Whatever goals you set for yourself, be realistic. Make changes to your spending habits for the next month that can work for you so you don't hate me and yourself by Halloween.

Once you set your rules, live by them. Write down any expenditures that aren't in your budget, grab the button and report in on your experience on Wednesday, November 5. Bloggers, link up your posts. Non-bloggers, prepare to share your list of wallet watch victories, failures, and reflections in the comments here or on Facebook or twitter.

In my quest to update my wardrobe from my socks/underwear/bras on up, I have burned quite a hole in reserves. Thus this time around my wallet watch is happening to curb shopping and not go overboard in the wardrobe upgrade. I'm not looking to curb spending on outings/meals/coffee out - all of those have remained at acceptable levels.

My parameters:
1. Wallet watch lasts from October 1 - October 31.
2. Do not purchase any shoes, apparel, or accessories. Exception:  jewelry for Stephen & Aubrey's wedding if I need to (not sure if anything I have will work yet or not) and black combat boots - if I find the perfect pair I need to purchase, I've been on the hunt for an eternity.
3. Just say no to beauty products or makeup unless something runs out and there is not a feasible substitute.
4. Stay within budget for all outings: I have events every Saturday in October and one Sunday.
5. I can use giftcards on whatever I please.
6. I must share how I did honestly on Wednesday, November 5.

Are you joining me? What are your parameters?

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  1. Is it pathetic that I just looked at the calendar to see how many more days are in September so that I can buy shit I want ahead of time???? hahaha

  2. I'm in! I need to decide what my parameters are. Definitely need to make a budget for Halloween weekend (Tara is town, bands, drinks, costumes, it can get overboard) and stick to it, but what else. hmmm....

  3. I'll do this. I'm the one that does all the household shopping so I'm the one that always spends the money but im also a mood shopper. So if im upset i buy something to make myself feel better, if im happy i buy stuff because im in a good mood and feeling generous. Its a vicious cycle lol Good luck on your wallet watch!

  4. I'm going to join from afar- I've been spending WAY more than I've needed to lately. I have my exceptions already, two dresses I've been eyeing and a coat for winter, lol. :) Other than that - I'm on LOCK! So many pretty things and so much time at work to online shop it's DANGEROUS! Have a great weekend Stephanie!! -Iva

  5. I am so in. Need to still work on my parameters. Food budget is getting tweeked for sure.

  6. I'm in! My goal is to not buy any clothing items during the month of October. And, also to not purchase any books or music online.

  7. Totally didn't see this post, but you know I am in!!

  8. Just stumbled upon this..definitely going to join in for November :)


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