Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. I got my first shipment from Amazon Pantry. Another awesome perk of Amazon Prime. I put stuff in my cart that I hate lugging (juice, fabric softener), and stuff I always forget - teabags, extra coffee for iced coffee - and ordered when it was full. Within four days, it was at my door, and then I let the shit sit on the counter overnight instead of putting it away because it was Monday and I was lazy. Anyway if you're an Amazon Prime member, check it out! Thanks to Kristin for the heads up on it.
Guess who the Oreos belong to?
2. Amanda shared this on FB earlier this week: 101 Things I Will Teach my Daughter. I wish all moms of little girls would read this, teach it, and preach it. Put down the princesses and the ponies and share this stuff! I especially love 5, 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 25, 26, 28, 48, 51-52, 54, 61, 71, 73-79, 84-85, 88, and 99.

3. Wednesday I had lunch at El Vez with Christina from Easily Entertained and Leeann from Join the Gossip, two West Coast bloggers doing a little east coast swing - do you like how I interjected Boyz II Men Motown Philly lyrics there? - as well as Jules, a Philly native and former blogger at Chic & Pink. The food was good and the company even better. I'm glad we got to be ladies who lunch while Christina & Leeann were in town!
4. Every time I see Bieber's weasel face, I feel the urge to punch rising inside of me. So Orlando Bloom, I get it. I wish you would've connected on your punch.
5. Did you ever get out of the shower and wonder if you rinsed your conditioner? I hate that.

6. You go Ian Ziering.

7. Sometimes my dogs leave their toys (that I can't get clean no matter how often I wash them) and bones in a nice pile as if they know I like order. Other times they leave that crap strewn all over the house so humans are always stepping on them. Note to dogs: we prefer the piles.

8. From July 2013 up through today, I have been using an Erin Condren planner. I like it a lot and it's served me well. The post I wrote on whether it was worth the money is one of the most viewed posts on this blog. It ends in December 2014, and instead of just reordering, I decided to look at some other ones. By deciding to look, I really mean spending a shit ton of hours researching planners. I am switching it up for 2015 with a Plum Paper Designs planner. After I use that one for a few months, I'll do a follow up to compare the two. Why switch if I love the Erin Condren? Plum Paper is similar, but has some things I think I'll like better layout wise (options for how the days are broken down, option to have note pages follow each month instead of having them all at the end). And some things I know I won't like as much going in (binder cover).

9. In the wake of a celebrity suicide or overdose, there's always a lot of chatter, conjecture, and judgement on social media. I think a lot of abrasive statements are made by people who have no intimate knowledge of depression or other mental illnesses or addiction - they've never dealt with it themselves or lived with anyone who's battled any of those things. They sure as shit have not lost a family member to suicide, I can tell you that. I hope we all take away something when these things happen - that we are cognizant that depression/mental illness and addiction are equal opportunity suckers - no one is safe from them, regardless of their station in life or how much money they have or how good they appear to have it. Someone can smile and smile at you and still be dying inside. Pay attention. Ask hard questions. Offer love and support and acceptance. And Check out this post on Jana Says about depression, suicide, celebrities, and everyone else; and this post on The Whimsy One about how depression and mental illness don't care who you are.
O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning

10. Ecard of the week:

Would you be interested in doing a monthly goal with Steph @ Not Entirely Perfect and I? Sort of a choose your own challenge thing? Read more about it here.
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  1. I have to check out this Amazon pantry. I always order laundry detergent, kitty litter from amazon, maybe it's time to start partaking in the pantry. So awesome you had a blogger lunch date with a few of those gals! How awesome.

  2. So glad you got to meet up with the girls. Wait, what Ian is a Chippendale dancer?! Say what. I love when the pups clean after themselves, so smart. Some of the comments have been down right ridiculous, but I hope they learn something and get the facts of depression before speaking again.

  3. How fun that you gals got to lunch. I've never met a blog friend in real life but would love to. I'm sure it's a blast! Thanks for posting the links to their blogs too. I now have some new friends to follow :)

    I've been wanting a fancy planner forever but just can't make myself take the plunge. I've researched them to death and they all have pros and cons for me. I'll be interested to see your comparison post.

    Such true words on Depression. I was involved in a terrible accident 2 years ago that resulted in the death of a young man. My daughter (who is now almost 16) was with me. Her and I both have suffered from severe depression, anxiety and PTSD since. While I have mine under control, she does not. It's a very scary thing as a mom to watch your child not be able to be happy.

  4. So I know I should comment on the post but I got distracted. New background?! Is it not new and I just somehow never noticed? I'm trying really hard to remember what you site design looked like before and my brain's not helping me.

  5. i heard that ian was a chippendale dancer but i thought that was just a rumour! and for him turning 50 AND being a dancer? go ian. i have yet to see sharknado 2 - it's on my PVR and list of things to watch.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I checked out that Advice to Daughters post - right on.

    I agree, when it comes to mental illness the most ignorant decide to voice their one-sided opinions. Way to make those struggling feel even lower! I mean, at least empathize. Please don't get me started on this subject.

    I do love that Ian admitted that Sharknado is bad. I hate it when a movie is so corny, yet the actors give interviews like it's Oscar worthy or something.

  7. I love the list, I really try hard to make sure Little K knows that stuff. I can tell you she doesn't like Barbies or Dolls and will let you know it in a minute, fine by me I buy her trucks and trains because that's what she likes.

    Oooohhh I want to punch Justin Bieber too, the kid is a first class asshole.

    I've turned the shower off before and realized I had still had conditioner in my hair so then I was stuck standing inside trying to turn it back on at the right temperature so I could rinse my hair.

    Seven doesn't care about dog toys because she's a weirdo but now that we have a puppy I've got crap everywhere and it drives me nuts!

  8. 1.) Yes go Orlando. I cheered when I heard he tried to punch the Biebs. He was just doing what every person with half a brain has wanted to since he showed up to the scene and acted like his shit doesn't sink.

    2.) Yes ever morning when I wash my hair I have to really, REALLY think about if I got the conditioner out and sometimes I can't remember and have to wash it again...

  9. Checking out Amazon Pantry! That sounds AWESOME. Will be checking the planner too because I seriously need a new one....

    Yes the conditioner struggle is real.

  10. This pantry thing is like magic and could get dangerous so of course I'm intrigued! Heeeeey. striped shirt twin. I love that your dogs really seem to "get" you and I had no idea IZ was 50. I do the conditioner thing all the time. My EC planner lasts through the end of this year and then I think I'm going to go the Target route. Having one has shown me all I really need is a dated space on the page to make a list and a monthly view. I'm also trying to use more apps to stay organized but nothing beats paper!

  11. Number 9- you explained really fine. RW 's gift to the universe will live on; Increased awareness, empathy,& love.
    The Amazon thing is great. Time saver. I slept with conditioner in my hair. On purpose! I will read Amanda's list.
    And always Carpe Diem!
    Love your MOMMA

  12. the hair conditioner conundrum? happens all the freaking time to me!

    as for the toys in a pile? I wish my cats would learn that trick. I have a mini basket that serves as their "toy box" and when I go to clean up all the mice/balls laying around and put them back in the box, my one cat Squishee proceeds to take them ALL right back out and scatter them in the course of about 15 minutes.

  13. I cant believe some people are saying horrible things about Robin Williams' death, it just makes me mad that people are turning this into a bad thing, rather than opening their eyes. gah.
    amazon pantry?! i need to do this.
    i just bought a kate spade planner, i like the look of the erin ones (off to read your other post after this) but i sometimes forget about planners and dont use them for weeks and instead leave little post it notes all over my bag, so i'm trying to train myself to use a cheaper but still fun one first. and i really do love planners and writing things down, hence the million post it notes.

  14. I had no idea Steve Sanders (ha ha) was 50?! Sharknado is awful. So bad; Jason had friends over for drinks and Sharknado 2. I didn't drink, and felt like I was drunk watching, lol. But he's right, so bad it is good. Jralous of your fun blogger lunch! I am off to read 101 Things I Will Teach my Daughter, now.

  15. The pantry thing is so awesome! I'll have to try it! It doesn't matter WHERE my dog leaves her bone, J and I will step on it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

  16. I am always re-rinsing my hair... I can never remember if the conditioner is in or out.

    And Ian Zearing is just awesome!

  17. I've never heard of Amazon Pantry. I have Prime, so I am definitely checking it out. Stupid grocery store is getting rid of my favorite items. As for the least once I week I will be completely dried off before I even realize it. I need a sign in the shower, like at a carwash. Instead of telling me to move up or can have lights for shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse,.ect... I see million dollar product there.

    Ian is 50?!?! WOW!!

    My dog's new thing is to "hide" her bones and treats along the baseboards. Like I can't see them. Apparently scratching at the floor buries them so no eyes see. Drives me crazy.

    That list for your daughters... very touching, so true. I'm letting her do the princess thing, I want her to stay a kid as long as possible. These days kids grow up too fast. I definitely want to save this for middle school and high school. I LOVE It!!!

  18. Ok, first....that ecard. Just yes!

    My dogs make it life's mission to leave their toys EVERYWHERE! Like if they are in order and not in the middle of the floor where I walk, they must be moved there immediately. I can't tell you how many times I have cursed them as I step on one of those hard as shit pokey bones. I think that cat is now in cahoots with them as well.

    Yay for meeting other bloggers! I love seeing so many meeting when they visit certain areas. Such a wonderful community we have!

    I have never heard of Amazon Pantry. We have Prime so I need to check it out!

  19. I wish Orlando Bloom had just beat the crap out of him. Someone needs to.
    I freaking love Ian Ziering. And Sharknado. I couldn't believe he was 50, that's so crazy. He looks fab!

  20. that amazon pantry thing is awesome. i need that in my life. i had not heard this orlando bloom story- thank you for sharing! your dogs are brilliant to leave their toys in piles even once.

  21. I am checking out that Amazon pantry! Also I just ordered a planner from PlumPaper Designs....thanks a lot lol

  22. Using Amazon prime to get groceries sounds pretty fantastic to me. I need to find out how to become a prime member and get on that! The blogger lunch sounds like a good time. I have a blogger date tonight for happy hour.

  23. Yeah so, Prime Pantry doesn't ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Thanks for reminding me. ;)

    I hate Justin Bieber too. What a little twit.

  24. Amazon Pantry?! What? How did I not know about this? I cannot wait to try it. Also your Dwight Schrute Bieber graphic is perfect. I wish I found more Office references around blog world.

  25. The 101 Things to teach your daughter made me tear up a little, and I don't even have a kid. I sent it to my sister, though, and told her I'd help my niece with #89 "Drink champagne and dance on a table."

    I'm definitely interested in the goal link up idea.

  26. Goodness, I just love amazon prime and now I know there's a pantry option!! Huge thank you for sharing with us!! I am so digging the plum paper planner too! It will definitely be $16 well spent. oxox, Amanda

  27. My 8 year old loves sharknado lol. And I love Ian. I still think he's sexy and he was on WWHL recently and came off totally down to earth and like someone you would want to know! I bookmarked that list of things to tell my daughters for at home reading... looks like a keeper:)

  28. I am intrigued by the Amazon Pantry. Did you find the prices comparable with shopping in an actual store? Those Oreos look delicious.

    I can't stand all of the comments from people complaining that we are upset about a celebrity who committed suicide and call attention to mental illness when there are veterans with PTSD all over the country. I get it, but any call to attention for mental illness/the need for mental health care is legitimate in my book. Yes, there are veterans with many issues who need services that we are not providing to the necessary level, but caring about Robin Williams does not mean you don't care about veterans or anyone else with mental illness. It's not an either or thing.

  29. I use my Amazon Prime about once a week at least. Will need to check out Amazon pantry!!

  30. My dogs don't really leave their toys everywhere, but they leave their bone chunks everywhere.

    I hated seeing all of the negative things about Robin Williams and his death. I have my master's degree in Counseling, and it is so sad the stigma is still there. People make comments and they have no idea what the hell they are talking about it. It just shows how ignorant and insensitive people can be and why the stigma is still there.

  31. I see Double Stuf! Loves those things.

    I'll check out Amazon Pantry since I do have Prime!

  32. Bieber is an ass.
    I love that your pups leave neat piles sometimes haha

  33. Justin Bieber is a bufoon. Thats not harsh enough, but since these comments are public Ill save my real description haha! I love that post about what I'd teach my daughter!

  34. The challenge sounds interesting. The Biebs had Ellen on his side. Youth can be incredibly stupid.

  35. I really need to do the Amazon Pantry. BTW, that's the same coffee we use, but Aaron buys it (from Amazon) in like a 24-pack. LOL

    I totally loved Jana and Maddie's posts, too. I read them before writing mine.

  36. THIS.....They sure as shit have not lost a family member to suicide, I can tell you that. Nodding my head emphatically. One of my relatives committed suicide 3 years ago, and nobody would ever have described her as a selfish person. That is so simplistic and shortsighted, let's have some compassion. Bottom line, depression can be fatal.

    And I'm all over Amazon Pantry, hate hauling heavy stuff home. Find myself avoiding purchases unless the husband is with me.

  37. I can't believe Ian is turning 50, damn he looks good! and thanks for the link to my post. This has been such a week with the cruel words people have said. So grateful that so many more people have been supportive!

  38. I order so much stuff online :) I also use or Vitacost too (they are on ebates also). It was such sad news...and some of the reactions were just terrible, people need to learn some compassion and think before they use social media.

  39. I'm SO happy we got to meet! It was a blast chatting with you. I love your accent lol!

  40. I had Motown Philly in my head the entire time I was there! Why isn't there a Boyz II Men statue somewhere? Haha! I really loved meeting you! I could have stayed and hung out in that restaurant all day with you guys.

    I have Amazon Prime, but didn't know about Pantry!! I do the conditioner thing like twice a week. I've been hearing so many things about Plum Paper planners. Can't wait for your review. I'm just not that into Erin Condren.

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