Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things I think are dangerous

The situation in Ferguson, MO

Trying to please everyone

Counting other people's money


Acting like a judgy little focker

Not realizing or appreciating what you have

Weaving in and out of traffic

Measuring academic worth by standardized tests

Shopping at Target without a list or budget

Living for the weekends

Using a mandolin slicer without a thumb guard

War (duh)

Driving under the influence and texting while driving

Putting yourself last

Underestimating or overestimating  someone based on age, gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, or the amount of money in their pocket

Having no original thoughts

Going against the crowd for the sole reason of going against the crowd

Letting your kids run the show

Gross generalizations

Walking alone at night

Believing everything you hear

Being unable to stand up for yourself

Carrying a lot of cash

Thinking someone's life is perfect because you can't see evidence of problems

Staying silent about things that matter

Leaving your drink unattended at a bar

There are, of course, a zillion more dangerous things in this world. 
What are some things you think are dangerous?


  1. I couldn't agree more about Target, and War because duh that's dangerous! Sheesh! ;) It's dangerous to eat a whole pizza by yourself. I haven't tried but I heard it through the grapevine. Oh crap, now that song is stuck in my head. It is dangerous to let my mind wander it then goes in random directions. Focus! Not happening. Oh well, happy Wednesday!

  2. here's something dangerous: being on one of my projects and you suck. WATCH YOUR BACK. haha!

    people who text and drive. worst. i still see that on the roads even though it's against the law here (demerit points plus a huge $500 fine). judges have no mercy either - i was in court and this guy was trying to fight his texting ticket and judge goes: you were texting and that's so dangerous. no change to your ticket, NEXT! and that was that. good.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Did you read my mind or what?! Working for me when you suck is absolutely dangerous. Other things that are dangerous? Playing leapfrog with a unicorn...

  3. Shopping at Target without a list or budget... I always go in with a list and still come out with extra stuff :-P

  4. Yes to ALL of these things....but especially having no list or budget at Target. Yikes! I weep for my wallet in that situation!

  5. Drinking a gallon of anything, the pass out game, and (relatedly) caving to peer pressure. I've been thinking about peer pressure a lot with the ice bucket challenge and people feeling like they have to do it. Is peer pressure ok when it's in the name of a good cause?

    I don't know what a mandolin slicer is, but that one sounds like it's from personal experience. I've had an incident with a tomato slicer, so I know that's no fun!

  6. I need a list basically at every store otherwise I come back with wayyyy too much stuff

  7. running out of coffee
    credit cards

    (Lately when I comment, the comment does not appear... )

  8. Oh, my heart is singing on these! Especially the don't walk alone and the drink thing- one of my things I would tell you girls. Don't go anywhere alone- was my favorite. Love, love, love this blog! And, oh, the Top Gun reference- the best!
    Love you to infinity and beyond!

  9. I agree with all of these.... and I wont type much more because it will lead to a rant on Ferguson and I think Ive ranted enough on the subject lol

  10. Uhm, yes woman. To all of those! I got a late start to my run last night and so about 10 minutes in, it was PITCH DARK! I live on a private, christian college campus, so it's relatively safe, but even still. I kept glancing around me paranoid and thought someone was going to jump out of every bush. It also doesn't help that most of my route isn't very well lit and I kept thinking I was going to trip on a pothole or something. Won't be doing that again.

  11. I never ever go to any store without a list, it's just a recipe for disaster.

    Swimming in the ocean without a partner, driving 10 mph or more below the posted speed limit, and texting while driving.

  12. There are lots of things that are dangerous indeed - esp the situation in MO.. bah. I agree on the mandoline lol I've totally sliced my thumb before - good idea with the thumb guard don't know why I never thought about that! Happy Hump Day Stephanie! -Iva

  13. yes to the situation in Ferguson, MO which I am keeping up to date with thanks to the Daily Skimm which is thanks to your recommendation I saw on a comment on someone elses blog, so thankyouverymuch.
    I used to work at a bank, counting other people's money is no fun.
    and omg omg yes 'thinking someones life is perfect because you cant see the evidence of problems' triple thousand yes. so true.

  14. Fab list. Going to target without a list and/or budget is a disaster. I have had to limit my visits to the store because I was getting out of control. Love Target!!

  15. This list was GREAT! And I agree with ALL of them.


  16. Target gets me every. single. time! I'm so happy there isn't one super close cause I would be broke!

  17. Haha- I love this list, particularly "living for the weekends." That's definitely a new one that is dangerous. Some other dangerous things: talking to me before I've had coffee, swimming/any water related activity in the Hudson River, leaving your kid unattended at the bar (or ya know, anywhere).

  18. bahahah this cracked me up. prison? yes... target? Way worse.

  19. Great list. I would add... Running with scissors. Online Dating. Fireball shots.

  20. What is a list when going into to Target???? Ha!! I don't think I know what that feels like. And amen to the standardized tests....drives me batty...don't even get me started!!

  21. I love you for saying measuring academic worth by standardized tests...I think it's disgusting that so many teachers "teach to the test" because they want to or are forced to... I've been in classrooms where the kids have to take practice tests over & over & over.

  22. You had me at Ferguson. I can't stop watching the news even though it all pisses me off. Going to Target without an agenda is a verrry close second!

  23. I agree with about...uh all of these lol. The too much money one is especially funny bc on our trip I'd take some and hide the rest in a safe. I am always scared I'll lose it or get robbed.

  24. Shopping at target without a budget...oh my goodness, so scary.

  25. Being in West Africa...EBOLA, DANGEROUS!

  26. Oh Ferguson... I can't believe this is happening in my state. Horrific. And on a MUCH lighter note, being on email lists of stores I like is dangerous - how the heck do those places run sales every single day? I finally just had to turn them all off. I was spending way too much money. Speaking of that... when's the next Spending Freeze?

  27. People who text and drive scare me too- and it seems those people also tend to be the ones being overaggressive on the highway.

  28. Oh man...the thought of slicing a finger on a mandolin gives me the heebie jeebies. THUMB GUARDS, PEOPLE!

    Also, Target. Gotta have a list.

  29. Target
    Oreos on sale at Shop Rite 2/$5

  30. One-click ordering on Amazon, the ability to order pretty much anything on Amazon. Not knowing to check your tires to see if you need new ones and driving to Florida in torrential rain when your tires basically have no tread--oops! (that is one of the things I miss about PA--car inspections! We don't have them here and I never know if something is wrong with car, I need new tires, etc.)

    John and I were just talking about how if we lived in Ferguson, we would have gotten as far away from there as possible when all this started.

  31. Yes to Target!! This is another advantage of shopping distractions. Ferguson situation is so stressful!

  32. Yup. Especially the Target thing. The store gets me in so much trouble.

  33. Using a mandolin slicer without a thumb guard - true story!!

    And Target - that is beyond dangerous!!

  34. Carrying cash, weaving in and out of traffic, making french fries with a mandolin...

    When people share articles from satire sites believing them, which causes others to share (okay maybe not dangerous, but spreading the stupidity) hahaha

  35. I cracked up when you said trying to please everyone and trying to count someone else's money!

    Texting and driving is some serious business. I have seen people on the freeway going 70 MPH and weaving in and out of their lane. Only to see they are texting! U have to be kidding me! why? there's such a thing as "speak to text" or just call. Or an even better idea, wait for 5 minutes. Nobody ever died due to waiting to reply to someone else.

  36. I love this list and I often find myself saying "eek that was dangerous" of course I can't remember them now do I'll go with my high school one "don't take rides with strangers" ya I know I know. If I had a blog I would explain a little bit better.
    New comer to this blog love it!

  37. I absolutely love this list. A-Freakin-Men!

  38. Hahahah... I love the combos you had going on in this list. Target definitely takes the cake for most dangerous. Online shopping would be my vote!

  39. Yes to ALL of these things. I would also add not knowing basic self defense skills to that list and not having a work/life balance. Living in the city, you need to know how to knock a dude out if you find yourself in a bad situation.

  40. Not training your dog/yourself as a dog owner because you think it's cute.
    Walking and texting.
    Not counting your own money.
    Chicago where the streets turn from names to numbers.
    Starting a new series on Netflix at 8 at night.

  41. I honestly can't believe that people text and drive. That shit is terrifying and I get so uncomfortable and nervous when I can tell or see that I'm sharing the road with another driver who's doing that.

  42. Of course I agree with a number of them but especially - Going against the crowd for the sole reason of going against the crowd

  43. I loathe when those banana seat motorcycles bob and weave in and out of traffic. It makes me so nervous I can barely breathe.

  44. What an awesome post!! I like what you said about going against the grain JUST to go against the grain. I tend to like mainstream things but that's just because I genuinely like them, you know?

  45. yes to so many of these! especially going to target without a list. in our house, it's dangerous to leave any food unattended and in the reach of a pug.

  46. Great list! Shopping at Target without a list or budget!!! Totally dangerous and I screw it up every time. I also think Amazon Prime is dangerous. Haha!


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