Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five: Balance

Things flowed beautifully this week, and I thank the universe for the glorious weather and mood boost.

Summer throws me. I feel lazier, more disorganized, and have less drive and energy than I do during other seasons. Being a person who thrives in a routine, I spend a lot of the summer feeling just a little bit off of my game. Balance is important to me and when I'm off I don't feel like myself. I like a good mix of

 1) A productive day at work
 2) Hausfrauing and errands so I don't have to spend weekends doing that crap
 3) Good eating/some exercise
John Bender forever
 4) Family time
 5) Free/me time
1 - Since Sunday, from the bottom: Finished, started & finished, started
2 - Nails in OPI Lunch at the Delhi and Julep Jan
3 - Purchased: Naked Palette (original)
This week killed it on all five fronts. I hope yours did too.

The zit on the face of this week is my dentist appointment at 8:45 this morning. Our lady of victory, pray for us. I mean me.

Also, it's August 1? How? Happy birthday to our longtime BFF Evan tomorrow.

Happy weekending! Catch me on the facespace or Instagram.

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  1. The pups look too cute enjoying a nice sit down in the park. That t-shirt is the best!!!! I like a good mix and balance though I have not been finding it lately either. Yeah, for the reading. I need more time for it. I may have 15 ebooks and 2 library books queued up to read. Oops.


    books and nails for me time is always a good time! i think i'll do that today. it's a long weekend for us so i'm working from home in the morning and then taking the afternoon off because fuck work!

    happy friday! so glad you had a fantastic week :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Good luck at the dentist! The dentist doesn't bother me but I just made my son's first appointment which makes me a tad nervous. How do you like the Julep polish? Yay for the Naked palette!

  4. I love your Breakfast Club shirt! And you will be fine at the dentist. It's always worse leading up to it and after you'll think it wasn't THAT bad I'm sure.

  5. Yes, books and nails are sooooo me time! I love your mix of routine, perfection. Have a great weekend!

  6. I have the Naked Palette! And I kind of LOVE IT.

    And your breakfast club T... Going to steal it. Just saying.

    :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Steph, I love the picture of you and MFD (top right on your header). So glad you have such a great week. As I know all too well, balance nice is everything. Still definitely trying to master the art over here :). Enjoy your weekend.

  8. your don't forget about me shirt is amazing. i was dristracted by that.

  9. I definitely like running on a routine but summer doesn't get in my way. Love the buddha photo!

  10. I love the Breakfast Club tee shirt! Thanking the universe for giving my girl a nice, flowing week. Always say thanks! Very important. Need to do my nails and toes pronto. Thanking the universe that I can see and reach my toes and
    want that to always be the case.
    By this time you should be out of the dentist chair. Goddess speed to all for a wonderfully flowing weekend.
    Love your MOMMA

  11. Time is flying by - I swear school just ended! It's already August that freaks me out. I love down/personal time, it's great i love doing my nails when I have that kind of time or sleeping/listening to music. Hope you have a great weekend Stephanie! -Iva

  12. YAY balance! I'm with you on summer. I just don't know what it is. It's my least favorite season (I know, I know). If I can't spend it at the lake or at a pool, what is the point of it? Everything is hotter and harder. I'm not a fan. I'm counting down the days til fall.

  13. I always feel a little off in the summer too. And hot, Why is it so freaking hot?!

    So many leashes! I had a really hard time managing Mac and Gracie's web of mess, I don't know how you do 3?!

    I love the Naked palette. I have had mine for a year and a half, using it very often and it still looks like new!

    Good luck at the dentist! I feel your pain and anxiety! I am the same way!! Terrified! You can do it! Reward yourself with something later, obviously!

  14. John Bender forever. I want that shirt. I also hate the dentist, requires lots of xanax. And I am overdue, long overdue. And books, with actual pages. I need a good one, been watching too much Snapped, not good for me lol

  15. I love OPI nail polish & that color is awesome.

  16. I'm shocked that I've never bought any of the Naked palettes and while I certainly don't NEED it, I WANT one.

  17. I love finding balance! I'm looking forward to finding a little of that this weekend myself, it's going to be a rainy weekend which means I won't be tempted to spend 3 or more hours on the beach Saturday and Sunday, I'm feeling like a little bedroom cleaning/organization is in order!

    Love the moon picture, that sucker is so hard to get a good picture of!

  18. ha! good ol' breakfast club. Books are a good way to escape the real world- unless it is non-fiction reading and I usually like fiction. Except when I am reading about positivity, happiness and health.

    I am totally with you on balance - it is SOO important.

  19. Dear Lord....I am the worst about finding balance...but really tried this summer by taking my posting to three days a week. It made life so much easier by not dedicating so much time to blogging. And I have a BIG zit on my chin right now!! GROSS and NO FAIR!! :(

  20. Happy Pups!! Even though I don't work, I know what you mean about being "off" in the summer. Hope the dentist went well! <3

  21. It cannot be August already. Time flies.

  22. My sister and I were admiring the Naked pallets at Ulta yesterday... #1 is by FAR my favorite! Good pick!

  23. Enjoy your weekend. I love reading. And eating.

  24. hope the dentist went as well as the dentist can go!

  25. Hope the dentist appt wasnt too bad! Love the nail colour!


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