Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. I'm not a person that will take a photo 12 times to get it right. But when MFD and I are involved, picture taking goes a little like this...If MFD is in the picture, the person taking the photo takes three or four because in the first one he's talking, in the next few he's acting a fool (top left and right), and then he will smile or at least make a serious face. He will typically say he prefers one of the acting a fool photos to the final photo. To be fair, they show his engaging personality better than a posed pic. When MFD is TAKING a photo for me, he will take (no lie) 15 in rapid bursts. In between, I'll say Come on just take the photo! (bottom left) and he says Oh, I have. I say WTF and he continues clicking away and laughing (bottom right).  And he will laugh the entire time I'm deleting them.
2. How cute is my Gus when he lays his head on the bottom of the steps and stares up until we come down? Or when he lets me pick him up and hold him?
3. Yesterday I made the much dreaded dentist appointment. I fear bad things ahead, I've let it go too long. Must get xanax or something. I'm a mental patient over the dentist. As a reward for making the appointment (I told you I was insane) I freshened up my pedicure and got a donut. You bet your ass I'll be asking for protective eyewear and spreading the word about Jenn's Vision. Have you liked Jenn's Vision on Facebook and messaged her your sunglass selfie yet?
This picture blows for color but it's Essie Jam - n - Jelly
4. Major haul at the library yesterday! Why do all the books I request come in at once? I picked up The Surgeon by Tess GerritsenThe Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz WilliamsThe Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, and The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman last night. Have you read any of them? The Gerritsen book is the start of the series my beloved Rizzoli & Isles TV show is based on (thanks Amanda of Voyage of the MeeMee for the skinny on that). I started with The Secret Life of Violet Grant hoping to love it as much as A Hundred Summers.
5. Did you catch my top five purging and organizing tips at Helene in Between on Tuesday? Look around the room and make sure you can say yes to at least one of these questions about every item in the room. If you can't, it's time to get rid of it.
6. Melatonin: I took it Thursday night and two nights this week. All times, I felt like I was in a sleep state but not actually asleep. I dreamed, and I rarely dream. I woke up groggy and grouchy the next day. I do not need any assistance in being grouchy in the morning. Done! I'm trying yoga meditation and switching up my night time essential oils. 

7. What 10:15 p.m. usually looks like in my house. The dogs are like, are we going to sleep? Cripes. 
8. ATTENTION BLOGGERS! Don't forget to link up with Jana Says on Tuesday, July 29, with your Notes to your Teenage Self. The idea is to write a letter to yourself at any age in your teen years about any topic you want - body image, money, career, friendships, relationships, music, whatever! Jana is going to take the posts that link up and compile them into an eBook. It'll be available for free at first and then a price will be set and proceeds will go to a charity TBD. Please spread the word! Who among us could not have used the benefit of hindsight in any given year from the ages of 13 through 19?

9. A little throw back Thursday to when we were juniors in high school...I'm pretty sure I was wearing Kelly Taylor's signature lipcolor, 90210 fans. I couldn't find my actual pic so a paper pic it is.
10. Ecard of the week. I feel the need to share this every summer and every summer I see women and girls who clearly need to be shown this e-card.

Tomorrow - Frank's back! Last July he did songs he loves to perform live and things he'd tell his jackass high school self. Tomorrow he shares his top songs to listen to in the summer.

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  1. Is it just me, or does this current trend I keep seeing on young (high school and college) girls of extremely high waisted cutoff shorts just take the camel toe (and wedgie) situation to a whole new level? That can't be comfortable.

    Love the Gus snuggles! Your photos are funny, but let's talk about the matching pj pants! Very cute. Did you guys buy them for the weekend, or was it just coincidence?

  2. all of my library books came in as well and now i have 3 weeks to read all of them. i also got the orchard street one and will be putting hundred summers on hold (thanks for the reco!).

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Guys and picture taking...WTF? Oh Gus, I love it. I love Tess Gerritsen, I have read the whole series and love it, she is also local to New England, bonus! Look at you two back in the day! The shorts have got to go, people don't seem to get the concept of what is appropriate for outside, versus a brothel!

  4. I just had a cleaning a couple weeks ago! And I was gratified to see that my new dentist offers eyewear without any prompting. They said it was to "keep all that spray out of your eyes" but I'm betting it's also related to the needle incident. It was, however, very nice to not have gunk all over my regular glasses after the appointment was over.

    Matching PJs!!!

  5. Oh girl. You make me laugh but I hear you on the dentist. And melatonin. That did not work for me! It also made my skin itchy.

  6. hilarious!!! i just freaking love you. the outtakes and ecards are priceless. at least when you have your fabulous dentist appointment you will have fabulous toes to go with it!

  7. Your puppies are too cute...I love their sleepy faces!

    That ecard should be plastered on dressing room walls everywhere. Who looks at themselves in shorts that have been swallowed up by their business and thinks "Yeah, these are great" ?!?!

  8. the photo thing? my husband. absolutely to a tee. all of the photos he takes of me, i'm talking like what are you doing? because he makes no indication that its been taken.
    that is SUCH a great idea for a link up. basically i would tell my teenage self to stop worrying about everything i worried about! lol. would solve so much.

  9. LOL on Mike Doyle picture taking. Outtakes are a riot!!! Love the pictures of the furry kids at bedtime. Love the bangs in your TBT photo! Ah, the teenage self. The teenage years are a real blur to me. Love the age I am now. Still living and learning. Extra lights to you during your dental appointment. Glad we all know to wear glasses now!
    Happy lower humidity Thursday!!!
    Love your MOMMA

  10. lol at the shorts ecard. OMG you guys are BABIES in those photos! I take photos like MFD. Maybe not as quick, but if someone asks me to take a photo, I take about 6. They've got to like ONE of them in there, right?

  11. They say that sedation dentistry is actually really popular these days for adults. Have you looked into it?

    It's startlingly overwhelming when I have too many books to read.

    I've been saying the "useful? beautiful? do i love it?" thing for years when it comes to reorganizing. Scott just doesn't understand.

  12. Damn you blogger!!! Stop eating my comments!!!!

    I love the picture out takes, they are cracking me up!!! And the pug in the background is awesome! He looks all like, oh a picture? If you must, but let me look quizzical.

    GUS!!!! I want to hold him and squeeze his puggy wrinkles!

  13. I keep thinking I want to get another mani/pedi but with WeFest coming up in less than 2 weeks I don't want it to get damaged while basically camping. I love the throw back photos! I also really like the out takes haha. I'm the same way when people do the constant stream of photos...I end up talking in half or getting bored.

  14. UGH. The dentist is the worst. Also, I wish someone would take more than one picture of J & I. Our pictures just always look like they should have been outtakes.

    Also, I can't get enough of your dogs.

  15. I usually hate the first picture taken and want to re-take it 2-3 times before I decide that I'm bored and don't care anymore. loving the throwback pictures.

  16. I think Blogger hates me. My comments keep disappearing, even when I'm on my laptop. I take pictures like MFD...a bunch of them, since I usually hate all of my pictures, so I feel that people need options like I do. Also, I still maintain that young MFD looks like Anthony Michael Hall.

    Morning grouchiness has taken on a whole new level when your in-laws are staying at your house (only 2 more days!) and the first thing they ask you when you stumble out of your bedroom in the morning (usually to go make a bottle) is "how did Jack sleep?" I know they are just being interested grandparents, but there are few things that will make a new parent full of rage than to be asked that by a person who got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  17. Awesome idea for a linkup - I will have to come out of hibernation and join in!

    I had the worst fear and anxiety over the dentist until I got my braces at 24 years old. Then I was forced to go every 3 weeks and have lots of stuff done. I was paying for it out of my pocket, so there was no way I was going to waste it! Now I have no problem going. My dentist actually makes you wear safety glasses if you don't have glasses on already.

  18. I am right there with you when it comes to the dentist!! I haven't been is far too long! I need medication to go...seriously! Good luck! And I have to take Melatonin every single night to fall asleep. My mind will not shut down. I agree about being a little groggy in the morning, but I guess I have gotten used to it.

  19. Jacob does the same thing in photos! I always tell him that if he just looks normal the first time, we won't have to take five more! Lately, I'm just posting the weird ones. My dentist has always given me sunglasses to wear, for as long as I can remember. I'm glad they know what's up! (Unless it's because they learned from their mistake and then that just makes me nervous). I'm pretty sure I wore that exact same lip color!

  20. I'm still bumming that the melatonin didn't work for you. I want a magic pill! And definitely anti-dentist too. I just don't want to go.

  21. I have tons of outtakes too! My husband just likes to snap like crazy before I'm ready.

  22. Love the Gus step picture. I have witnessed and been a part of the MFD picture debacle. It is both hysterical and frustrating. Lol

  23. My husband does the same thing when using my iPhone to take pictures... I have no idea. I'm the type to take like fifteen to get one I like HAHA

  24. All your babies!!! I love the modeling shot with the head on the bottom step.

    Stop can MFD be any damn cuter or smug in that throwback picture?? Kelly > Brenda any day.

  25. OMG I hate when my Mike takes pictures he is silly, and if I ask him to take a picture of me he gives me zero time to get ready. Snap here you go! lol

  26. Gus being held like a lil' baby is the cutest thing! :)
    I haven't been to the dentist in forever. I like your donut idea. I may bribe myself with one (meaning at LEAST 3), too.
    I'm so glad you found some of the Tess Gerittson books!!!!!
    Even little KIDS are wearing short shorts now... it's just GROSS!

  27. I love Gus being a baby, my puppy is still small enough for that right now and it's so awesome!

    I love your TBT pictures, so awesome!

  28. I love the photos of MFD haha ... And how cute is GUS??? Such a precious pooch!

  29. I already hated the there is a slight chance I will never go back. OMG! How terrifying!

    1. Same here! I have major dentist issues and this did not help. I wear my sunglasses there now!


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